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Other Brands of Similar Quality Sell 
at $4.00 and $5.00 a Gallon 

Our Price, $2.78 A Gallon 

No finish is more pleasing to anyone than a Pure White Porcelain Enamel finish. 
Its attractiveness and beauty never tire one. White is an emblem of purity, and any 
room done in snow white enamel gives one a feeling of absolute cleanliness. A parlor 
cr living room in which the woodwork and furniture are finished with "Towerllte," and 
the draperies, floor coverings and upholstery in a dainty shade (and most any shade 
harmonizes with white) presents an extremely rich appearance that cannnt be accom- 
plished with any other treatment. This you may say applies to any white. Not so. 
The porcelain -like texture of "Towerllte" gives that pleasing effect that is entirely 
absent in nearly all white finishes. Try a can of "Towerllte" and you will be con- 
vinced. Because of its smooth, glassy finisli it is also easily kept clean, thus being 
thoroughly sanitary. Because of this quality, "Towerllte" is used extensively in hos- 
pitals and public buildings. It is also the ideal finish for bath rooms, kitchens, and 
other rooms. 

"TOWERLITE"— A Perfect, Permanent Snow-White Enamel 

"Towerllte" is not only snow white when first applied, but is guaranteed to he per- 
manent—it will not turn yellow, scale, chip, or crack. It gives a rich, hard, perfectly 
white gloss, that may be rubbed to a dull finish. 

Unless the surface to which you wish to apply "Towerllte" is now painted white 
and is smooth, you should. In order to secure the best results, sand down the surface 
(the smoother the better) and apply one or more coats of No. 10% Inside Flat White 
Coverall House Paint. In other words, the surface should be thoroughly white, and in 
any event it is best to put on one coat of this flat white to safeguard against any 
coloring matter in the paint now on coming up through the enamel coat. The better 
the foundation, the better the finish you will get with "Towerllte." 

If the surface to be finished is plastered walls that have been painted before, wash 
the surface clean with warm water to which you have added a little ammonia. Then 
after the plaster surface is dry, sandpaper smooth with No. 00 sandpaper and dust 
off the loose particles. Now apply two or three coats of Inside Flat White Coverall 
House Paint and after dry, sand lightly with No. 00 sandpaper and apply "Towerllte." 

One gallon of Coverall Flat White will cover about 350 square feet two coots, and a 
gallon of "Towerllte" will cover from 200 to 250 square feet two coals. For applying 
"Towerllte" use our varnish brush No. 3B618, and for the flat white we recommend 
Rubberset Brush No. 3B6 27. If you have only a small job such as a few pieces of 
furniture, we suggest our Fitch Brush No. 3BG5 8. 

If you wish to enamel surfaces, either wood or plaster, that have not been painted 
before, treat the wood witli a priming coat or Inside White Coverall to which you havo 
added about a half pint of turpentine: but the plastered wall should first be coated 
with our Fresco Wall size No. 3B7836. Then follow with two coats of Inside Flat 
White Coverall, as hereinbefore described. 

"Towerlite" is the highest grade of white enamel made, 
quality retail at S4.00 and more per gallon. 

3B8432— 'A Pint can. Weight, l',4 pounds. Per can. . . 
3B8433— I Pint can. Weight, 2Vi pounds. Per can.. 
3B8434 — -I Quart can. Weight, 4H pounds. Per can.. 

3B8435— 'h Gallon can. Weight, 10 pounds. Per can 1.47 

3B8436— I Gallon can. Weight, 15% pounds. Per gallon 2.78 

Advertised brands of similar 





See Page 18 for Colors 

For Interior Finish These Enamels 
Cannot Be Surpassed 

On old woodwork or old furniture, you can ac- 
complish surprising results by the use of these 
Superior Liquid Enamels and at a very small cost. 
They produce a perfectly smooth, glossy finish that 
is exceptionally easy to keep clean and may be 
washed repeatedly without injury. It is therefore 
thoroughly sanitary. 

It is an excellent finish for wood or metal. Just 
the finish for metal ceilings, kitchen walls, bath- 
rooms, cupboards, casings and baseboards, furni- 
ture — in fact, for all interior wood or metal work 
including metal bedsteads. Liquid Enamel Paint 
dries hard in 24 hours. It is tough and elastic, not 
easily marred o"r scratched, and will retain its 
lustre and beauty for several years. 

If the surface you wish to enamel has never 
been painted apply a coat of primer (our Inside 
Flat White Coverall) in the case of new woodwork. 
If the surface is plastered wall, then apply first 
a coat of Fresco Wall Size No. 3B7836. In the 
event the wall lias been papered, then remove the 
paper by thorough soaking, and scraping off witli 
a putty knife or similar tool. After giving a wall a chance to dry, 
sand the surface with No. 00 sand paper until smooth, and brush 
off the dust. Then treat with size as above described. Now apply 
two or three coats of Liquid Enamel Paint of the color you select, 
and you will have a job you will be pleased with. If the surface 
had been previously painted, and is in good condition, one coat 
may be sufficient to obtain the desired results. 

One gallon will covey from 200 to 250 square feet, two coats. If the color you paint 
with Is white, or ono of the light shades, and the surface you wish to cover is now painted 
somo dark color, it is best to first apply one coat of Inside Flat White Coverall House 
Paint. Use a good varnish brush. We recommend our No. 3B618 for large surfaces like 
walls and woodwork, or No. 3B656 for a small job such as furniture. 

You Can Do the Work Yourself 

Your Choice of Black, White and 12 
Rich and Beautiful Tints 

As it is popular to have a "blue room," a "red 
room," or one finished in some other desirable color, 
Liquid Enamel Paint affords you the opportunity 
of having just what you want in this line. Then, 
too, it is a durable finish — it will not crack nor 
peel, and retains its high lustre for a long time. 
Very pleasing effects may also be accomplished by 
the use of harmonious shades, as for instance one 
shade for the side walls, with a lighter tint of the 
same color for the ceiling, and a darker shade for 
the woodwork and furniture. 

Liquid Enamel Paint is a superior article, and 
because we quote it at this low price it should not 
be compared with cheap enamels that are offered 
on the market. It is a superior grade, else we 
would not put our name on it. As it is very easy 
to apply, anyone can use Liquid Enamel Paint 
with success. 

By referring to Page 18, you will be delighted 
with the beautiful colors in which Liquid Enamel 
Paint is furnished. It is so easy for you to change 
unsightly woodwork or furniture to a thing of 
beauty, and at so small a cost, that you can offer 
yourself no excuse for not immediately making the improvement. 

If you hesitate because you are not sure of the results you will 
get, write to us explaining the conditions and our paint expert will 
gladly give you any advice you request. Remember, any such 
service is cheerfully given, and is absolutely free to you. 

In ordering, state color you wish. For colors, see Page 18. 

3B8075— 'k Pint can. Weight, IVt pounds. Per can $0-19 

3B8076— I Pint can. Weight, 2M. pounds. Per can 31 

3B8077 — I Quart can. Weight, &*A pounds. Per can .49 

3B8078 — 'A Gallon can. Weight, 10 pounds. Per can 87 

3B8079 — I Gallon can. Weight, IS'j pounds. Per can 1-63 





In buying varnishes, please hear in mind that durability Is found only in good varnishes. Our superior line of 
varnishes is designed to include a varnish for every purpose and for every condition, each one of which, in quality, 
is the very best They are durable work, flow and dry properly, and always uniform. Nothing lias been spared, 
either in quality of material or skill, to make our superior varnishes the finest the world produces. The prices we 
quote mean a saving to you of from fifty cents to one dollar per gallon. 

One gallon of our Varnishes will cover about 600 squaro feet of surface on oak, or about 400 square feet on 
pine, one coat. 

On these two pages you will find listed a varnish for every purpose and for every condition, for old as well as for 
new work. Each is guaranteed to do the work for which it is intended and to please you in every way. 


Marproof Floor Varnish 

$2.00 a Gallon 

The most durable and lasting Floor 
Varnish it is possible to make. A VARNISH 
cannot buy a varnish elsewhere, no matter 
what price you pay, that will prove more 
serviceable, and at the end more economical, 
than Marproof. 

Water won't hurt floors treated with Marproof. Mar- 
proof varnish makes your floor heel-proof, mar-proof, 
and positively water-proof. It withstands repeated wash- 
ings, and gives a tough, durable, and elastic finish 
that does not scratch nor show heel marks on old or new 
floors. Can be rubbed for duU finish. 

Marproof is equal, if not superior in qual- 
ity, to advertised brands sold by the dealers 
at three dollars a gallon. Our price, $2.00 

3B8640— Pint can. Per can GO-36 

3B8641 — Quart can. Per can 61 

3B8G42 — '/2 gallon can. Per can 1 .07 

3B8643 — I gallon can. Per can 2.00 

3BP8644 — 5 gallon can. Per can 9.55 


Diamond -<^- Floor Varnish 

$1.73 a Gallon 

This varnish has been sold by us for years 
Further introduction we do 
not believe is necessary. Re- 
peated orders from those who 
have used it is the best evi- 
dence of the satisfaction it is 
giving. Diamond "W" Floor 
Varnish dries over night with 
a full rich luster which can 
be rubbed to a dull finish, 
if desired. It is exceed- 
ingly tough, will not mar or scratch, and 
is not affected by water. 

3B8645— Pint can. Per can SO-31 

3B8646— Quart can. Per can .51 

3B8647 — 'A gallon can. Per can .92 

3B8648 — I gallon can. Per can 1.73 

3BP8649 — 5 gallon can. Per can. . 8.15 

Miro-Lite Interior Finish 

$1.93 a Gallon 

There is no better varnish made than Mlro-Lite. It is 
a pale, brilliant, easy-flowing varnish, that preserves and 
develops tlio natural beauty of different kinds of woods 
to the best possible advantage. It is not affected by 
either hot or cold water, and will not crack, blister or 
turn white. Can be rubbed arid polished, and is exceed- 
ingly durable. Dries dust-proof in sis to eight hours, and 
can be rubbed in forty-eight hours. 

3B8610— Pint can. For SO-36 

3B8611— Quart can. For . -61 

3B8612— '/a Gallon can. For 1.12 

3B8613— I Gallon can. For 1.93 

3BP8614— 5 Gallon can. For 9-65 

Extra Light Coach Varnish 

$1.63 a Gallon 

A full-bodied, pale and durable varnish 
for interior work, finishing with a high, rich 
gloss, which can be rubbed and polished. 
A very satisfactory varnish for one-coat 
work. For use over grained work it is un- 
surpassed. It works freely, dries free from 
dust in 6 to 8 hours, and hard in 24 hours. 
A varnish that usually retails at $2.50 a 

3B8620— Pint can. For SO. 29 

3B8621— Quart can. For 49 

3B8622— '/z Gallon can. For 89 

3B8623— I Gallon can. For, 1.63 

3BP8624-5 Gallon can. For 7.65 

Superior Durable Floor Varnish 

$1.38 a Gallon 

This varnish lias splendid wearing qualities, holds its 
original gloss exceptionally well, is easily applied, and 
dries hard over night. 

It has a very good body as well as a high gloss— qualities 
that are necessary in a good floor varnish. 

Varnishes no better than this Durable Floor Varnish 
are frequently offered by others at double our price. 

3B890O— Pint can. Per can SO. 26 

3B8901 — Quart can. Per can .45 

3B8902 — Vz Gallon can. Per can 80 

3B8903 — I Gallon can. Per can 1 .38 

3BP8904— 5 Gallon can. Per can 6.40 

Linoleum Varnish 

A high grade, easy-flowing, elastic and durable Varnish. 
For linoleum or floor oilcloth. It greatly improves the life 
and preserves the pattern and appearance of linoleum. It 
makes old linoleum and oilcloUi look like new. Dries dust- 
proof in eight hours. Floors can be used in twenty-four 
hours. _ __ n . 

3B8650— Pint can. For $0-31 

3B8651— Quart can. For. 51 

3B8652— Vi Gallon can. For ..90 

3B8653— I Gallon can. For 


No, 1 Coach Varnish 

$1.23 a Gallon 

A quick-drying, heavy-bodied Varnish. For Interior work. 
It is not as pale as our Extra Light Coach. Dries with a 
good lustre. Is satisfactory for ordinary work, where 
cost is a consideration. You will find this varnish a good 
value for the money. 

3B8630— Pint can. For $0.25 

3B8631— Quart can. For 39 

3B8632— '/z Gallon can. For 69 

3B8633— I Gallon can. For 1.23 

3BP8634— 5 Gallon can. For 5-65 

Extra Hard-Oil Varnish 

A regular $2.00 varnish. Oar price $1.18 a gallon. 

A good, medium-priced varnish. For interior finish 
of natural woods, where a quick and not too expensive 
finish is desired. It works freely, dries quickly, and gives 
a full, rich lustre. This is a very satisfactory varnish for 
the purpose, and should not be confused with cheap and 
inferior varnishes sold by others under this same name. 

3B8625— Pint can. For $0.21 

3B8626— Quart can. For 37 

3B8627— Vk Gallon can. For 72 

3B8628— I Gallon can. For 1.18 

3BP8629— 5 Gallon can. For 5.40 

Index Hard-Oil Varnish 

A satisfactory varnish for ordinary interior work, where 
an inexpensive job Is desired. It dries quickly and gives 
a good gloss. Is not as durable and serviceable as our 
better grades of Tarnishes. 

3B8635— Pint can. For $0-20 

3B8636— Quart can. For 33 

3B8637— !/ 2 Gallon can. For 55 

3B8G38— I Gallon can. For 88 

3BP8639 — 5 Gallon can. For 3-90 

Rubbed Finish Varnish 

$2.13 a Gallon 

Rubbed Finish Varnish, when applied over a varnished 
surface, produces the exact effect of a rubbed varnish, 
without the expense of rubbing down a gloss coat. It 
i3 a superior article of merit, and produces a finish that 
is soft, pleasing, and durable. Will not mar or scratch 
white. Is entirely free from wax, dries in 24 hours, and 
should be used like regular varnish. The only special 
requisite Is to shake the can and stir thoroughly before 

3B8655— Pint can. For $0*36 

3B8656— Quart can. For 61 

3B8657— Va Gallon can. For 1-14 

3B8658 — I Gallon can. For 2-13 

3BP8659— 5 Gallon can. For 10-15 

Interior Spar Varnish 

A full-bodied, easy-flowing, and durable varnish for 
Interior work. Equal in quality and durability to 
Miro-Lite, but slightly darker in color. This varnish, in 
color, flowing, and durability, is similar and equal to 
varnishes sold by dealers at S3. 00 a gallon. Dries dust- 
proof in six to eight hours, and can be rubbed in furty- 
eight hours. Our price, per gallon (I gallon cans), 

3B8615— Pint can. For $0-31 

3B8616— Quart can. For 54 

3B8617— '/a Gallon can. For .99 

3B8618— I Gallon can. For 1.78 

3BP8619— 5 Gallon can. For 8-40 

Batavia Transparent Damar 

An exceptionally beautiful pale. Transparent Varnish. 
Made from high grade, pure Batavia Damar Gum. For 
use in white enaniel paint, or over light colored work of 
paint or wall paper. Brilliant and full bodied. It 
flows and works well. Dries dust-proof in 6 to 8 hours, 
and hard in 36 hours. 

3B8660— Pint can. For 90.26 

3B8661— Quart can. For 46 

3B8662— '/ 2 Gallon can. For 77 

3B8663— I Gallon can. For 1.43 

3BP8664 — 5 Gallon can. For 6-65 

Chair, and Church or School 
Seat Varnish 

A high grade, extremely hard-drying and durable Var- 
nish. For fine furniture, table tops, and cabinet work. 
The kind of varnish that is used for nice rubbing and 
polishing work. Also for use on church pews and school 
seats. Dries hard, and will not stick. Dries dust-proof 
in six to eight hours. Can bo rubbed in forty-eight hours. 

3B8665— Pint can. For S0-33 

3B8666— Quart can. For 56 

3B8667— V* Gallon can. For 1.02 

3B8668— I Gallon can. For 1.88 

3BP8669— 5 Gallon can. For 8.90 

No. 1 Furniture Varnish 

A standard Furniture Varnish. For all kinds of fur- 
niture, tables, and chair work. It produces a hard and 
brilliant surface, and will not crack or lose its gloss. 
Dries in 24 hours. 

3B8670— Pint can. For $0-25 

3B8671— Quart can. For .44 

3B8672— '/i Gallon can. For 77 

3B8673— I Gallon can. For 1.33 

3BP8674— 5 Gallon can. For 6-15 

Exterior Spar Varnish 

A durable, hard-drying, full-bodied varnish. For ex- 
terior work, front doors, vestibules, store fronts, window 
casings, porch ceilings, etc. This varnish is made from 
the very best gums and oils, and will not check, crack, 
or turn white when exposed to the weather. Dries dust- 
nraof in 8 hours, and hard in 3 6 to 4 8 hours. 

3B8600— Pint can. For SO-34 

3B8601— Quart can. For .60 

3B8602— '/i Gallon can. For 1-10 

3B8603— I Gallon can. For 1.98 

3BP8604— 5 Gayon can. For 9.40 




Carriage and Automobile 

Palest Durable Body Varnish 

A very trans- 
parent Finish- 
ing Varnish, for 
use on Car- 
J;2Jk riages and Au- 
I tomobiles. 1 1 
spreads easily, 
and has great 
IfW brilliancy a n d 
Sp durability. 1 1 
dries free from 
dust in about 
twelve hours, 
and hardens in from two to three days. 
We recommend this varnish for the very 
finest work, as it is pale and will not darken 
or discolor the daintiest shades or striping 

3B8690— Pint Can. Wt„ sy 3 lbs. For. $0.43 
3B8691— Quart Can. Wt., 4 lbs. For.. .79 
3B8692— ^4-Gal. Can. Wt„ 7'/ 3 lbs. Fo r 1.47 

Quick Rubbing Carriage Varnish 

A hard-drying varnish for use where a first-class rubbed 
finish Is desired. This varnish will dry hard enough to 
rub In 48 hours. Can bo recoated in 30 hours. Will not 
sweat or crack, 

3B870G— Pint can. Wt.. 2% lbs. For SO. 39 

3E8707— Quart can. Wt.. 4 lbs. For 66 

3B8708— 'A gallon can, wt.. T& l bs. For ... . 1 .22 

Carriage and Auto Top Dressing 

A superior Dressing for Waterproofing, and preserving 
carriage and automobile tops. It positively will not harden 
the leather; on the contrary it renders the leather soft and 
pliable. It dries quickly, and leaves an elastic surface 
with a handsome lustre. 

3B8710— Pint can. Wt., 2 lbs. Per can 36c 

3B8711— Quart can. Wt., 3 lbs. Per can 61 C 

Denatured Alcohol Shellac 

Made from pure Gum Shellac cut with Denatured 
Alcohol 1 90 per cent proof, and is the best that can be 
made. We do not hesitate to recommend our Shellacs for 
the finest work, such as first coating on interior wood- 
work, furniture and other surfaces to be finished in var- 
nish or wax, except floors to be varnished. It is also used 
extensively for finishing coat over oil stain finish, such 
as our Mission Art Finishes. One gallon will cover from 
300 to 40 square feet, one coat. Our shellacs are rnaete 
heavy. If thinning is necessary uso denatured alcohol 

NOTE — Shellacs being used mostly for under coats, it 
Is of the utmost Importance that you get the best. The 
undercoat is the foundation of the work, and if you should 
uso Shellac made from inferior gum, or impure alcohol, 
in time it will crack and chip, and your entiro finish Is 

Pure White Shellac 

Used where no color Is desired. Is manufactured from 
Puro Bone — dry bleached Shellac, and is perfectly clear 
and white. Being absolutely free from moisture insures 
a finish that will last and preserve its color. 

3B8676— Pint can SO. 31 

3B8677— Quart can 49 

3B8678— "2 gallon can 90 

3B8679— I gallon can 1-68 

Pure Orange Shellac 

This Shellac Is very fine, light in color, and freo from 
any sediment often found in Orange Shellac. Used the 
same as White Shellac, except on darker surfaces, such 
as oak. Also used for coating knots and sappy spots 
before painting. 

3B8680— Pint can S0.29 

3B8681— Quart can 46 

3B8682— 'A gallon can -82 

3B8683— I gallon can 1 .53 



r> — 



c "IMcaAHaKANJrt5CltI 

Hardwood Paste Filler 

For filling the pores of hard 
or open-grained woods, such 
as oak, ash, etc.. preparatory 
to varnishing, Apply with 
brush, and after allowing 
twenty or thirty minutes to 
set, wipe off smooh with a 
rough piece of burlap, wiping 
across the grain. Allow at 
least 24 hours for the filler 
to dry; sandpaper the surface smoothly and you are then 
ready for the varnish. Made in light, dark and golden 
oak. One 10 -pound can will fill approximately 4 50 
square feet. 

3B8210— I lb. cans. Per can $0.08 

3B8211— 5 lb. cans. Per can 32 

3B8212— 10 lb. cans. Per can 63 

3B8213— 25 lb. cans. Per can 1.50 

Elastic Gear Varnish 

For finishing gears and 
running work. Works free 
and easy, and is extremely 
brilliant and durable. Dries 
dust free in from 8 to 10 
hours; dries hard in 3 to 4 
days. Can also be used for 
finishing bodies where some- 
thing less expensive than our 
"Palest Durable Body" is 
desired. Weight, about 12 lbs. per gallon. 

3B8694— Pint can. For $0.41 

3B8695— Quart can. For 71 

3B8696— j^-Gallon can. For 1.32 

One-Coat Coach Varnish 

This varnish is heavier in body than our 
Elastic Gear, and is specially adapted for 
one-coat work. It works easily, gives a 
brilliant lustre, and is durable. Dries dust 
free in 6 to 8 hours, and hard in 30 hours. 

3B8698— Pint can. Wt., 2% lbs. For S0.31 

3B8699— Quart can. Wt., 4 lbs. For .64 

3B8700— 'A gallon can. Wt., 7V£ lbs. For 97 

Varnish Stains 

For Refinishing Furniture and Interior 


per Gal. 



Will Renew 

Your Parlor 


1 ql. Varnish 
Stain ... 41c 

1 two-inch Brush 

3B662 ... 28c 

Varnish stain is especially adapted for re- 
finishing woodwork or furniture that has 
been previously finished with paint, varnish 
or stains. It is also used on new work or 
soft wood, such as pine, where a rich gloss 
stained finish is desired. It stains and 
varnishes with one application, and dries 
hard with a fine lustre in from 8 to 12 
hours. It answers every requirement for 
refinishing interior woodwork and furniture, 
where it is desired to do so at a nominal 

On old work that has been previously stained or var- 
nished use a shade in varnish stains similar to the old 
work or a darker shade to obtain the best results. One 
coat is usually sufficient for refinishing such old work. 

Where varnish stain is used on an old painted surface 
a coat of ground color No, 1SS^ should first he applied. 
This gives a solid ground color, and the texture of newly 
planed wood. Then apply two coats of varnish stain of 
the shade desired. One gallon will cover 400 square feet, 
one coat. 

Colors: 183, Cherry; 184. Mahogany; 185, Light 
Oak; 186, Rosewood; I86'A, Leaf Green; 187, Antique 
Oak; 188, Walnut; I88 1 .., Ground Color. 

For colors, see "Co-Var-Finish" colors on Pago 20. 
3B8120— '/ 2 pint can. Wt., l'A lbs. Each. . . .S0.17 

3B8121— Pint can. Wt., 2% lbs. Each 23 

3B81 22— Quart can. Wt.. 4 lbs. Bach .41 

3B8123— 'A gallon can. Wt., 7% lbs. Each... .77 
3B8124— I gallon can. Wt., 11 lbs. Each.... 1.43 

Oil Wood Stains VseA 0nly a „° d r £S v™*™* 

These are high class Oil Stains. Made by grinding 
permanent colors in pure linseed oil and turpentine. Put 
up in the same colors as "Co-Var-Finish," but are to be 
used on new woodwork only. A coat of varnish must be 
applied after the stain is dry to give a gloss finish. One 
quart will cover 100 square feet, one coat. 

Colors: 183, Cherry; 184. Mahogany; 1S5, Light 
Oak; 186, Rosewood; 186%, Leaf Green; 187, Antique 
Oak; 1SS, Walnut. 

For colors, see "Co-Var-Finish" colors on Page 20. 
3B8140— Pint cans. Wt., 2% lbs. Per can. . . .$0.20 
3B8141— Quart cans. Wt., 8% lbs. Per can., .35 
3B8142— !/ 2 gallon can. Wt., S lbs. Per caji . . .67 
3B8143— I gallon can. Wt., 12 lbs. Per can. . 1-26 

Wagon and Implement 

Durable Wagon Varnish 

A light col- 
ored, full drying 
brilliant Varnish, 
especially recom- 
mended for farm 
wagons, agricul- 
tural implements I 
a n d machinery. 
This varnish has 
a good body, 
mixes readily 
with any color, 
sets dust free in 
from 5 to 6 hours and is hard in about 36 
hours. Well adapted for outdoor exposure. 
3B8702— Pint Can. Wt., 2% lbs. For., ,27c 
3B8703— Quart Can. Wt., 4 lbs. For. . ,46c 
3B8704— ^4-Gal. Can. Wt.,-7V 2 lbs. For. 82c 

Mission Art Finishes 

Penetrating one-coat Art Stains. Used 
on new work. Floors, interior and furni- 
ture. Beautiful in tone and coloring. The 
beautiful shades are characteristic of these 
stains only, and the wonderful possibilities 
of coloring they offer make them a delight 
to all lovers of the artistic and beautiful. 
Extensive home decoration is possible at a 
very small cost. One gallon will stain from 
700 to 1,000 square feet of surface. These 
stains do not streak or show laps, but stain 
evenly, penetrate thoroughly, and cover such 
large surface as to be economical. They 
do not mar, scratch, or rub, nor do they 
raise the grain of the wood. Knowledge of 
wood finishing, or previous experience, are 
not necessary. Our directions are explicit, 
and the use of Mission Art Finishes will 
be readily understood. 

Furnished in Golden Oak, Early English 
Oak, Old English Oak, Modern Weathered 
Oak, Fumed Oak, Forest Green Oak and 
Dark Mahogany. State color wanted. 

3B8130— 'A pint cans. Wt., 1% lbs. Per can. . $0.21 
3B8131 — I pint cans. Wt., 2% lbs. Per can .. .33 
3B8132— I quart cans. Wt., 4% lbs. Per can . . .58 
3B8133— 'A gallon cans. Wt.. GV4 lbs. Per can. 1.07 
3B8134— I gallon cans. Wt.. 10 % lbs. Per can. 1.87 

Paint and Varnish Remover 

TheFlnest ArlicleMadelor Removing Old Paint rind Varnish 
Our Paint and Varnish Remover is much 
superior to old methods for removing old 
paint, varnish, shellac, filler or lacquer 
quickly. It leaves the surface in its original 
condition and ready for refinishing. It is 
not injurious to the hands, and will not 
discolor or damage the wood. Anyone can 
use it, the directions on each can being very 
simple and easily understood. Try this 
article the next time you wish to remove 
old paint, varnish, etc. 

3B7796— I pint cans. Wt., 2% lbs. Per can . . $0.29 
3B7797 — I quart cans. Wt., 4 lbs. Per can .47 

§i?2§§ — {' s ?."° n cans> wt - 7 % lbs. Per can. .87 
3B7799 — I gallon cans. Wt.. 11 lbs. Per can ■ . 1.63 



Liquid Wood Filler 

A perfectly transpar 
ent filler for filling the 
pores of soft or Jclose 
grained woods, prepara 
tory to varnishing. Also 
used on hard woods over 
paste filler. Apply with 
brush, same as paint, 
and brush out thin. 
Dries hard in about 36 
hours, and leaves a hard, smooth surface 
for finishing. One gallon will fill the grain 
on about 500 square feet. Weight, about 13 
lbs. per gallon. 

3B8218— I quart can $0-33 

3B8219— 'A gallon can 62 

3B8220 — I gallon cans. Per gal 1.18 


3BP8221 — 5 gallon cans. Per gal. 



Gold and Aluminum Paint 

Sunset Brand Ready Mixed 
Gold Paint 


i,' "'".'FJJCilJXEa FOR '.. 

3B8190— '/i-Pint 
3B8191— '/z-pint 
3B8192 — I -pint 
3B8193— I-quart 

Sunset Brand Gold Paint is manu- 
factured by a patented process. The 
surface coated will hold all the bright 
beauty of finish under any and all 
conditions for a much longer time 
than any other gold enamel. It will 
net rub off. It will withstand the 
heat of steam pipes and radiators 
and is not affected by moisture. You 
can use It on old picture frames, 
porch chairs, brackets, flower pots, 
ornaments, radiators, steam pipes, 
bedsteads, etc. 

cans. Ter can SO-24 

cans. Per can 36 

cans. Per can .59 

cans. Per can 1.06 

Gold Enamel— Unmixed 

Indispensable for every household. Can 
he used for all kinds of artistic and decora- 
tive painting, picture frames, curtain poles, 
toys, paper, and household ornaments. 
Easy to apply, and gives a brilliant, dur- 
able luster, similar to gold leaf, that will 
not nib off. Each box contains: one bot- 
tle gold bronze; one bottle of banana liquid; 
one brush; and a mixing cup. 
3B8526— Small size, % oz. Gold; 2 oz. 

Banana liquid 14c 

3B8527 — Large size, 1 oz. Gold; 4 oz. 
Banana Liquid 25c 

Aluminum Enamel or Silver Paint 

The same kind of package, containing the same quan- 
tity of materials, the same quality. Used for the same 
purposes as gold enamel No. 3BS52G and 3B8527, but 
giving a rich aluminum or silver finish. 

3B8S28— Small size .14c 

3B8529— Large size 25c 

Pale Gold Brilliant Painting Bronze 

A very finely ground, good quality, and 
durable Bronze. Can be used for radiators, 
steam pipes, and other pla'ces where a dur- 
able finish is desired. Also used for picture 
frames and other decorating. Light in 
shade. Use about 8 ounces of bronzing pow- 
der to 1 quart bronzing liquid, or banana 
liquid. Our Fitch brushes— 3BG65 and 3BGGG 
— are the brushes to use for this work. 

3B8512— Vt pound can. Per can 51 C 

3B8513— I nound can. Per can 96c 

Rich Gold Superfine Painting Bronze 

A good quality, brilliant, finely ground 
Bronze. Slightly darker in color than Pale- 
gold. A fine quality for gilding, decorating, 
sign work, and general use. It produces a 
fine finish, covers well, and is lasting. For 
small jobs, pi'cture frames, ornaments, etc., 
use a earners hair brush, as listed on an- 
other page. 

3B851B-I ounce package. Each 8c 

3B8516— Three l-ounce packages 21 C 

3B8517— '/a pound can. Per can 45c 

3B8518— I pound can. Per can 80c 

Aluminum— Extra Fine 

An Extra Fine, Chemically Pure Aluminum Powder. 
For radiators and decorating. It produces a bright, 
brilliant, and durable silver or aluminum finish that 
will withstand heat or outside exposure. Use about G 
ounces of aluminum powder to 1 quart of bronzing liquid 
or banana liquid. 

3B8520 — l-ounce package. Each 10c 

3B8521 — Three l-ounce packages 25c 

3B8522 — '/j-pound can. IVr can 46c 

3B8523 — I -Pound can. Per can 86c 

Sunset Brand Aluminum Paint 

Made from finest grade of 
Aluminum Bronze. Dries 
quickly with a brilliant 
finish. It will not spoil or 
lose its brilliancy in the can. 
Put the cover back on can 
after using and what is left 
in can will keep. Its bril- 
liant finish is permanent either in the air 
or under water. It will prevent rust and is 
oil and grease-proof. Will stand the heat 
of steam pipes and radiators. Washing 
with soap and water will not injure it. 
Easy to apply. Directions on cans. 

3B8185— '/i-pint cans. Per can 21c 

3B8186— '/i-Pint cans. Per can 31 c 

3B8187— Pint cans. Per can 51 C 

3B81 88— Quart cans. Per can 91c 

Bronzing Liquid 

A Good Grade Bronzing Liquid. For mixing bronze 
and aluminum paint. Some prefer to use Bronzing 
liquid instead of Banana liquid. For some purposes it 
is equally as good and the cost is considerably less. 

3B8530— I -Pint can 24c 

3B8531 — I -quart can 40c 

I>'>ii->n-» YfmiiH For Mixing Gold and 
Banana Liquid Aluminum Paint 
A Good Grade of Water White Banana Liquid. For 
mixing gold, aluminum and other bronzes. Banana liquid 
does not only produce a most durable and heat-resisting 
gold and aluminum paint, but also gives that fine satin 
finish, so much desired on picture frames, ornaments and 
other decorations. Do not use banana liquid for mix- 
ing where the paint is to be used on a varnished surface. 

3B8533 — I 8-ounce can. Per can 19c 

3B853**— I Pint can. Per can. . 31c 

3B8535 — I quart can. Per can 5lc 

Metal Paints and Enamels —Painters' Specials 

Radiator Enamel 


•^. ename lJ 

11 STCii Tf mutu al 

These lustrous enamels will not 
chip or mar, and are not affected 
by heat or cold, They are used 
for renewing steam pipes, radi- 
ators, registers, and all surfaces 
exposed to severe beat. Are easily 
applied, dry quickly and always 
look bright and glossy. Made in 
Maroon, Black. Bronze Green and 
Dull Green. In applying have sur- 
face clean and spread on thickly, 
brushing out very little. State color wanted. 

3B81 70— One-half pint cans. Each . .SO-19 

3B8171 — One-pint cans. Each 26 

3B8172 — One-quart cans. Each 46 

3B8173 — One-half gallon cans. Each .87 

3B8174 — One-gallon cans. Each 1-63 

Bath Tub Enamels 

These enamels produce a hard, 
lustrous surface that will not chip or mar, 
and that will not be affected by hot or 
cold water. One pint will give an ordi- 
nary bath tub two coats. Colors : 

Porcelain White 
Old Ivory 

Wild Rose 

Use these enamels in re-enameling 
your iron beds. They are easy to apply. 
Be sure article is free from dirt and 
grease and follow directions on can. 
State color wanted 

3B8160— 'Half pint cans. Per can. . 26c 

3B8161 — Pint cans. Per can 44c 

3B81 62— Quart cans. Per can 76c 

Ward's Stovepipe 

Especially adapted for stovepipes, 
grates, radiators, heating drums and 
hot and cold water pipes. Must be 
applied while the surface to be paint- 
ed is cold. One coat gives a dur- 
able, elastic black finish that will 
withstand intense heat. A pint can 
will enamel 6 lengths of stove pipe. 
3B8177— One-pint can. Per can.. 
3B8178 — One-half pint can. Per c 




■ 22c 
• 14c 

3B7742— Quart can 
3B7743— Pint can. 
3B7744— Half-pint can 

Screen Paint 

A specially prepared preserv- 
ative paint that will protect 
wire screens from rust or wear. 
L It dries hard in a short time, 
'n with a beautiful gloss, and will 
# not clog the meshes. It is ap- 
plied by brushing through one 
side, leaving on just enough 
paint so it will not run. A 
pint will (]<: over a number of 

Made in two colors: Black 
and Green. State color wanted. 

Per can 46c 

Per can 27 C 

Per can 16c 

Graphite Paint 

Made of Pure Graphite. Ground In pure linseed oil. 
Is wear-resisting, and protects surfaces, such as iron 
work, metal pillars, etc., from rust and corrosion. In 
black only. 

3B7773— l/a-gallon can. Each $0-62 

3B7772 — One-gallon can. Per gallon 1.18 

3BP7771— Five-gallon can. Per gallon 1-13 

Steel Wool 

w^ ■^^ gggj5?k ls a mass °f fine f 'bre 

f L ^Hg^V^ no. I ~"\"^jttljs|B§S!h steel, winch resembles 

I^^^ISTEEL l^JlfitwP" CUf l e(1 llair - While it is 

\ - ^^ \/\/nnniMBl s n ;l r "• il does not 

V •y^^i- w w " *- /mf tiXKiS® scratch. Tuts as smooth- 
^^^"^^^^^^SBflr^ ly as the finest sand- 
paper, emery or pumice stone. For the housekeeper it is 
unexcelled for cleaning glassware, removing burnt matter 
and rust from pots, pans, sinks, bath tubs and stoves. 
For refinishing hardwood floors, howling alleys, remov- 
ing rust from iron surfaces preparatory to painting, and 
all coarse work, use our Steel Wool No. 3, or our steel 
3B8285— No. 0. Very fine, soft. Takes the place of 

pumice stone. 1-lb. package 39c 

3B8286 — Small package. Regular ten-cent size. Ship- 
ping weight, 3 oz 9c 

3B8287 — No. I. Fine, soft. Equals sandpaper No. 0. 

1-lb. package 30 C 

3B8288 — Small package. Regular ten-cent size. Ship- 
ping weight. 3 oz 90 

3B8289 — No. 3 Medium. Equals sandpaper No. life 

and 2. 1-lb. package 26c 

3B8290 — Small package. Regular ten-cent size. Shin- 
ping weight. 3 oz 9c 

3B8291— Steel Shavings. 1-lb. package 23c 

Diamond Wall Paper Cleaner 

3B856— This is a scientifically prepared Cleaner for 
Wall Paper, fresco or calcimiucd walls and window shades, 
and will not spoil surface. It does not get hard or 
numb, hence it is not necessary to remove carpets and 
furniture as it makes no dirt. Full directions with each 
package. One package will clean one ordinary sized 
room. Weight, per package, 15 oz. 

Price, per package SO. 10 

Price, per dozen packages 1.00 

Reliance Wall Paper Paste 

The best and most economical Paste for Paper Hangers, 
Bill Posters, or ny one who needs good paste quick. 
It is simply mixed in cold water until required thickness 
is secured. It is not intended to he made in bulk, hut 
is mixed at the job, ready for immediate use. 

3B8B4 — Price, per package. 15 oz 10c 

3B855— Price, per package, 2^ lbs 20o 

"Grip-Tite" Wall Sizing 

3B858 — New plastered walls, whether smooth, rough or 
painted, should be sized before papering, as they are 
porous and absorb the paste, when the paper will peel off. 
Use our sizing, which Is easily mixed with cold water, 
and your wall paper, if hung properly, will always be 
smooth and tight to the wall. One package {1 lb.) will 
make a gallon of sizing. Price, per package 16c 

Glass Cutters 

We show here a line of Glass Gutters which are made 
to cut and should not be compared with the many worth- 
less tools of this class on the market. All of our cutters 
are fitted with the very best hardened steel disc wheels, 
£*ach tool is tested and will give perfect satisfaction. 

pw" » 24c 

4C2265 — Magazine Glass Cutters, with 6 cutters in 
the head. Cutters are carefully hardened by special 
process. Rosewood handle, metal parts nickel-plated. 
Weight, 1 oz. Oflrt 

Each i'lt 


4C2266— Polished frame, with two cutters. Enamehd 
wood handle. Weight, 1 oz. 1 Q« 

Each Wt 


4C2268 — Enameled wood handle, fitted with patent 
carbonized wheel. Weight, 1 oz. lOp 

Glaziers' Diamonds 

4C2270 — Each point is thoroughly tested and is war- 
ranted perfect. However, if you are not accustomed to 
using these diamonds, would suggest you order our "Uni- 
versal." which can be used by a novice as well as by an 
experienced glass cutter. Weight, about 2 oz. each. 

Warranted Genuine Diamonds 

Size No. 1. Cuts single thick glass. Bad). . . .S 2.90 

Size No.- 3. Cuts single thick glass. Each. . . . 3-50 

Size No. 4. Cuts double thick glass. Each. . . . 4.50 

Size No. 5. Cuts double thick glass. Each.... 5-40 

Size No. S. Cuts plate glass. Each 10-75 

"Universal" Glaziers' Diamonds 

4C2272— With this tool anyone can cut 
glass perfectly. Has a diamond on one 
end and steel guide wheel in other end. 
Weight, about 2 oz. each. 






Single thick glass 
Single thick glass 
Douhle thick glass 
Douhle thick glass 


Glaziers' Points 

2HF3386— Zinc Glaziers* Points. In % 
pound papers. «_ 

Per paper *V 

Per doz. papers 43c 






Superfine Coach Colors 

Ground in Japan. For Car- 
riage and Automobile Work. 
These colors are ground in high 
grade coach Japan and are the 
finest and strongest made. 
They dry quickly and flat per- 
fectly. Put up in 1 lb. cans. 

Per can 

3B8490— Extra Fine Ivory Black 36c 

3B8491— Fine Ivory Black 31 o 

3B8492— Drop Black 28c 

3B8493— Lamp Black 26c 

3B8494— Prussian Blue 58c 

3B8495— Ultramarine Blue 34c 

3B8496 — Brewster Green (Light, Medium and Dark) 36c 
3B8497— Carriage Green (Light. Medium and Dark) 37c 

3B8498— Indian Red 29c 

3B8499— Tuscan Red 31 c 

3B8B00— Burnt Sienna Italian 24c 

3B8B02— Raw Sienna Italian 24c 

3B8504— Burnt Umber Turkey 23c 

3B8505— Raw Umber Turkey 23c 

3B8506— Vandyke Brown 24c 

3B8E08— Chrome Yellow (Light, Medium and Dark) 33c 

Old Dutch White— Ground in Oil 

An interior white that is whiter than any 
pure white lead. We recommend it for in- 
terior work as it is not subject to discolora- 
tion, and, being ground very fine in oil, it 
has a greater covering capacity than pure 
white lead. It is also much more econom- 
ical, and being non-poisonous it is used 
quite generally for interior finish in hos- 
pitals and public buildings. Excellent as an 
undercoat for enamels. 

3BP8020— 100 pound keg. Per pound 8 '/so 

3BP8021— 5 pound keg. Per pound 7c 

3BP8022 25 pound keg. Per pound 7'/ic 

3BP8023— 12% pound teg. Per pound 7'/ 2 c 

3B8024 — S pound can. Per po und 9'/2C 

White Lead 

We believe It is a physical impossibility for any painter 
to mix lead and oil. and other materials properly, thor- 
oughly and accurately enough by band to secure a paint 
that will accord the good service, protection and economy 
that is found in Tower Brand 100% Pure Prepared Paint. 
It is surely evident that a paint manufacturer with 
modern machinery, expert chemists, and the best materi- 
als at his command, can produce a paint far superior, 
and at a smaller expense. 

To those, however, who desire to mix their own paint, 
we positively guarantee our own brand of white lead to 
bo strictly pure, full net weight, and in quality and serv- 
ice the very best it is possible to make. 

Montgomery Ward & Co.'s Strictly Pure 
White Lead in Oil 

We guarantee this white lead to be strictly pure, full 
net weights, and in quality and service the very best it 
is possible to make. Prices subject to market changes. 
3BP7825 — 100-lb. metal kegs, net weight. Per 11>. 8c 
3BP7826 — .50-lb. metal kegs, net weight. Per lb. 8'/20 
3BP7827— .25-lb. metal kegs, net weight. Per lb. S'/ic 
3BP7828— l2'/ 2 .|b. metal kegs, net weight. Per lb. 9c 

Special Brand, not a pure lead, but will give good satis- 

3BP7829— l2'/ 2 -Ib. keg. Per lb 8c 

3BP7830— 25-lb. keg. Per lb 7"/ a0 

3BP7831— 50-lb. keg. Per lb 7c 

3BP7832— I 00-lb. keg. Per lb 6*/2C 

American White, 1 and 5-lb. cans; not a pure lead. 
For the purpose intended, however, it will be found en- 
tirely satisfactory. It is used by plumbers for piping. Used 
for priming coat on sash, etc., where a cheap primer is 
desired, and for other purposes. 

3B7836— l-Ib. can. Per lb 10c 

3B7837— 5-lb. can. Per lb g c 

Zinc in Oil 

Strictly Pure French Zinc, In Oil 

3B7S38— l2'/ 2 -lb. can 
3B7839— 25-lb. can . . 
3B7840— I-lb. can .. 
3B7841— 5-lb. can . . 

Per lb. 
. . .12c 
. . 12c 

. .15'/ 2 c 
. .15'/ 2 c 

Zinc In Oil. American Snow White Per lb. 

3B7842— l2'/ 2 -lb. pall 8c 

3B7843— 25-lb. pall 8c 

3B785Q— 10 lb. 
3B7851— 5 lb. 

Putty in Tins 




Gloss Oil 

This Is a good grade of gloss oil. 
used for sizing and other purposes. 

3B8730-Quart can 

3B8731 — l-gal. can 

3BP8732— 5-gal. can 

Dries hard, and Is 




Pure Linseed Oil and Turpentine 

For prices on Linseed Oil and Turpentine, see our latest 
Grocery Price List, or write us for quotations. On account 
of the market changing constantly, we do not quote prices 
in this book. 

Our facilities for supplying you with strictly pure Lin- 
seed Oil and Turpentine at the lowest prevailing prices 
are the very best. We handle Unseed Oil from the largest 
and nmst reliable manufacturers in the world, and guar- 
antee the quality and purity of every gallon. 

Dry Colors 

Our line of dry colors is complete. For the pur- 
pose intended they will positively give satisfaction. 

Some of the sundry colors we quote below are fre- 
quently used for painting purposes by simply mixing 
with linseed oil. This we do not recommend. Unless 
you have the facilities for putting the mixture through 
a paint mill your paint will lack that fineness and 
durability that is necessary in good paint. In Coverall 
and Tower Brand Paint you get fineness, covering 
capacity, durability, and at the end, economy It 
will paint your barn the cheapest, wear the best, and 
last the longest. 


Dry Colors 

Price Per lb 
3BP7925— Raw Umber, Turkey. Barrels (300 lbs.) 4c 

3B7926 — Less quantity 5'/ a c 

3BP7927— Burnt Umber, Turkey. Bbls. (300 lbs.) 4c 

3B7928— Less quantity Kc 

3BP7929— Raw Sienna, Italian. Bbls. (300 lbs.) '5c 

3B7930— Less quantity r'/jC 

3BP7931— Burnt Sienna, Italian. Bbls. (300 lbs.) Bo 

3B7932— Less quantity g'/ic 

3BP7944— French Gray or Slate. Bills. (375 lbs.) 1'/ 2 c 

3B7945 — Less quantity 2'/2C 

3BP7946 — American Venetian Red. Bbls. (350 lbs.) 1c 

3B7947— Less quantity jj'/ic 

3BP7948— Cookson's English Venetian Red. Barrels 

(330 lbs.) 2C 

3B7949— Less quantity 3 

3BP7950— Imperial English Venetian Red. Barrels (330 

lbs.) \%c 

3B7951— Less quantity 3 C 

Iron Paints 

3BP7954— Red Oxide Iron Paint. Bbls. (350 lbs.) 2%c 

3B7955 — Le r s quantity a c 

3BP7956— Dark Red Iron Paint'. Bbls. (350 lbs.) 1 3 ,ic 

3B7957— Less quantity . 2'>2C 

3BP7958— Princess Mineral, Reddish Brown.' Barrels 

(350 lbs.) 1%c 

3B7959— Less quantity . . . ." .3 C 

Plaster Paris 

3BP791 3— Plaster Paris. Bbls. (200 lbs.) Per lb. 1%c 
3B7914 — Less qu antity. Per lb 2'/4C 

Gilder's Whiting 

3BP7917— Extra Fine Quality Bolted Whiting. 

BarreLs (400 lbs.). Per lb <i/. c 

3BP7918— Drums (100 lbs.). Per lb 2c 

3B7919— Less quantity. Per lb '2'i/ic 

Powdered Pumice Stone 

Best grade English Powdered Pumice Stone. Used with 
raw linseed oil or water by painters and others, for 
rubbing down varnished surfaces, preparatory to polishing 

3B7875— Per lb .S'An 

3B7876— 25 lb. pkgs. For ,85c 

Rubbing Brick 

Very best quality Sharp Gutting Pumice Stone. Always 
uniform. Always satisfactory. Used by the painter and 
wagon finisher in rubbing down varnished surfaces. Also 
used for scouring stone surfaces, and many other purposes. 
Shipping weight, 1% lbs. 

3B8275— Compressed bricks. Each $0*15 



Rotten Stone— English Powdered 

Rotton stone Is used for polishing varnished surfaces, 
after being rubbed down with pumice stone. Dip a piece 
of cloth or felt into crude oil or water, then into the 
rotten stone, and rub the surface to a polish. Finish by 
rubbing on all the oil and powdered stone that may be 
s££J2L tne ""face, using a soft flannel cloth. 
3B7878— Rotten Stone, per lb. q c 

Rubbing Felt 

BEST GRADE FELT. Perfectly suited for rubbing 
down varnished surfaces. Simply dip felt into rubbing oil 
or water, then into powdered pumice. Shipping weight, 
hard felt, 4 oz. ; soft felt 2 oz «■—•■ "»"< 

3B8279— Hard Felt. Pieces about 5 in. square 

Per piece ny r 

3B8280— Soft Felt. Pieces about 6 in.' square. """ 
Per piece , 22c 

Turpentine Japan Dryer 
83c Gallon 

A very good Binder and Strong 
Dryer. ML\es readily and does not 
Injure the life of the paint. 

3B8720— Pint can. For. . .30-19 
3B8721— Quart can. For.. .31 
3B8722— Vi Gallon can. For .52 
3B8723— I Gallon can. For .83 
3BP8724— 5 Gallon can. For 3.65 

Japan Dryer 

Similar to turpentine Japan Dryer, but a little darker 
m color and not quite as strong. 

3B8725— Pint cans $0.1 7 

3B872G— Quart cans . . . .. . . . . .27 

3B8727— '/i-gallon can .42 

3B8728— I -gallon can .68 

3BP8729— 5- gallon can 3.15 

Colors Ground in Pure 
Linseed Oil 

Our colors In oil are finely ground. 
You need have no hesitancy in buying 
your colors in oil from us. Each 

3B7976— Drop Black. 1 lb. Can 


3B7977 — Drop Black. 5 lb. Can 


1 lb. Can Bach 
Ivory Drop Black ... 3B7978— 13c 

Coach Black 3B7980— 14c 

Lamp Black 3B7982— 15c 

Prussian Blue 3B7984— 24c 

Ultramarine Blue . . 3B7986— 22c 
Italian Sienna (law or 

tL'irat) i. ■ 3B7988— 14c 

Turkey Umber (raw or 

b;™i>, ••• 3B7990— 14c 

Vandyke Brown . . . 3B7992— 15c 

Chrome Green (light, 

medium and deep) . . 3B7994 — 12c 

Tuscan Red 3B7998— 13c 

English Venetian . . .3138000— 9c 

Indian Red 3B8002-11C 

Chemically Pure 

Chrome Yellow (light, 

medium and orange) . 3B8004— 15c 

French Yellow Ochre . 3B8006— 9c 

Red Lead 3B8008— 10c 

Permanent Red 3B8010— 17c 

Flat Brick Red ... . 3B801 2—1 2c 


5 lb. Can Fach 

3SZ§7,§— s oe2 

3B7981— .67 
3B7983— .72 
3B7985— 1.15 
3B7987— 1.05 

3B7989— .67 



3B7991 — 

3B8001 — 

3B8011 — 



Graining Colors in Oil 

These colors come in pasle form, and are prepared for 
use by mixing to tho consistency of paint, or a little 
heavier with one part boiled linseed oil, and two narts 
turpentine. Put up in 1 and 5 lb. cans. Colors are 

3m£!Gtf!£ , th ?! Ty - " ilI " u U "Shi oak. and dark oak. 

JB8015 — 1 lb. cans. Per can 40. 

3B8016— 5 lb. cans. Per ran ........'.'.'.'.'. ' 60c 

Venetian Red— Ground in Oil 

Tins is a good grade of Venetian Bed. Use about one 
gallon of Unseed oil to each 12 lbs. of the Venetian Ited 
to bring the paint to proper consistency for the average 
use. One gallon of this paint, when properly mixed, will 

3B7853— 12V4 lb. cans. Per can 53,. 

3B7854-25 lb. cans. Per lb 41S 

3B7855— 100 lb. kegs. Per lb ........... . . . 4c 

French Yellow Ochre— Ground in Oil 

„„\ ou . «' V W remj ire about one gallon of linseed oil to 
each 12 lbs. of the yellow ochre, to bring the paint 10 
proper consistency for tho average use. One gallon of 
this paint, when properly mixed, will cover from 200 to 
2.0 square feet, two coats. 

5gi§57— 1214 lb. cans. Per can 53- 

3B7858-25 lb. cans. Per lb . / .... 3X9. 

3BP7859— 100 lb. kegs. Per lb........... .4c 

Wood Bleacher and Weather 
Stain Remover 

A liquid preparation that will 
take spots or weather stains out 
of woodwork. Bleaches floors, win- 
dow sills, doors, and woodwork to 
their natural color. It a'cts quickly 
and is easily applied. Weight, per 
quart, about 2 lbs. 

3B8442— Pint bottles. Each 27r 

3B8443— Quart bottles. Each \ '. \ .". !46o 

Fresco Wall Size, 68c a Gallon 

For use on Plastered Walls to make proper surface for 
paints and kalsomiue. as it prevents suction. Dries in 
about S hours, 

3B8736— Quart can. For cnoc 

3B8737— '/ 2 Gallon can. For . . . '. . 42 

3B8738— I Gallon can. For eft 

3BP8739— 5 Gallon can. For ......... \ . ['. 3/15 


The Greatest of all Water-Prooling Compounds 

Can be Used on Damp Surfaces 
This remarkable preparation is scien- 
tifically compounded, and will positively fill 
the pores and render waterproof any ce- 
ment, concrete, brick, or plaster surface. 
Just the thing for silos, cement blocks, con- 
crete, or brick buildings. It is a 'clear, color- 
less liquid, that can be used alone as a 
coating, or can be used for first coat in 
painting concrete and brick work, base- 
ments, walls, ceilings, etc., that are subject 
to dampness and moisture. 

»,„ An exce l' en t coating for concrete and cement floors. 
Where used alone as a coating it fills the pores, makes 
the surface smooth, prevents sanding, and renders it 
waterproof and easy to keep clean. Do not use this prepa- 
ration over paint. Where a surface is to lie painted, use 
for under-coat only. Can also be used on a damp surface. 
Apt necessary for the surface to be entirely dry. Apply 
with a brush, the same as paint. Put on freely and brush 
in well. One gallon will cover approximately 150 to 200 
square feet on concrete or brick surfaces, and 200 to 
300 square feet on plaster surfaces. Shipping weight, 
per quart, 5 lbs, 

3B7793— I Quart. Each S0-41 

3B7794— I Gallon. Each 1 .37 

3BP7795— 5 Gallons. Per gallon 1.40 



You Can Do Your Own Painting 

If you will note carefully the suggestions given on these pages, and follow closely tbo 
complete directions included with every can of our paint and varnish it will be a 
very easy matter for you to do your own work with thoroughly satisfactory results. 

It is true that the experienced painter will do the work more quickly than you can 
do it, but unless time is an important factor, you can just as well save the extra labor 

Painting and decorating, like everything else, are largely a question of using a little 
common sense. With reasonable care and the necessary tools, there is no reason why 
you cannot produce results that will bo almost up to the professional standard. 

Follow our instructions and you will find painting so easy that you will consider 
it a pleasure. 

The Best Time to Paint 

Always select a dry day. Be sure that the surface to be painted is thoroughly dry 
and free from dirt, grease, or old paint. If paint is applied on a surface that appears 
dry but is water-soaked, it is bound to give you trouble, as tho paint will peel or blister 
when the sun beats against it. Don't attempt to put on paint when the thermometer 
registers below oO degrees, as the paint is likely to thicken, or begin what is com- 
monly known as "crawling." By crawling we mean that the paint will collect in drops 
and not cover the entire surface, leaving many bare spots. Crawling also happens by 
tbo surface being too glossy. Such being the case, bo sure to sandpaper the gloss to a 
flat or smooth surface. 

How to Estimate the Amount of Paint 
You Need 

The following is an example of a house 30 feet wide, 40 feet long, and 20 feet 
high. Front, 30 feet; rear, 30 feet; one side, 40 feet; other side, 40 feet; total, 140 
feet. Tlie total multiplied by height, 20 feet, is 2.S00 square feet; 2,800 divided by 
300 is 9. This shows that approximately 9 gallon of paint is required to cover two 
coats. This rule will vary a trifle owing to the condition of the 
wood. If it lias been painted once, or if the surface is smooth and 
hard, less than the above quantity will do. A slightly greater 
amount will be needed if the building is new, or the lumber has 
never been painted. If such is the case, be sure to shellac all knots, 
and sappy or pitchy spots before putting on the first coat. A slightly 
greater amount will also be needed if the surface is old and porous. 

If a roof is to be painted, the paint will probably differ from 
that on the body of the house; therefore, the measurements should 
be kept separate. If one side of the roof measures 15 feet by 30 
feet, multiply 15 by 30, which will give you 450 square feet for 
the one side of the roof. -Multiply this by two (to get dimensions 
of the two sides of the roof), which will give you 900 square feet. 
Divide tins by 45 0. as it will require one gallon of paint to cover 
about 450 square feet, one coat. 

How to Use the Paint 

Be sure to stir the paint thoroughly. Cut out the entire head of 
the can. Pout off oil into another vessel and stir the balance in 
the can thoroughly, gradually adding the oil until all has been re- 
turned. Then pour it back and forth from one can into another, 
until it is thoroughly mixed. All paints must be stirred from time 
to time while using to prevent the pigment from settling to the bottom. 
When, painting new. surfaces it is always well to mix a Dint to one 
quart of pure boiled linseed oil with a gallon of paint fur the first 
coat. Always be sure to use pure raw linseed oil. It is unnecessary 
for you to use driers if you are sure of getting the pure raw linseed 
oil. When placing your order for paint it is always well for you to 
place aii order for oil at the same time. As we handle only the 
pure oil you will then be sure to get the right material. Do not 
try to use cheap ochres for a first coat, as it is bound to give you 
an inferior job of painting. If you use our paints as per our 
instructions you will have no trouble and will be sure to have a 
good job. On second coat work, let the first coat harden or dry 
from four to five days. Then use the paint just as it conies in 
the can, but be sure to stir it thoroughly and mix it as per our 

You don't nave to be a paint- 
er to do your own painting 

Floor Paints 

The floor must he dry, clean, and free from grease i 
and stains, use turpentine or benzine. Shellac all knots, 
before putting on the first coat. 

nd dirt. To remove grease 
and sappy and pitchy epots 

How to Use Interior Paints for Walls, 
Woodwork, Etc. 

Our Coverall Paint is an excellent paint for all kinds of inside painting. In kitchens, 
where the woodwork or walls are more or less greasy, wash same with a solution of 
salsoda and warm water, using about one-half pound of salsoda to a bucket of water 
together with a little soap. Do not apply paint until the surface is perfectly dry. Our 
four-inch brush No. 3B701 is ideal for this kind of work. 

Flat Wall Paint 

If the wall has been kalsomined it is necessary to wash off with a sponge and warm 
water. Then use our size No. 3BS73S before putting on the first coat of paint. If, 
however, the wall has been painted before, it will not be necessary to use the size. 
Use our Flat Wall Paint described on Page 18. 

For Kalsomiue and Fresco Colors 

Always be sure to remove any previous water coloring or kalsomiue. This can be 
done with a sponge and warm water. A little vinegar or salsoda will help to soften 
tho kalsomiue and do a quicker job. Before putting on fresh kalsomiue. be sure to 
use our Siting No. 3B873S. Be sure that the sizing is perfectly dry before applying 
the kalsomiue or fresco colors. Be sure to mix the kalsoniine or fresco as per the 
directions on tho can or package, or see Page 19 in this book for further directions. 


On new work, where it is desirable to bring out the natural grain of the wood, it 
is necessary to first fill the grain to get a smooth and hard surface upon which to 
apply the varnish. For this purpose we furnish filler in both paste and liquid form. 

Hardwood Paste Filler 

For Open-Grained Woods, Such as Oak and Ash 

Thin our Filler with benzine or turpentine to the consistency of a thin varnish or 
cream, and apply with a brush evenly so as to fill all the pores thoroughly. Let the 
filler stand fifteen or twenty minutes until the gloss disappears; then rub off with a 
cloth, hemp or burlap. Be careful to rub across the grain of the wood. Should the 
filler dry too quickly for your work, add a little raw linseed oil. Wait from eight to 
ten hours after filling, and then shellac and finish as desired. Use our Filler No. 

This Filler settles less and requires less First Coater in finishing than almost any 
other filler yet produced. It makes a very hard, smooth surface, which holds the First 
Coater and varnish up evenly, thus making a fine, durable and economical finish. 

Liquid Wood Filler 

toA-.'r^Sr"™™ 1 "-, for fil V ,1B " le , P0 J es of soft or cl03e grained woods preparatory 
a„„\ ar ", ishl " g - .I 1 I" also used over bard woods after it is treated with paste filler 

hoTffn r ee L-" th i a f brus "' ? nd b ? ush & we " and eve "l)'- A »° w at least twenty four 
ours for drying before sandpapering. For new work, the surface to be coated should 

using ' Sm ° • < " X aUd fre ° fr0m dust ' Stir Liquid Woo<1 Filler thorough^- before 

Use our Filler No. 3D8220. 

How to Use Varnish 

rlMi'i" Tl^ £&&"{ "V" e in PyS*" ls cleanliness. Everything must be thoroughly 
clean' brush. varnished must bo free from dust and dampness. Use a 

licht le a, d PSnti?r,l„" a / r de '" nB °. f v ;K nlsh i 3 more rapid and effectual whore proper 
ngnt and ventilation are present. There should be no draft. The temperature or tho 
room should be about 70 degrees. Select a dry day for your varnishing P 

after ooenin* b thn?^,u h i!!' ?d b y.,"l" >sur ?. set can in warm water. If varnish thickens 
alter opening, thin cautiously with pure turpentine only. 

eveTied'off with 'as ta. b 5 lJl mslled out - ,V ke , paint ' but should be l» id °» <"*>*■ »>"i 
ff possible Finish hv avh?i i, as rp I,osslbl S- , Vs " » fill brush, rubbing it out crosswise, 

§53 n„™ ■ . J - J B " off up and doml the grain, 

a le« ™12 I'i'.T" va "»slil'ifr. our Brush 3B61S is tho ideal one to use. For 

as DiancS 7,1 ,£ in™ , . US0 BlUsh 3 ^ 021 - or sraallGr sizM - For " tra "1° «ork, such 
as pianos, table tops, etc., use our Fitch brush. No. 3B65I. 

vou"are y 'al?n s,'ir„ SU „ P f erior . Vamls >l<*. you are not only sure of good varnishes, but 
IWer^ent wond? ™„Hfr g0 ^ d ,. resl i Us - Brery ca " llears ful1 and complete directions, 
varmsbe, have ,nn?™fi dlfferent treatment, as do also old and new floors. Many 
an. catio, F,,fl PP nr! , tly s0 ' m wron , B ^""se the conditions were not right for their 
i- Full directions are on the con, and it Is well to read them carefully. 

To Varnish New Floors 

All open grained woods, such as oak, ash. walnut, etc., must be 
first filled with hardwood paste filler. Use our No. 3BS210, as 
per directions, listed under Hardwood Paste Filler, see Page 4 
of this book. Allow about two days for the filler to dry; then sand- 
paper with No. 1 sandpaper, and dust thoroughly. You are then 
ready for the varnish. 

Apply at least two coats of varnish, and allow two days between 
coats for drying. Before applying the last coat, the surface should 
bo rubbed lightly with steel wool or sandpaper, to kill the gloss 
and allow the last coat to "take hold" better. 

To Varnish Old Floors 

Revarnishing over old varnish should not be done unless the 
door is in good condition, and is not scaling or chipping off. If 
floor is in good condition, fill all cracks and crevices with Crack 
and Crevice Filler, No. 3B822S. Sandpaper the surface smoothly, 
clean thoroughly, then proceed with the varnish. 

If floor is not in good condition, the old varnish should be removed 
with Paint and Varnish Remover, No. 3B7799. Then clean the 
surface thoroughly with a cloth and benzine; sandpaper well, and 
refinish as in new work. 

Do not varnish over wax. For floors that have been waxed it is 
necessary to remove every particle of wax before applying the varnish. 
This can be done by using steel wool and turpentine. 

To Varnish Close-Grained 

Pine, maple, etc., require no filler of any kind. Simply apply three coats of varnish 
direct to the wood. Thin the first coat with a little turpentine. Use from one-half pint to 
one pint of turpentine to one gallon of varnish. Follow with second coat, and after 
allowing plenty of time for drying (in most cases two days), sandpaper lightly, and 
apply last or finishing coat just as the varnish comes in the can. Brush out well and 

Never use shellac or liquid filler of any kind for undercoat on floors to be finished 
with varnish. Simply apply the varnish direct to the wood, except in case of hard 
and open grain woods, such as oak, ash, walnut, etc., which should first be filled with 
hardwood paste filler, as previously stated. 

For a Rubbed Finish 

When the last coat of varnish is thoroughly dry and hardened, the rubbing is done 
with rubbing felt and fine pumice stone. Dip the rubbing felt lightly in water, or raw 
linseed oil, and then dip tho moist felt in the pumice stone and rub the surface up and 
down wth the grain of tho wood. A smoother dull-rubbed finish can be obtained 
by using the oil. 

Rotten stone is use for polishing varnished surfaces, after being rubbed down with 
pumice stone. Dip a piece of cloth or felt into raw oil or water, then into the rotten 
stone, and rub the surface to a polish. Finish by rubbing off all the oil and powdered 
stone that may be left on the surface, using a soft flannel cloth. 

You can save time and procure a good job by using our Rubbed Finish Varnish 
No. 3BSG58. 

How to Remove Old Paint and Varnish 

On woodwork and furniture where the old finish is in very bad condition it la best 
to remove the old paint or varnish to get a smooth surface, and thus obtain a good 
job of refinishing. 

For Removing 

Paint, Varnish, Enamel, Shellac, Wax, etc., from Wood, Metal, Glass or other iurfaces 
Apply our Paint and Varnish remover No. 3B7799 freely with a glue-set brush 
After allowing it to stand for about five minutes remove the softened old coating with 
a dull knife or painter's scraper. Use a stiff brush for carvings or mouldings For 
very old or many-coated work, apply a second coat of tho Remover and treat in the 
same way. Then clean the surface with a rag, or piece of wasto dipped in the Remover 
or benzine. 

Do not use near the fire or exposed light or lamp. 

Refinishing Old Woodwork 
or Furniture 

To change the finish on any woodwork or furniture, whether it needs refinishine or 
you simply want to apply a finish to harmonize with other furniture or decorations, 
colored varnish or varnish stains are remarkably good because the cost is low. Th«y are 
easy to apply (anyone can do the woiS) and the results are most gratifying 





How to Paint and Varnish 

(Continued from Page 7) 


This finish stands at the head, not only for refinishing, but also 
for new work, whether it be woodwork or furniture. 

For new floors or woodwork, if the wood is open-grained like 
oak or ash, fill first with our Paste Filler; then, after allowing 2-t 
hours to dry, apply two coats of "Co-Var-Finish," any 'color you 
wish. But if you wish to retain the natural color of the wood, 
use "natural" Co-Var-Finish. Be sure to allow at least 48 hours 
between coats, dose-grained woods like maple, cherry, birch or 
mahogany require no filler. Just apply the two coats of Co-Var- 
Finish as above explained. 

For old floors or woodwork, if in fairly good condition, touch 
up the bare spots, then apply the Co-Var-Finish. If in bad con- 
dition, or discolored, or if you wish to apply a lighter color, 
apply first a coat of Co-Var-Finish "ground color;" then apply 
the desired color of Co-Var-Finish. For finishing furniture, see 
that the surface is 'clean and dry, then sandpaper all rough spots. 
If some pla'ces are badly worn, touch up those places first, then 
apply Co-Var-Finish. 

Varnish Stains 

In every instance, first see that the surface to be fin- 
ished is smooth, clean, dry, and free from dust. 

On new work, if the wood is open-grained, such as oak 
or ash treat first with our Paste Filler. After allowing 
3G hours to dry, sandpaper lightly and give two coats or 
Varnish Stain, allowing 30 hours between coats for drying. 
On close-grained woods, such as hard pine, maple and 
cherry, omit the paste filler, but it is wise to apply a 
coat of our Liquid Wood Filler instead. 

On old work, if the surface is in fairly good condition, 
touch up the bare spots with Varnish Stain, and after dry 
apply a coat of Varnish Stain. However, if the surface is in 
bad condition, it is best to remove the old finish by the aid 
of our Print and Varnish Remover. Then sandpaper smooth 
and apply two coats of Varnish Stain the same as for new 
work. If the finish you wish to apply is lighter than the 
finish now on the article to be finished, it is necessary then 
to anply a coat of "Ground Color" Varnish Stain, to obtain 
a lighter foundation. Then apply the desired color of Varnish 
Stain allowing plenty of time between coats for drying. 
Use a varnish brush, and flow on smoothly and evenly 
as in varnishing. 

How to Do Graining 

On woodwork or furniture that has been previously paiidcd. 
and an imitation of grain of wood is desired, this can oe 
very easily accomplished by the aid of our handy graining 
tools. For these tools, refer to Page 25 of this book. 

To grain, apply first a coat of "Ground Color ' Co-Var- 
Finish, after seeing that the surface to be grained is sanded 
smooth. Or if the surface is very rough, it would be best 
to remove the paint or varnish with our Paint and varnish 
ltemover. The ground color then completely covers the old 
finish and makes the necessary foundation for graining. ,.,,,., „j 

One coat of ground color is usually sufficient, but if still rough, it is best to sand- 
paper tills down until smooth and apply a second coat of ground color. Each coat 
should dry over night before the next coat is applied. 

Now put on a coat of Graining Compound to give color for the graining, being par- 
ticular to spread on very thin and brush out smoothly and evenly, covering only a 
small surface at a time. As Graining Compound is quick drying, the graining tools 
must be used before the compound begins to dry. Apply Graining Compound with a 
brush that has not previously been used in varnish, paint, or any preparation con- 
taining turpentine or oil. 

After allowing one hour for the graining to dry, apply "natural" Co-Var-Finish to 
obtain a gloss finish. For noors it is best to apply two coats of "natural," allowing 
sufficient time between these two coats for drying. 

If you have never tried to do any graining before, it is wise to practice a little by 
first graining a small panel, to try out the graining tools a few times before starting 
the wS. By following the directions carefully you will be sure to get satisfactory results. 

Stucco* Concrete, and Cement Coating 

For coating and damp-proofing cement, brick or masonry surfaces, use our Concrete 
and Cement Coating. It comes in the package, ready for general use. If thinning is 
required, reduce with pure turpentine only. 

Bo sure to stir the paint thoroughly before using. The paint should also be stirred 
occasionally while being used. Keep covered when not in use. 

See that the surface is dry. clean, 
moved, which can be done with 
brush like ordinary paint. 

Two coats are required on all now work, and in most cases on old work, especially 
where protect on against dampness and discoloration is desired. The first coat should 
be brusl ed well into the pores of the surface freely enough to J'V, 'K^e slond 
nressions Not le=s than 3 davs must be allowed for drying before. applying the second 
cotfTto applying the I second coat, paint should not be reduced: it should [be i appjtaJ 
just as it conies in the can after thoroughly stirring, and brushed out to an even, 
uniform coating. 

Any of the shades can bo made lighter by the addition of our white Concrete and 
Cement Coating. 

Screen Paint 

RMr thnrmitjhlv hpfnre usine Have the surface to be coated clean and free from 
dust ^ AppIs e B "nly ami freVly! If the paint is too thick, thin with a little turpentine. 

Automobile, Carriage, Wagon, 
and Implement Paint 

The surface to be painted should be dry. clean, and free from grease and dust. If 
there are any grease spots be sure to cleanse them with benzine or turpentine. It is 
always well to put a coat of shellac on any parts that are likely to be greasy. It s 
not necessary to remove all of the paint on a job of this kind. All that is necessary is 
to thoroughly sandpaper or use steel wool for rubbing down the body parts to a smooth 
finish. For Carriages and Automobiles use our Paint No. 3B7S12 with further di- 
rections on can. For Wagon and Implement paint use our Paint iNo. 3B7S18, with 
full directions on the can. 

How to Enamel 

To do a first-class job of white enameling, use our Towerlite 
White Enamel. 

New Woodwork — The surface to be finished must be clean, dry 
and sandpapered smoothly. All cracks or imperfections should be 
filled with putty or paste filler and all knots should be coated 
with white shellac. Apply two coats of Coverall House Paint, 
No. 10y 2 flat white, allowing 24 hours between coats for drying. 
This will give you an even, solid and perfectly white foundation 
to work on. After the second coat is thoroughly dry, sandpaper 
lightly with 00 sandpaper, after which you are ready for the 
Towerlite finish. Use a fine bristle full body varnish brush for 
this work. In applying the first coat of Towerlite, brush out 
carefully, well and evenly. Allow at least 48 hours for drying. 
Sandpaper lightly with 00 sandpaper, then apply the second coat, 
which should be flowed on and worked out freely and evenly. 

New Plastered Walls— Walls must lie hard and dry before they are finished. All 
cracks and holts should he filled with plaster paris. Apply one coat of our Fresco Wall 
Size This should he applied thinly, evenly and well brushed in. After allowing 24 
hours to dry, finish as above specified for new woodwork, except that one coat of the 
flat white will suffice in most cases. 

Old Work — The surface to be enameled should bo dry, 
clean, free from grea?e and dirt, and sandpapered smoothly. 
If the old paint is in poor condition, cracking or peeling, 
it should be removed. After the surface to be enameled 
is in proper condition, proceed as above outlined on new 
work. The number of coats to be applied will depend 
entirely upon the condition of the surface. Where refinish- 
ing over an old surface previously finished in white or some 
light shade, one coat of "flat white," No. lOU, and two 
"coats of Towerlite will usually suffice. 

Remove the entire top of can and stir the paint thoroughly. 
Stir with a flat paddle, from the bottom up, until the paint 
is smooth and of an even consistency. 

Light and good circulation of air are necessary for the dry- 
ing of high grade enamel. Enamel must not be brushed out 
like ordinary paint, but instead should be flowed on and 
worked out smoothly and evenly, which can be done suc- 
cessfully only with a fine bristle, full body varnish brush. 
Enamel, if left exposed, is liable to become heavy and work 
hard. This can be remedied by the addition of a littls 
turpentine. Too much turpentine will destroy the gloss. Un- 
der no other circumstances dilute or add anything to 

Liquid Enamel 

Doing the work yourself is easy 
with our plain instructions 

and loose particles of sand, lime or cement re- 
wire brush. Apply with a four or five-inch paint 

The surface to be enameled should be dry, clean and free 
from grease and dirt, and samlpapered smoothly. To re- 
move grease and stains, use turpentine or benzine. Be 
sure to stir the paint thoroughly. Cut out the entire top 
of can and stir with a flat paddle until the paint is smooth, 
and of an even consistency. Enamel, if left exposed, is 
liable to become heavy and work hard. This can be rem- 
edied by the addition of a little turpentine. Too much 
turpentine will destroy the gloss. 
Where a very fine finish is desired, the under coat should be lightly sandpapered 

with a fine sandpaper before applying the finishing coat. 

Where White, Ivory and similar light shades in liquid enamel are used on new 

surface, or on a surface that has been previously painted with some darker shade, the 

best results can be obtained by first applying one or two coats of our No. lO 1 ^ Inside 

Flat White Coverall House Paint. 

Bath Tub Enamel 

Stir thoroughly. Have the surface to be coated clean, smooth, DRY, and free from 
dust. Apply evenly and freely — brushing out very thoroughly. 

Use an Oval Varnish Brush if possible. One coat will usually be sufficient. If a 
higher finish is desired apply two coats, allowing first coat to dry hard before apply- 
ing the second coat. 

For First Coat Work add at least 1 per cent] of turpentine to the Enamel. 

If too heavy, thin only with turpentine. 

Radiator Enamels 

Radiator should be painted with one coat of flat paint (free from oil) and one or 
two coats of Enamel. Stir Enamel thoroughly and apply with an ordinary flat bristle 
varnish brush. If it thickens, add a little turpentine — too much will sill the lustre. 
Be sure to remove all oil or grease from surface of radiator before applying or Enamel 
will peel off. Do not flow it on too heavily — two thin coats are far better than one 
thick coat. One gallon will cover about two hundred and fifty square feet of surface. 

How to Care for Brushes 

After you have finished using a brush, wash it out carefully with benzine. To 
keep a paint brush from getting hard put it in lard and when ready to use, wash 
it out with turpentine or soap and water. In this way you can keep a brush in good 
condition for several years. ... , , 

Whitewash and Kalsomine Brushes should be thoroughly washed m water and hung 
up to dry, otherwise the lime and dampness will rot the bristles in a very short time. 

Our Paint Service Department 

If you contemplate painting or decorating of any sort, many questions will doubtless 
present themselves, and some of them may be hard for you to answer. 

You may. perhaps, be in doubt as to the amount of paint required to cover jour 
house, your barn, or your outbuilding. You may not know what color w-all finish or 
kalsomiiio will harmonize best with the interior decoration of your homo. "J ou mas not 
to sure which varnish, polish, or stain is best adapted to meet your PwUouUr need 
All these and many other similar problems are likely to confront you lot .our paint 
exports help you solve them. They are men of wide experience in the paint business, ana 
well nualified to Rive you any information you desire. . ,.,„„ 

Just tell us your paint and varnish troubles, and we will gladly in getting 

%ftus 'any question about anything concerning wM-h you are in doubt. Wo will gWe 
you all the help we can. This service is absolutely free. It is yours lor tne 
asking. We hope you will take advantage of it. 


-» -~ . ...tot TVU TUT I HTfCT 



Many people still believe that if they purchase white lead 
and mix it themselves with linseed oil they are then getting 
the very best white paint for exterior painting. Then, for 
colors they simply add colors ground in oil to secure the 
(lcsncd shade. It is true that zinc oxide combined with white 
Wita a better paint, as the zinc adds strength and gloss 
to the paint film, and thus greatly increases its weather- 

1 ' e it t is g an ,a abso e h;te fact, however, that the greatest paint 
chemists, as well as the most reliable paint manufacturers, 
have found through exhaustive tests that by adding proper 
pigments to the lead and linseed oil they can obtain greater 
aurability and far better covering capacity But, to get these 
results, these ingredients must be very finely ground and 
thoroughly mixed by powerful machinery. 

Then, too, in buying paint ingredients m the open market 
von have no assurance that you are getting the pure article. 
But when you buy your paint from us, we protect you against 
fraudulent* adulterations and substitutions, for we test, m 
our extensive laboratory, everything that goes into the making 
of our paints. _ . . . 

With our powerful and latest improved paint machinery, we 
not only make better paint than it is possible to make by N _ w t E t» SE yJ 
hand, biit cheaper, th ereby saving you money. ZINC OXID B 













Our paint chemist accepts sub- 
limed white lead because of its 
superiority. In tests, it has 
shown that it will not become 
affected by hydrogen sulphide 
gas, which is plentiful in smoke, 
sewer gas, and in decaying 
animal or vegetable matter. It has 
no chemical action on the oil, and 
therefore does not shorten the life 
of the paint. The fineness of sub- 
limed white lead enables it to be 
mixed more easily and prevents 
caking in cans. It is non-poison- 

He accepts XX New Jersey zinc 
oxide because it is the best known 
material that will perform its 
functions. It is free from im- 
purity, is not poisonous, and builds 
up life of the paint. 

He accepts linseed oil because it 
forms a skin which holds the pig- 
ments together, thus assuring a 
smooth and lasting surface. Also, 
the pure material is better able to 
perform its functions than any 


He rejects corroded white lead 
because it will not perform the 
duties that are dependent upon it. 
It will turn black when it comes 
in contact with hydrogen sulphide 
gas. It acts upon the oil, which is 
the life of the paint, thereby de- 
stroying the full value of the 
paint. Because of the acid in cor- 
roded white lead, it has an effect 
upon the tinting 'colors, causing 
them to change. Lastly, it is of a 
poisonous nature. 

He rejects other brands of zinc 
oxide because of their impurities. 
They have not been perfected as 
yet. They are poisonous, and tend 
to take away the life and hiding 
capacity of paint. 

He rejects adulterated oils or 
gloss oils because they contain 
resinous compounds. They become 
affected by heat, do not hold the 
pigments together, and lessen the 
covering eapa'city. 

We recommend our ready-mixed paint to you because it is the best 
for the purpose. We are very careful about what we recommend be- 
cause of our broad guarantee, which insures "Satisfaction to you." 
Why take chances on paint, varnish, or any material that is in a sealed 
can and that you know nothing about, when we make you so broad a 
guarantee which you know means just what it says? The reason we 
can sell such good paint at prices so extremely low is that in buying 
paint from us you are getting the paint direct from the factoiy to you, 
with only a very small profit added— much less than almost any one 
else could do business on. Therefore it must be plain that when we 
sell you a paint at 98c it would usually cost you about $1.50 or more. 









You wish your house to appear at its best, and to favorably 
impress everyone — its appearance to be attractive and pleasing. 

It is, therefore, wise for you to select paint that will produce 
this effect — with shades that are attractive — so that at first sight 
the house may win the admiration of the passerby — tints that har- 
monize and prove to be more pleasing the longer the house and 
surroundings are studied — colors that will wear well for several 

As your house is attractive and pleasing, so the real monetary 
value is increased. Add to the value of your house, as well as its 
beauty, by painting with Coverall House Paint. 

The value of a building is thus often increased out of all pro- 
portion to the amount spent for paint and labor. Did you ever 
notice how hard it is to find a buyer for a house that is in need of 
a coat of paint? 

It costs but little to 
paint a building with two 
coats of Coverall Paint- 
so little that you will be 
surprised. See what a 
small amount of money is 
required to paint the 
houses shown on the back 
cover of this book. 

It is the surface cover- 
ing qualities, as well as 
the great durability of 
Coverall House Paint, that 
makes it so desirable, and 
such a big seller with us. 

The low price at which 
we are able to furnish this 
high class paint makes it 
possible for everyone to 
keep his house looking 


Thus your building 
painted with Coverall is 
thoroughly protected 
against decay. Coverall is 
the best protection you 
can put on your property. 

The name, Montgomery Ward & Company, on a sealed can is 
everywhere an accepted guarantee of quality. 

Good paint costs nothing, because it saves more than it costs. 

An unpainted building, or one painted with inferior paint that 
fades, chalks or peels off, does not speak well for the owner. If he 
can afford to paint, and don't know that it will pay him, it is our 
duty to show him that money so spent is 
a very profitable investment. 

Paint investment is the greatest property 
insurance on the farm— greater than fire or 
tornado insurance. 

Paint is obtainable in three forms— dry 
pigment, paste colors, and prepared or 
ready mixed paint. All paint was formerly 
prepared by the painter, who would tedi- 
ously grind the dry pigment in oil, then 
laboriously mix that product with more oil, 
then add turpentine and dryers. 

At a later date painters found it more 
profitable, and much more satisfactory, to 
allow the manufacturer to grind this dry 
pigment in oil by machinery. Some of the 
painters in those days fought hard against 
what they termed the "new fangled idea;" 
but who would now think of spending hours 
in grinding dry pigment in oil to produce a 
lew gallons of paint? 

VvtrXm Size of House, 20x38. Height, to eaves, 17% feet. 

BODY — 7 gallons of Coverall House Paint. 
TRIMMING— No. II. Outside Gloss White. 


ROOF — If treated with 5 gallons Ward's Heavy Roof Taint, S3. 55 extra 
This Home is No. 100. For Plans get our free "Book of Homes." 


Guaranteed Paint 
Read ij for Use- 

No. 18 GREEN j l 

Kon^omenjWardS 1 


Today the same ideas prevail against scientifically machine-made 
paint — commonly called ready-mixed paint. 

If you have ever tried to mix paints, you know that you can 
make better paint by stirring the ingredients for a half hour than 
for only fifteen minutes — and better still, if stirred for an hour. 
But a paint machine will, in only a few minutes, mix many times 
the amount of paint more efficiently than a man working a whole 
day on a few gallons. Then, hand-mixed paints cannot be made to 
the exact tint, because tinting colors vary in strength. With pre- 
pared paints it is possible to have exact uniformity. 

Not only is the composition of paint an important matter — the 
method is of equal importance. 

For illustration: If we mix together zinc oxide, white lead, and 
barytes, adding the zinc to the lead and the barytes, a uniform 
mixture will not result. But if the lead and barytes are added to 
the zinc, perfect results are obtained. Then, it is a serious matter 

as to the quality of the 
dryer — the quantity to be 
used varies with the qual- 

An extensive laboratory, 
under the charge of ex- 
perts, is necessary for per- 
fect results. 

Long experience has 
taught us just what in- 
gredients produce the best 
and most economical paint. 
Hand-mixed paint is hu- 
man labor with just good 
luek added, if anywhere 
near a fair paint mixture 

For manufacturing pre- 
pared paint we have the 
most modern machinery, 
which does the work bet- 
ter and at a much lower 
cost. Furthermore, the 
work is directed by skilled 
paint chemists, so that, 
with a given formula, ex- 
actly the same result is 
obtained each time. 

When a formula is 
proven by test and experi- 
ence to be superior, it is 
very important that it be duplicated exactly. The expert paint 
manufacturer only can accomplish such duplication. 

By the adoption of machinery we have better and longer wearing 
paint at less cost, so much less cost that our guaranteed paint is 
within the reach of people of modest means. Today an unpainted 
building is a reproach to the owner. 

One of our power mixers will, in about ten minutes, thoroughly 
mix a thousand gallons of white liquid paint 
with lamp-black, and produce a uniform 
gray tint. To obtain by hand a uniform 
tint in one gallon of these materials would 
take hours of constant stirring. The cost 
of hand labor ranges from 15c to 40c per 

A great point in favor of the paint in 
ready-mixed form is that the materials 
would be run through the mill together and 
would undoubtedly be more uniform than if 
the small consumer prepared his own mix- 
ture, while also in the latter case there 
would be greater liability to poor results, 
due to excess of Japan. 

Machine-made paint is ground so fine and 
so thoroughly that hand-prepared paint is 
no comparison. 

Why then mix the paint yourself? You 
tannot mix it to the proper spreading con- 
sistency. You know exactly what you are 
getting when you buy guaranteed paint 
made by Montgomery Ward & Co. 

For Colors See Page 13 

1 ^h gallons of Coverall House Paint . 

■ S7.69 
. 1.73 




For Outside or Inside Use 

For outside use on wood, brick, concrete, or metal build- 
ings of all kinds. May be used by any one— any place— 
anywhere. Coverall Paint will outwear many higher 
priced paints on the market; it will cover more surface 
and finish with a better gloss. When you buy this paint 
you have the assurance that it will give you the service 
you have a right to expect— qualities which are found 
only in good paint. The contents of every can of 
Coverall are uniform — made strictly in accordance with 
formulas that we know are correct, formulas that science and the 
test of time have proven correct. We can safely guarantee every 
can of Coverall. 

For inside use it is splendidly adapted to walls, ceilings, floors, 
woodwork, cupboards, and 

Four Points to Consider in Selecting Paints 

The cost of any article involves other facts than its 
bare price. Paint is no exception to this general rule. 
In selecting paint there are four distinct points to be 
considered : 

1st. The Cost per Gallon. 

The fact that another paint is being offered you at, say double 
our price, does not mean it has double value. The difference in 
price is due to the fact that our paint goes to you direct from the 
factory, with but one small profit added to the very first cost. 

2d. The Quantity Required to Cover a Given Surface. 

There we are back to the point covered by the paragraph in first 
column under the heading, "Covering Capacity Guaranteed." Read 
it very carefully. 

3d. Its Durability. 


«J»iJ«01 si zc of House. 25 1 ,<;>c31. Height, to eaves, 17 fc* 

BODY — 5 Gallons of Coverall House Paint. 

Upper Story, 3 Gallons Superior Shingle Stain h-tS 

TRIMMING— No. I I, Outside White, lhi Gallons of Coverall House Paint 1.7d 

furniture. It dries with 
a fine, smooth gloss. 
You will be pleased with 
it. Experience is not nec- 
essary to apply Coverall 
Paint. It is ready mixed, 
being thoroughly ground, 
so that it spreads very 
easily. By old methods it 
was necessary to have the 
experience of an expert 
painter to prepare the 
paint to proper consist- 
ency; but Coverall is so 
carefully prepared that 
any one following the 
simple directions on each 
can will do a first-class 
job of painting. Coverall 
is always ready to be ap- 
plied. You can do your 
own painting in spare 
time, thus saving the cost 
of labor. 


When you buy your 
paint, look to the covering 
qualities also. Don't buy 
simply by the gallon; buy 
by the square feet to the 

Why does a gallon of Coverall cover such a large area as 250 
to 350 square feet to the gallon? Now you are getting down to 
the secret. Coverall, like all our paints, is made in our own 
factory, which is, in reality, a great big laboratory under the 
constant direction of expert paint chemists. The ingredients 
that go into our paints are crushed and ground between power- 
ful mill stones to minute particles — 
ground in oil, so that they are more than 
coated with oil. It's the .proper combina- 
tion of a proven formula that determines 
the covering qualities. 

But other necessary qualities of a good 
paint are not overlooked or sacrificed to 
secure lower cost or greater covering ca- 
pacity. Coverall possesses that brilliant 
luster that attracts the attention of every- 
one — then the color is uniform. 

Coverall is a paint made for SERVICE 
— the very best, we believe, that can be 
made. Each can is guaranteed to be ex- 
actly as represented. Should Coverall paint 
fail to cover 250 to 350 square feet, two 
full coats per gallon — should this paint 
crack, blister or peel off — or should it fail 
in any way to give you the service you ex- 
pect of it, we will furnish new paint free. 

. . S5.45 


ROOF— if treated with' fi" Gallons 'superior Shingle Stain. 83.35 extra. 
This Home is No. 1 22. For plans get our free "Book of Homes. 

The Guarantee Behind the Paint 

1. We guarantee that even" article sold will be as 
illustrated and described in our Catalogue; will arrive 
In good condition; will serve its intended purpose; and 
will be satisfactory to you. 

Yon may always exchange for other articles or have 
your money back, including, in either ease, the trans- 
portation charges which you have paid. 

2. We guarantee that Coverall Paint Is made of 
high grade ingredients, contains nothing injurious, and 
will produce a gloss finish that will afford perfect pro- 
tection to the surface on which it is applied. 

3. We guarantee that Coverall Paint will cover from 
250 to 350 square feet of surface, two full coats, un- 
der fair conditions. 

4* That Coverall Paint will not crack, blister, or 
peel off, when properly applied. 

5. We agree to furnish new paint free should Cov- 
erall Paint fail to come up to this guarantee, or should 
it fail in any way to give yon the service yon have a 
right to expect. 

G. It Is our desire to make trading with us so easy, 
so profitable, ami so satisfactory, that you will bo 
pleased not only with the goods received, but also with 
our service and our entire method of dealing. 


Not just how long will 
it last, but how long will 
it look well. If the paint 
wears well, but fades, you 
will have to repaint in a 
short time, or be ashamed 
of the appearance of the 
building. It means a de- 
preciation in the value of 
your property as well. 
Appearance goes a long 
way witli most people. 

4th. Will It Wear? 

In other words, will it 
wear down smoothly, so 
that a good surface will be 
left for another coat, after 
a nuriiber of years? If 
the paint wears up rough, 
the cost to smooth down 
when repainting time 
comes will be 'considerable. 

Remember: Coverall 
House Paint is not a 
cheap composition paint, 
even though the price is 
low. We give you the ad- 
vantage of a low cost se- 
cure d by the use of 
thoroughly modern ma- 
chinery and selling meth- 
ods. There is no chance for 

1 variation in the quality or 

color of Coverall House Paint. We have facilities that enable us to 
furnish you with the best quality at a price lower than you can 
possibly' prepare the paint yourself. Furthermore, you have the 
protection of our expert paint chemist, who is constantly on 
the job to see that no ingredient enters into the making of any 
paint upon which we permit our label to appear. 

In selecting colors for your house, you 
should take special care to choose such 
shades as will harmonize with your neigh- 
bors' buildings, and yet not be the same 
color. Remember, too, that light shades 
lend prominence to a building. If there 
are many trees and shrubbery that tend 
to hide the house, the lighter colors will 
make it stand out more clearly. Then, too, 
you should consider the style of architec- 
ture of your house and the surroundings. 
If your home is a cottage, the lighter 
shades are always best; but if you have a 
large and stately residence it is best to use 
the medium or darker shades. When us- 
ing more than one color for the body, do 
not apply a darker color above a lighter 
one. A dark color always creates the im- 
pression of something strong and solid, 
hence it should be placed below a lighter 

For Colors See Page 13 

• S9-34 





PAINT 2^y 98c 

A Gallon 
in Barrels 

about 7 gallons. Add, for Cornices, Gables, Porches, etc., 1 gallon- 
total, 8 gallons of paint required. ' 

This rule will vary a trifle, owing to the condition of wood If it 
has been painted once, or if the surface is smooth and hard less 
than the above quantity will do. If the building is new and the 
lumber has never been painted, or the surface is old and porous 
a slightly greater amount will be needed. ' 

On new buildings, where 3 coats are applied, use one to two 
quarts of pure raw Linseed Oil to each gallon of paint for the 
primer. Where only two coats are applied, use from a pint to a 
quart of pure raw Linseed Oil, according to the shade used Old 
work, that has not been painted for a long time, should be treated 
same as new work described above, but when two coats are applied 
use quart of pure raw Linseed Oil to each gallon of paint for first 
coat 011I3'. 

If you do not care to do your own figuring, send us the dimen- 
sions and particulars about the buildings you contemplate paint- 
ing—the condition of surface, when painted last, etc.— and our 
Service Department will figure it out for you and tell you how 
much paint you will need and just what it will cost you to do a 
good job. 

3B7711 — 1 quart cans. Weight, about 5 pounds $0 33 

3B7710 — y 2 gallon cans. Weight, about 10 pounds .'.'.'.'. .61 

3B7709 — 1 gallon cans. Weight, about 15 pounds. Per gal 112 

3BP7712— 3 gallon cans. Weight, about 45 lbs. Per gal 109 

3BP7713— 5 gallon cans. Weight, about 75 lbs. Per gal 109 

3BM7714— 25 gallons (% bbl.). Weight, about 375 lbs. Per gal l'o2 
3BM7715— 50 gaUons (1 bbl.). Weight, about 750 lbs. Per gal.' .98 
For 40 Shades and Colors See Opposite Page 

The Best Guaranteed 
Barn Paint 

Also Well Adapted for Use 

on Fences, Sheds, Roofs, 

and Other Purposes 

Our price is as low as really 
good, reliable barn paint can be 
sold for. The real economy in 
barn painting is not in buying 
cheap paint, but in buying good 
paint at reasonable prices. 
Bear in mind that it costs ex- 
actly as much to apply cheap 
paint as it does good paint, 
and the cost of application rep- 
resents fully two-thirds of 
your total painting expense. 

In buying paint, the big point then to consider is, not the initial 'cost 
per gallon, but rather the 'covering capacity of each gallon, the 
wearing qualities, and what will be the condition of the surface 
when ready for repainting. In other words, you should buy paint 
service rather than paint material. 

A gallon of cheap paint will cover approximately 200 square feet, 
2 coats. Our Coverall Barn Paint will cover 300 square feet, 2 
coats, under fair conditions. This difference in covering capacity is 
the result of pure materials, fine grinding and thorough mixing. 

Our Low Price Does Not Mean An Inferior Paint 

No one can offer for the price a better barn paint than Coverall. 
No one can offer you a reliable barn paint for less money. 

The covering capacity, united with its enduring and preserving 
qualities, makes it one of the best paints it is possible to produce 
for the purpose, likewise the most economical. Protect your barns, 
outbuildings, fences and roofs against decay at 
a low expense. Use it on metal or shingle 
roofs, gutters, tanks, drain pipes, cornices, and 
windmills. One gallon will cover approximately 
300 square feet, two coats. When one coat only 
is applied, use Coverall Barn Paint just as it 
comes in the can. For a two-coat job on a new 
building or one in much need of paint, add for 
the first coat from a quart to a half gallon Raw 
Linseed Oil to each gallon of paint. Made in 
the six colors shown on opposite page. Weight, 
per gallon, about 15 lbs. State color wanted. 

3B7720— 1 Gallon Can $0.81 

3BP7721— 3 Gallon Can. Per gallon 78 

3BP7722— 5 Gallon Can. Per gallon 76 

3BP7723— y 2 Bbl. (25 gal.). Per gallon.. .70 
3BM7724— 1 Bbl. (50 gal.). Per gallon. . . .66 
For colors — see opposite page. 




IN 40 COLORS SHOWN BELOW {±° N °-, ? ™*°*- N °- "*■«*» G '°« white No . p/ 2 

__^_^__^_^^__^^^_^^^^^___^^_^^^^__ Inside Hat White, and No. 11 Outside Gloss White 

Suitable Trimming Colors Shown at the Right of Each Color 


49 Pink Tint For Inside Use 

42 Blind Green 

14 Dark Tan 

52 Deep Blue 

Inside Use and Porch Ceilings 



Also this Paint is well adapted for use on 


157 Red 

155 Prince's Mineral 

156 Roof Green 

160 Lead Color 







Do You Want the Very Best? 

You tean make sure of getting the best if you buy a brand of 
known quality, a brand that is pure paint all the way through. 
You are sure of both quality and low cost, and doubly sure of the 
lasting qualities, if you buy paint that is backed by the broad 
guarantee of Montgomery Ward & Co. 

The best is always the cheapest; especially is this true when it 
comes to paint. The cost of spreading cheap paint is no less than 
applying Tower Brand. But if you have to repaint your building 
three times during the life of one coat of Tower Brand on another 
building, how much do you save by purchasing cheap paint? On 
the cost of paint alone you have saved nothing — on labor you have 
lost much. 

Tower Brand Paint is unexcelled in service, in beauty of finish, 
and in covering capacity — three prime requisites of a good paint. 

Service — that is what Tower Brand will give you. It will stay 
on your building for years before it shows wear, and when new 
painting is necessary the surface will be as good as when the paint 
was first applied. 

Poor paint will, in a few months, begin to fade, chip, peel, blister, 
or crack. Your building is then an eyesore to the community; 
your work will be lost; you will have to go to the expense of an- 
other coat of paint — but even then you cannot get the very best 
results with the best paint, because the poor paint has left the 
surface rough. Had a good paint like Tower Brand been used, the 
finish on your building would be a thing of beauty for several years. 

Tower Brand 100 per cent 
Pure Paint 

Every gallon of Tower Brand is absolutely 100 per cent pure and 
uniform, and of the very highest grade that can be produced. If a 
better paint could be made, we would make it. We make our own 
paint, using the latest and most approved machinery. We have our 
own laboratory, where skilled chemists are constantly at work 
keeping up our high standard of quality. 

We have complete confidence in Tower Brand Paint, because 
everything in the paint is pure. We add no "fillers" of any kind — 
the only things that go into Tower Brand are the ingredients actu- 
ally needed to make a perfect paint. 

Just think what it is worth to you to know that you are getting 
the best. That is the confidence you can enjoy when buying of 
Montgomery Ward & Co. 

When you buy a gallon of Tower Brand, you are getting a full 
U. S. gallon of 100 per cent pure paint — paint all the way through. 
The formula is all printed on the label of every can, and the con- 
tents subject to inspection. We dare not misrepresent, nor do we 
wish to do so. 

Beyond all doubt, Tower Brand is the biggest paint value offered 
today. It is endorsed by thousands upon thousands of users. 

Tower Brand is made under a formula that eliminates paint 
faults — a formula which science and the test of time have proven 
to be correct. Ea'ch ingredient is chosen to perform a definite func- 
tion. Sublimed White Lead and Zinc Oxide (the pigments in Tower 
Brand Paint) are pure products — that is, minute particles collected 

from the fumes of melted ore. We use sublimed white lead because 
its physical structure makes it the most staple of all white leads. 
It is very opaque, is uniform in composition, extremely fine in 
texture, and has no destructive effect on the paint vehicle. It dif- 
fers from ordinary white lead— being non-poisonous— and resists 
the blackening action of the sulphur compound (contained in sewer 
gases and fuel gases) to a much greater degree. Like all other 
white leads, however, it in itself does not possess all the physical 
properties necessary for paint requirements. When combined and 
finely ground in equal parts with zinc oxide, all deficiencies are 
overcome. The value of the ono is enhanced by the addition of 
the other. 

Then the zinc oxide, combined with white lead in the proper pro- 
portions, adds strength and gloss to the paint film, and greatly 
increases its weather-resisting qualities. 

A prominent manufacturer of white lead, when asked if he would 
use straight lead or a combination on his own house, replied that 
he would add a percentage of zinc, but would not advertise the fact. 
This manufacturer's experiences taught him that two white pig- 
ments in proper combination are better than one alone. 

The linseed oil is the life of the paint, but only pure oil is effi- 
cient. The pure gum turpentine makes Tower Brand Paint spread 
easily, and the Japan dryer makes it dry quickly and evenly. 

All materials used in making Tower Brand Paint are carefully 
selected and tested by skilled experts. Each material must test 
out 100 per cent pure. 

This great care is taken for your protection. 



Strongest Paint Guarantee 
Ever Made 

We put our -word on the paint question in the form of the 
strongest paint guarantee that we believe it is possible to write. 
This guarantee is on every can of Tower Brand Paint. 

1. We Guarantee that every article sold will be as illustrated and described in our 
Catalogue; will arrive in good condition; will serve its intended purposes; and will be 
satisfactory to you. 

You may always exchange for other articles or have your money back, Including in 
either case, the transportation charges which you have paid. 

2. We Guarantee that Tower Brand House Paint is 100 per cent pure. 

3. We Guarantee that the pigment is composed of 50 per cent pine Sublimed White 
Load a lid 50 per cent XX New Jersey Zinc Oxide (where white lead and zinc oxide 
can be used), and chemically pure colors and nothing else. 

4- We Guarantee that the liquid is composed of pure linseed oil, turpentine and 
Japan dryer, and nothing else. 

5- We Guarantee that it will cover approximately 300 to 350 sq. ft., two full coats 
to the gallon, depending on the condition of the surface. 

6. We Guarantee, finally, that it will nut peel, blister, crack or rub off, when 
properly applied. 

7. We Agree to furnish new paint Free, should Tower Brand House Paint fail to 
comply with this guarantee. 

8- It Is our desire to make trading with us so easy, so profitable, and so satisfactory, 
that you will be pleased not only with the goods received, but also with our service 
and our entire method of dealing. 

= = H 



Tower Brand House 
Paint Reduced Prices 

Here are Prices that Save 
You 40c to 50c a Gallon 

Per Can 

3 B7700— 1-quart cans S0.41 

3B7701— K-gallon cans 76 

Per Gal. 

3B7702— l-eallon cans $1 .48 

3BP7703— 3-gollon cans 1 .45 

3BP7704— 5-gallon cans 1 .45 

3BIH7705— K-bbli., 25 gal 1 .37 

8BM7706— Barrels, 50 gal 1 .34 

The Perfection of Paint Service 
and Paint Economy 

Tower Brand is sold to you with a distinct understanding 
that it will give you a maximum of service and that it is 
clear, pure paint all through. It is made under the direction 
of a paint expert — a man who watches every detail, and under 
his supervision every gallon of this paint must be pure, per- 
fect paint. You take absolutely no risk when you buy Tower 
Brand. You get full measure, full value, full service— and a 
guarantee that makes satisfaction doubly sure. 

Tower Brand costs a little more than some of the composition paints, but 
it is worth the difference many times over. For the little difference in price. 
Tower Brand win give you a great big difference in the satisfaction and service 
you will get. Tower Brand is sold for actually less than some composition paints 
would cost you over the counter. Then why not make the double bargain— get 
the better paint at the saving price? 

Sec Colors on Opposite Page 

Compare Formula on Tower Brand 
Paint with the Formula on Other 
Paints Offered you at Lower Prices 


IN 32 COLORS SHOWN BELOW £» n». ww«k. n„. 10 h»u f ,aum r white No . ioy 2 

. _____ Inside Flat White, and No. 11 Outside Gloss White 

Suitable Trimming Colors Shown at the Right of Each Color 





29 Canary 

59 Sky Blue 

Inside Use and Porch Ceilings 

18 Green 

61 Sage 

21 Fawn 

50 Ocean Blue 

Inside Use and Porch Ceilings 

57 Light Olive 

10 Light Wine 

12 Light Tan 

52 Deep Blue 

Inside Use and Porch Ceilings 

58 Willow Green 

15 Wine Color 


20 Salmon 

36 Deep Drab 

42 Blind Green 

14 Dark Tan 



Use our Shingle Stain on your shingle roofs, sides of buildings, 
bungalows, etc. Not only will it greatly improve their appearance, 
but it will protect them from the destructive action of the weather. 
Our stain is a combination of creosote oil and the best wood preserva- 
tives known. It penetrates the wood — prevents decay and produces 
that soft, mottled finish now so much in demand. Shingle Stain is 
easily applied. Be sure that the shingles are clean and dry. Remem- 
ber that the life of the stain depends upon the depth to which it 
penetrates the wood. 

One gallon will cover 100 square feet, two coats, when applied with 
a brush. .Two and one-half gallons will cover 1,000 shingles two-thirds 
of their length if dipped. 

An Important Point to Remember. Too much stress cannot be laid 
on the necessity of preserving your shingles, and thus adding years to 
the life of your roof. With the price of cedar as high as it is today, 
new shingles will cost you many times more than the stain necessary 
to protect them. Shingle stain is really, then, an investment and not 
an expense. Made in eight colors. See colors below. 

3B7760 — One gallon cans. Per gallon Top 

§SE2Z 61 ~ Five eMon cans (jacketed). Per gallon ; , :«7c 

3BF7762— 25 gallon half barrels. Per gallon 62c 

3BF7763— 50 gallon barrels. Per gallon Kyc 

Weight, about 10 lbs. per gallon. 

Be sure to state in your order the color you want. 

508 Olive 

510 Grass Green 

501 Clover Red 

500 Dark Brown 

512 Red 

511 Dark Green 







Our Wood Preservative Will Do 
It. The Cost is Small 

"When you figure on building a 
fence, it is a wire fence you de- 
cide upon. Then you want gal- 
vanized wire so it will last for 
years, but how about the posts? 
A fence can be no better than 
the posts that support it. When 
the posts decay and break off, 
the service of the fence is gone, 
at least until new posts are set 
and the fence rebuilt, meaning 
added expense. 

Consider, too, the possible 
losses that may, in the meantime, 
occur by stock breaking through 
into the grain field, or straying 
away and the loss in time and 
labor getting them back. 

Use Wood Preservative on 
your fence posts, it will preserve 
them against decay for many 
years. The cost is small and the 
saving is great. Fence posts are 
increasing in value, as timber be- 
comes more scarce. The cost for 
Wood Preservative is only from 3 cents to 5 cents per 
post. It doubles the life of posts and in the saving of 
labor alone you are well repaid. 

To treat fence posts or any other timber, first remove 
all bark, then apply Wood Preservative with a brush- 
two or three coats. To obtain the best results, how- 
ever, apply hot, for it then penetrates the wood more 
readily and evaporates the moisture more effectually. 
In the winter especially, we recommend that Wood Pre- 
servative be heated in an iron vessel to about 150 or 200 
degrees. The very best results are obtained by dipping 
the timber in the hot oil, but if this is not practicable, 
apply with an ordinary wire-bound paint brush. The 
timber to be treated should be dry. The second coat 
should not be applied until the first "coat is dry. Special 
care should be taken to use plenty of Wood Preserva- 
tive on the ends of the posts. 

Wood Preservative 


Used also for preserving Silos, Planking, Sills, Joists, 
Tanks — in fact any wood subject to decay or the 
ravages of insects 

Price ol Wood Preservative 

3B77B6— 1 Gallon Cans. Per Gnllon 

-56- 1 
3BP7757— 5 Gallon Cnus._ Per Gallon 

(25 Gala.) 



Per Gallon 33c 

3BIW7758-H Barrel. .. 

3BM7759— 1 Barrel. (50 Gals.) Per Gallon 32c 

Shipping Weight 10 pounds per gallon. 

"Wood Preservative" is a 
Refined Creosote Oil 

Wood Preservative is nothing 
more nor less than Refined Creo- 
sote Oil. This oil has been the 
acknowledged wood preservative 
from time unknown. The fact 
that railroads and steamship 
companies always have and still 
use it, to preserve and protect 
against decay, such property as 
ties, water tanks, bridges, trestles, 
wharfs, docks, boats and barges' 
is evidence conclusive of its un- 
questioned merit. Notwithstand- 
ing the many advertised, fancy- 
named preservatives now being 
placed before the public, Creo- 
sote Oil still maintains its superi- 
ority. There is no oil or com- 
bination of oils that will pene- 
trate and impart to the wood, 
that lasting preserving quality 
as will Creosote Oil. Use it on 
plank walks, sills, joists, wooden 
fences, posts, tanks, wind mills 
and silos, and it will not only 
give you the best results, but it is also less expensive. 
Wood Preservative may also be used on timbers for 
any purpose ; in fact, for any woodwork above or below 
ground or water, that is subject to decay or insects. 
Ropes, canvas and nets treated with Wood Preserva- 
tive become water-proof and more durable, yet remain 
soft and pliable in all seasons. Paint the inside of corn- 
cribs and granaries with Wood Preservative and grain 
therein will not be damaged by the corn weevil. 

Being a strong, but harmless, disinfectant, it is used 
for spraying, in hog pens and barns ; it helps to prevent 
contagion and the spreading of disease. Spray the 
chicken house with this oil, and lice or mites cannot 
exist. Mice, rats, or ants will not attack or damage 
woodwork painted with our wood preservative. 
Splendid for so many uses, you should keep a supply 
on hand all the time. 


An Elastic Water-proof Paint for Fences, Bridges, Water Tanks and Towers, 
Roofs and Any Metal or Wooden Surfaces 

A protection and leak preventative for all kinds of 
roofs. Shingle, tin, composition or felt. Particularly 
adapted for old roofs, where their condition is beyond 
the aid of ordinary paint. It will render your roof 
waterproof and serviceable for many years. 

Also may be used on bridges, iron or wooden water 
tanks, smokestacks and other iron work subjected to heat 
or outside exposure. Comes ready for use, and is easy to 

Price of Black 

3B8415— 1 gallon cans. Per gallon $ 0.66 

3BP8416 — 5 gallon cans. Per can 3,05 

3BP8417— ^ bbl., 25 gals. Per % bbl 13/75 

3BM8418— Barrel, 50 gals. Per bbl 25.00 

apply. One gallon will cover 200 to 300 square feet, 
one coat, on a fairly smooth surface. In most cases one 
coat will be sufficient. Where the leaks are exceptionally 
large, first fill the holes with Trowel Cement (our 
3B7784) then apply the Heavy Roof Paint. Made in 
two colors: Black and Maroon. Weight per gallon, 10 

Price of Maroon 

3B8419— 1 gallon cans. Per gallon $ 0.76 

3BP8420 — 5 gallon cans. Per can 3.55 

3BP8421— y 2 bbl., 25 gals. Per % bbl 16.25 

3BM8422— Barrel, 50 gals. Per bbl. 30.00 

Superior Roof Paint and Coating 

Trowel Roof Cement 

An Elastic, BLACK, Indestructible, Water-prool 
Cement, tor all kinds of Roofs and Repair Work 

Makes no difference where you use it. Trowel Cement will stop 
any leak or crack and it will stay stopped. Ordinarily cement ; , , ;| , , , , 
sets hard and dries by evaporation, eventually loosening and Stops Leaks and Cracks 

dropping out. Trowel Cement is tOUgh, but exceedingly elastic. For Old Rools— For New Roofs— Apply With a Trowel 

It contracts and expands, is not affected by heat or cold, and will last as long as the surface on which it is used. 
Where there is a small leak, plug up the hole the same as you would with putty, smoothing down the edge with 

trowel or putty knife. In case of very large 
hole, put on patch of tin composition or sheet 
iron, nail the edges down and cover with 
cement to the thickness of about % inch. 
Where roof is in general bad condition, 
spread over a coating of cement evenly about 
Ys inch thick, working out the edges 
smoothly. In black only. 

3B7784 — ' 5-lb. cans, per can $ 0>52 

3BP7785 — 25-lb. cans, per can 2-10 

3BP7786— 50-lbs. (two 25-lb. cans) 3-95 

3BP7787— 100-lb. keg 7.50 

3BP7788— 300-Ib. barrel 19.50 

Trowels Suitable lor Applying 

4C2629— S t a n d a r d 
Brick Trowels with 
square, head as shown. 
Weight, 14 oz. each. 
Regular 60c value. 
I.St. In. 10 10% 11 
Each . . 41 o 43c 46c 

4C2634 — Made of a 
good grade of steel, 
finely finished, and well 
made. Weight, 16 to 20 
oz. each. 

Lgt. in. 10 11 12 
Each . . 41 c 43c 46c 

For Old and Leaky 
Roofs — Flashing on 
Roofs— Calking 
Boat Bottoms — 
Chimneys and Fines — 
Lining Old Gutters 
and Sponts — Sealing 
Cracks in Base- 
ment Walls 

Elastic Rubber Roof Paint 

One of the strongest 
features of this paint is 
shown in the repairing of 
leaky roofs. A leak can 
be permanently stopped 
by first painting the sur- 
face over the leak, then 
laying on a piece of mus- 
lin, and finally coating the 
muslin with this paint. You then have a patch that is 
absolutely water-proof, and one that will last indefinitely. 
This paint comes to you all ready to apply. Does not 
need to be thinned. Before applying this paint, be 
sure to thoroughly sweep or scrape the surface to be 
painted. One gallon will cover about 250 square feet, 
one coat. 

For Felt or Composition Rools, Metal Roofs and Muslin Roofs. For Iron Fences, 
Steel Bridges, Wind Mills and Water Tanks 

This paint will stand expansion and contraction caused by 
weather changes, without cracking or peeling. It will not run in 
the hottest weather, or crack in the coldest. "ELASTIC RUBBER 
ROOF PAINT" gives a bright, glossy finish that is absolutely sun- 
proof, and water-proof, elastic and durable. 

Many paints have been prepared and put on the market for 
which these qualities have been claimed. Few of them, however, 
have lived up to their promises. Elastic Rubber Roof Paint has 
been repeatedly tested under the severest, most exacting condi- 
tions. In every case it has given entire satisfaction. Don't take 
any chances witli paint you know nothing about. Use Montgomery 
Ward & Co.'s Rubber Roof Paint and get satisfaction under an 
absolute guarantee. Our brush 3B702 or 3B705 will be found ex- 
cellent for applying this paint. 

3B7750— 1 gallon can for $0.41 

3BP7751— 5 gallon can for 1.80 

3BP7752— y 2 bbl., 25 gallons, for 6.25 

3BM7753— 1 bbl., 50 gallons, for 11.50 

Asphalt Roof Coating in Colors 


Particularly Adapted for Composition or Felt Roofs 

Can be Used on Shingle Roofs, Tin Roofs, 

Sheds and Warehouses 

You Can Stain any Prepared Rooting 
Just as You Would Shingles 

Asphalt Roof Paint has the same good effect on felt and composition roofs that 
ordinary paint lias on wood or any exposed surface". The more protection your roof 
has the longer it will last. It will 'give new life to the roof, and if repeated every two 
or three years, will preserve, protect, and keep the surface in absolutely first-class con- 
dition. It is elastic and durable. Has good body. Will be found a most satisfactory 
coating for the purpose intended. It is ready for use, and is easily applied. One gal- 
lon will 'cover from 200 to 250 square feet of surface, one coat. 

We can furnish our Asphalt Roof Coating in three colors: BLACK, RED and GREEN. 
The black, if anything, is the more durable color, but the red and green produce very 
pretty effects and are particularly desirable for residences. 

Red and Green (Give Color). 
3B8428 — 1 gal. can. Per can $0.62 

Black Color. 

3B8424— 1 gal. can. Per can $0.47 

3BP8425— 5 gal. can. Per can 1.95 

3BM8426— % bbl. (25 gal.). Per bbl. 7.00 
3BM8427— 1 bbl. (50 gal.). Per bbl.12.75 

3BP8429— 5 gal. can. Per can 2.70 

3BM8430— % bbl. (25 gal.). Per bbl. 10.75 
3BM8431— 1 bbl. (50 gal.). Per bbl. 20.25 


Paints the Roof of this Home with Red Aiphalt 
Roof Coating, one coat. 
This Home is No. 10 2. For plan and cost of construction, 
get our Free "Book of Homes." 



1A 111 (J Ftl O "TV* £*1 Pfl I f| f - See °PP° site Pa ^ e £or Description and Prices 


178 Wild Rose 

183 lieather Brown 

180 Crimson 

173 Iiawn Green 

126 Shell Pink 

120 Ivory 


Also Made in White 

129 Willow Green 

123 Light Tan 

122 Light Canary 

124 Golden Brown 

127 Qnaker Gray 

131 Rich Red 

Concrete and Cement Coating 

For Exterior and Interior Use on 

Concrete, Brick, Stucco, and Masonry 


105 Cement Gray 

102 Buff 

106 Manganese Brick 

104 Brick Red 

103 Moss Green 

258 Light Cream 

257 Light Buff 

201 Buff 

Pur-E-Tone Hot Water Kalsomine 

Decorate Your Home With Our Superior Kalsomine. 

The cost is small — the decorative effect is very Great 


231 Deep Tan 

230 Sage Green 

254 Alice Blue 


See Opposite Page for 
Description and Prices 

207 Fawn 

206 Leather Brown 

208 Carmine 

213 Myrtle Green 




A Superior Interior Finish 

See Colors on Opposite Page 

A quick drying, very glossy paint that is just the thing for put- 
ting a fine, brilliant and durable enamel finish on woodwork, 
walls, or furniture. It is prepared ready for use and is easily ap- 
plied with a varnish brush. 

(See Page 2 for more complete description.) 

State color you wish. Also furnished in black and white. 

ORB075— '/a pint Mn. Weight, 1% pounds. Per can *° - J? 

ailcmPr pint can. Weight. 2*6 , pounds. Per can 31 

qnS077^l Quart can. Weight, 4*4 pounds. Per can 49 

3B8078— *4 gallon can. Weight. 10 lbs. Ecr can. . . . .87 

3B807&— I ga llon can. Weight. lS'A pounds. Per gallon 1.63 



In White and 10 Colors 
Shown on Opposite Page Bsfi 

Easy to apply. Never wears out. Does not rub off on to the 
clothes. An oil finish, very artistic and durable. Being waterproof, 
it is readily 'cleaned with soap and water. 

Flat Wall Finish dries quickly without gloss, leaving a dainty, 
velvety wall covering. Thoroughly protects and covers the wall. 
The very best flat finish for interior work on walls, woodwork, 
plaster board or metal ceilings, where a smooth, soft, dull, and 
artistic finish is desired. As it may be washed repeatedly without 
injury to the finish, it is thoroughly sanitary. 

An endless number of artistic combinations may be secured by 
the judicious use of the various tints shown on opposite page. 
Then, too, by the application of the proper stenciling, wonderful 
results may be obtained. (See Page 25 for Stencils.) 

You can do all this work yourself; you would enjoy it. And con- 
sider the satisfaction in feeling that it is your own work. Full 
directions on each can. It is ready to use right out of the can. 
When used on smooth plastered walls, one gallon will cover from 
200 to 250 square feet, two coats. Before using on new walls, or 
on old walls that have never been sized, the surface should first be 
given a coat of Fresco Wall Size (No. 3B8736, listed on Page 6). 

Be sure to state color you wish. See opposite page. 

3B8086 — I quart can. Weight, 5 pounds. Per quart SO. 40 

3B8087 — V2 gallon can. Weight, 10 pounds. Per can 74 

3B8088 — I gallon can. Weight. 15 pounds. Per gallon 1.37 

3BP8089— 3 gallon can. Weight, 4 5 pounds. Per gallon 1.35 


A Durable Exterior Coating for Concrete, 
Brick, Stucco, and Masonry. 

See Colors on Opposite page. 

This specially prepared Liquid Cement Coating is in no sense an 
ordinary paint. It is alkali-proof, and made especially for damp- 
proofing and decorating surfaces above described, which, on account 
of their caustic and alkaline nature, cannot be treated with an 
ordinary oil paint. 

Concrete and Cement Coating produces a pleasing, uniform, flat, 
stone-like finish that penetrates and seals the pores, making the 
surface damp-proof and weather-proof. It prevents water-spotting 
of the walls, and preserves them from disintegration due to the 
absorption of moisture. For concrete, brick, or stucco work on 
houses, public buildings, Concrete bridges, etc., or for inside finish 
on plaster walls, basements, floors, and all damp surfaces this paint 
has no equal. 

Apply this paint direct to the surface, except in cases of extreme 
dampness or moisture, in which case first apply one coat of our 
Seal-Tite as described on Page 6. 

Concrete and Cement Coating is applied with a brush, the same 
as an ordinary paint. On the average concrete or brick surface one 
gallon will 'cover about 100 square feet, two coats. 

White and six beautiful shades shown on opposite page. State 
color wanted. 

3B7789— % gallon can. Weight, 10 pounds. Each ?0.81 

3B7790 — 1 gallon can. Weight, 15 pounds. Each 1.52 

3BP7791— 5 gallon can. Weight, 70 pounds. Per gallon 1.47 

3BM7792— ^-barrel (25 gallons). Weight, 350 pounds. Per 

gallon 1.40 


An Inexpensive, Sanitary Wall Finish 

It Gives Your Walls An 
Elegance and Character 
You Cannot Get with 
Any Other Similar Finish 




aw mini nil nnnuivm 

Pur-e-tone imparts a finish which is smooth and warm, 
rich and velvety. 

It will not rub off, flake, powder, peel, or blister. It 
is scientifically prepared and positively sanitary. 

Any one can apply this wall finish. It is easily and 
quickly dissolved in hot water, requiring no stirring 
after it is once mixed. Pur-e-tone is so finely ground 
that it will remain in good condition without settling, 
and it will cover more surface than other similar goods 
made for the same purpose. It not only goes farther ; it 
looks better, works easier, and lasts longer than other 
materials sold for the same purpose. 

Mix with boiling water to a thick, smooth paste, al- 
lowing fifteen or twenty minutes for the material to 
become thoroughly dissolved. Thin to a proper con- 
sistency for the work for which it is to be used by adding 
cold water. Allow the mixture to stand until cold. For 
hard-finished walls mix to the thickness of a good mixed 
paint. If the walls are rough and porous more water 
should be added than for smooth and perfect walls. 
Apply with regular kalsomine brush. Our 3B570 and 
3B599 are very satisfactory. One 24-cent package will 
kalsomine an ordinary room. 

NOTE — Old walls previously kalsomined should be 
washed clean before applying a new coat. New walls 
and old walls that have not been previously sized should 
receive a coat of our Fresco Wall Size (3B8736), listed on 
Page 6, before applying the kalsomine. State color 
wanted. White and ten shades shown on opposite page. 

3B8325 — 4 pound carton. Each $0.24 

3B8326 — 24 pounds, six cartons (all one or different shades). 

For 1.35 

3BP8327 — 50 pound drum (white or any one shade). For 2.60 

3BP8328 — 100 pounds, two 50-pound drums (any two shades or 

white) ■ For . . . 5.00 


See Colors on Opposite Page 

Fresco colors are used in connection with our kalso- 
mine shades for borders, stenciling, or where a very deep 
color is desired. It is easy to prepare and easy to put on. 

Fresco colors are mixed the same as kalsomine, as 
above described, except after adding the hot water allow 
the mixture to stand twenty-five minutes to become 
thoroughly dissolved, after which thin with cold water 
to the proper consistency, provided it is for immediate 
use. If not for immediate use, simply pour the cold 
water on the mixture and stir when ready to use. Vary 
the amount of water according to the surface to be 
covered. New walls and old walls that have not been 
previously sized should first receive a coat of our Fresco 
Wall Size (3B8736) listed on page 6. 

Color No. 206 — Leather Brown 

3B8337 — 4 pound package. For 

3B8338 — 1 pound package. For 

Color No. 207— Fawn 

3B8339 — 4 pound package. For 

3B8340 — 1 pound package. For 

Color No. 208— Carmine 

3B8335 — 4 pound package. For 

3B8336 — 1 pound package. For 

Color No. 213 — Myrtle Green 

3B8341 — 4 pound package. For I 

3B8342— 1 pound package. For 








Co -Var -Finish -Colored Varnish 

THE FINISH THA T WILL PLEASE YOU Use Co-Var-Finish on your floors-old or new. Use it on 

„„„ — „„ ~" ~" — your furniture and woodwork (old or new) vou will he H«. 


185 Oak 

186 Rosewood 

186 % Leaf Green 

187 Antique Oak 

188 Walnut 

188% Ground 


A PAINT AND VARNISH IN ONE See Description and Prices on Opposite Page 

162 Yellow 

164 Vermilion 

165 Dark Green 

161 Brewster Green 

167 Blue 

163 Black 

106 Light Graf 


This Durable Paint Will Lengthen 
the Life of Your Porch Floors 


192 Tan 

197 Dark Gray 

194 Olive 

198 Light Brown 

195 Red Brown 

172 Yellow 

Wagon and Implement Paint 

The Paint That Wears and Pro- 
tects Your Vehicles Against Decay 


169 Red 

173 Coach Red 

168 Blue 

171 Black 


For Description And Prices See Opposite Page 

153% Medium Drab 

149% Red 

153 Yellow 

149 Light Brown 

148 Reddish Brown 

152 Green 




Sec colors on opposite page. Also made in natural 
At a very small cost you can finish new work or re- 
finish old floors, woodwork, or furniture to imitate Oak, 
Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, or Eosewood. Surprising 
effects can thus be produced, and Co-Var-Finish is so 
easy to apply that anybody can do the work. 

See inside front cover page for demonstration of this 
wonderful finish. If you wish to change the finish from 
a darker to a lighter shade, apply first a coat of No. 
I88V2 Ground Color, then, after that is dry, apply the 
desired color. Be sure to state color you wish. 

3B8110 — Pint can. Weight, %y 2 pounds. Per can $0.30 

3B8111 — Quart can. Weight, 4 pounds. Per can 55 

3B8112 — Half gallon can. Weight, 7 pounds. Per can 1.00 

3B8113 — Gallon can. Weight, 11% pounds. Per can 1.90 

Carriage and Automobile Paint 

See colors on opposite page 

In order to withstand the 
severe action of mud and fre- 
quent washing, our Carriage and 
Automobile Paint is made from 
the best grade coach colors, 
finely ground in high quality 
varnishes. For beauty of finish, 
and for durability, it is unex- 
celled. As a rule, one coat is suf- 
ficient on old work. It makes an 
/ICLfi Paints this old buggy look like new. Any 
»OC> Carriage one can apply it. No experience 
Two Full (oats is necessary. Comes ready for 
use. Dries quickly. Has a brilliant finish, that will 
resist hard wear and constant exposure. 

Try it on your buggy, surrey, carriage, automobile, sleigh, porch 
furniture, or on any similar article requiring a bright gloss finish. 
The results will be gratifying. Be sure that the surface to be 
painted is perfectly clean, free from grease, and smoothly sand- 
papered before beginning. Always use a clean brush. 
Use brushes 3B667 or 3B657 for carriage work. 

State color wanted. See colors on opposite page. 

3B7810— Half pint can. Weight, l 1 /, pounds. Per can 16c 

3B7811— Pint can. Weight, 8% pounds. Per can 26c 

3B7812— Quart can. Weight, 4% pounds. Per can 46c 

3B7813 — Ha lf gallon can. Weight, S pounds. Per can 87c 

Hard-Drying Porch Paint SJSSS'.S 

A Special Paint for outdoor 
use. Will not quickly show ef- 
fects of the hardest wear or the 
severest weather. 

Not only will this paint with- 
stand the wear and tear of con- 
stant use, but it will resist the 
action of the wind, rain, and 
weather. Montgomery Ward & 
Co.'s Porch Floor Paint is the 
best and longest-lived floor paint 
for outside use that can be made. We have subjected 
this paint to a hundred of the most trying tests that 
could possibly be devised. We have done this because 
we realize that no other painted surface is given the 
bruising, gruelling wear and tear that the porch or steps 
receive. There is not another Porch Floor Paint that has 
wearing qualities that compare with this. 

If there is any one thing about a house that needs repainting 
more than any other it is the porches and steps. Send a trial 
order for a little of this paint and you will have no other. One 
gallon will cover 300 square feet two coats. ' 

State color wanted. For colors see opposite page. 

o5lZ 35 — 0ne 1 uart can - Weight, 6 pounds. Per can $0.41 

iil'^~^ alf E allon can ' Weight, 10 pounds. Per can 78 

J«77d7— One gallon can. Weight, 15 pounds. Per can 1 46 

Wagon and Implement Paint 

See colors on opposite page 

Make your wagon look like 
new. A quart of this superior 
paint will do it, and the cost is 
only 39c. When the cost is so 
small and you can do the work 
yourself, why allow your wagon 
or any implement to "wear 
out?" Rust and decay are as 
destructive as fire. 

Our Wagon and Implement 
Paint offers a wonderful resist- 
ance to wear and hard usage. Being made of the best 
non-fading colors, it is guaranteed to give vou absolute 
satisfaction. It is prepared ready to apply.* Simply see 
that the surface to be painted is clean, then apply our 
Wagon and Implement Paint with a 2-inch or a 2%-inch 
varnish brush. 3B667 or 3B668 brushes are" well 
adapted for this work. State color wanted. For colors 
see opposite page. 

3B7816— Quart can. Weight, 4% 

pounds. Per can $0.39 

3B7817— Half gallon can. Weight, 9 

pounds. Per can 72 

3B7818— Gallon can. Weight, 14 

pounds. Per can 1.37 



Makes Old Floors Look Like New 

See colors on opposite page 

The ideal preparation for kitchen, 
pantry, bedrooms and all interior 
floors. Gives a hard, brilliant, gloss 
finish. Will not show heel marks or 

We do not tell you our Floor 
Paint is good for painting both in- 
side and outside floors. 

The requirements of a paint for 
outside floors and for inside are en- 
tirely different. So are the conditions to which they are 
subjected. How then can the same paint be used satis- 
factorily for both ? 

_ Ordinary Floor Paints must dry over night. In addi- 
tion, Floor Paint must be able to stand constant wash- 
ing and scrubbing. To secure these results, a class of 
driers and varnishes must be used that will stand ex- 
posure to elements. . Lead and oil, as commonly mixed 
by hand, do not prove satisfactory for this work. 

Our Inside Floor Paints combine the most durable and 
the best wear-resisting pigments known. These are 
ground in tough, elastic oils, which make a paint that 
will not readily sIioav bruises, scratches, or heel marks. 
It dries hard in a short time, with a brilliant gloss, and 
can be washed and scrubbed without injury. 

This is just the paint you want for your kitchen floor. 
It is the only paint you can afford to buy, if you want 
the best. It is the most durable and the most economical 
Floor Paint on the market today. Cheaper paints may 
look well for a time, but after a few months your floor 
begins to scar and becomes unsightly. Use our Guaran- 
teed Floor Paint and be sure of satisfactory service. One 
gallon will cover 250 square feet with two coats. 

We recommend our brush 3B553 for this work. 

Be sure to state color wanted. For colors see opposite 

3B8100 — One quart can. Weight, 6 pounds. Per can $0.31 

3B8101— Half gallon can. Weight, 10 pounds. Per can 57 

3B8102 — One gallon can. Weight, 15 pounds. Per can 1.06 





Rubberset Wall Brush 

Extra Qualify Wall 
Brushes with Gray 

Russian Bristles 
3 Inch 

Extra quality Wall Paint Brush, "Grav 
Russian bristles. Outside of white Rus- 
sian bristles. Bristles set in hard rubber. 
Length of bristles. 4 inches A strong sub- 
stantial brush. Will do good outside work. 

Oat.No. | Each 

Width I Weight. 

3B631I S1.00 I 3 in. 6 oz. 

3B633I 1.20 I 3^in. | 7 oz. 

3B635I 1.41 I 4 in. | 8 oz. 

3B637I 1.67 I Hi in. I 9 oz. 

Best Selected White Russian Bristles. 
Sot In hard rubber. Bristles will not come 
out. Not affected by turpentine, benzine, 
or water. Brass bound. We recommend 
tills brush to painters or anyone desiring 
a good brush for house paintin g. 
Cnt.No. I Each | Width I Bristles I Wt 


SO. 56 

3 in. 

3 in. 



3 '4 in. 

354 in. 



4 in. 

3% in. 

8 oz. 



4% in. 

3 ; !i in. 

!) oz. 

Rubberset Wall 

Made of choicest Grade Black Chinese 
Bristles. Vulcanized in hard rubber. 
Bristles long and uniformly tapered. Full, 
firm and elastic stock. Nickel ferrule. 
Holds lots of paint. A brush for fine 
painting, either interior or exterior. 
Oat.No. | Each | Width I Bristles I Wt. 



3 in. 

I 3?i in. 

5 oz. 



3M in. 

4 in. 

6 oz. 



4 hi. 

4% in. 

7 oz. 

3B543 1 1.62 

■i Vs in. 

18 in. 


Rubberset Flat Wall Brush 

Selected black Chinese bristles. Stock 
full and even. Set in hard rubber. 
Nickel plated ferrule. Full, firm and 
elastic stock. A satisfactory brush for 

inside or outside work. 

Oat.No. I Each I Width I Bristles I Wt, 



3 in. 

334 '"• 

6 oz 


3 Vim. 

3% in. 

6 oz 


4 in. 

3% in. 

7 oz 


4% in. 

3% In. 

9 oz 

Flat Paint Brush 

Black Chinese bristles. Vulcanized in 
rubber. Full stock. Metal bound. Well 
made throughout. A medium priced brush 

for house, barn and roof painting. 

Oat.No. I Each I Width I Bristles I Wt 



2M in. 

2% in. 


3 in. 

2% in. 


3% in. 

3 in. 


4 in. 

3Vi in. 


4hk in. 

3',i in. 


5 in. 

3>/4 in. 


-)i/ 2 in. 

3% In. 

4 oz. 

5 oz. 

6 oz. 

7 oz. 

7 oz. 

8 oz. 

9 oz. 

Fine Quality 
Wall Brush 

Selected White 
Russian Bristles 

A standard brush for house painters' use, 
floors, walls, etc., where a good sub- 
stantial brush is required. Full, stiff, 
springy stock, embedded in hard, vul- 
canized rubber. Nickel plated ferrule. 
Varnished handle. Extension style. 
Cat.No. | Each I Width I Bristles | Weight 



3% in. 

4 in. 


4 in. 

4Vi in. 


4'/4 in. 

4% in. 

7 oz. 

8 oz. 
10 oz. 

Our Prices Will Save You Money 

Rubberset Brushes need no Introduction. Their superior quality has won for them 
a world-wide reputation. The bristles are vulcanized in rubber — firmly embedded — 
impossible to come out. Rubberset Brushes never shed bristles. It is not necessary to 
water-soak them before using. They are not affected by turpentine, benzine, alcohol, or 
water. They have successfully passed every test, and have proven their value by actual 
work in the hands of master painters. 

Rubberset Brushes are the best brushes that can be made. Every brush is fully guar- 
anteed against any defect in materials, workmanship, or construction. 



The Painter's 

i wide 

s long 

"3B701— The Ideal Brush for House Painting. Tho practical 
brush to use. The brush to buy for good sendee, and long serv- 
ice. Made of the choicest grade genuine black Chinese bristles. 
Set in solid bed of hard rubber— nickel bound. Width of brush, 
4 inches. Length of bristles, 4 inches. The bristles are uni- 
formly tapered. The stock is full, firm, and elastic. This brush 
__ works easily, and spreads the paint smoothly and evenly. A 
lavorlto brush among painters for their best work. We claim this brash is equal 
to any. and superior to many brushes sold by the dealer at 81.50. Shipping weight, 
packed, 12 ounces. 

Our price ggc 

Some Facts About the Care of Brushes 

First-class brushes can be ruined or lose half their value if they are not properly 
cared for Neva allow any brush to stand on the end of the bristles 

I'amt brushes in daily use should be suspended in raw Unseed oil after using. Before 
using again, brash out the oil on a board 

Varnish brushes In daily use should be suspended in the varnish after using 

When through with, a brush, either paint or varnish, wash out thoroughly in turpen- 
tine; rinse carefully In warm soapsuds, after which hang them in a cool, dry, place, 
with the handle up. 

Never use a varnish brush for any other purpose than varnishing. Never varnish 
with a brush that has been used in paint, as it will not give good results. 

Flat Paint 
or Wall Brush 

Black Chinese 
bristles. Tin ferrule. 
Finished handles. A 
fair brush for odd 

Cat, No. | Each 

I Width 


I Wt. 

3BSG0I 21c 

3 In. 

2 -7a in. 

3B561! 25c 

3% in. 

2% in. 

3B562I 30c 

■i in. 

2 Is in. 

3B563! 35c 

4% in. 

3 in. 

7 oz. 

3BS64I 50c 

5 in. 

3V8 in. 

8 oz. 

The Handy Brush 
3B708— 55c 
Width, 7 in. Length 
of bristles, 3% in. Wt., 
14 oz. 
Mixed stock. Securely 

set with staples. 

An Inexpensive brush 
for whitewashing, kalso- 
niining, cold water 
paints, etc. 

Barn and Roof 
Paint Brush 


A practical, well 
brush for 
painting roofs, barns 
and large surfaces. 
Metal bound. Width, 6 in. Bristles, 3% In, 
long. A good brush for the purpose. 
Weight. 8 ounces. 
3B705— - Each 50o 

Roofing Brushes, 27c 

Gray bristles outside. 
Mixed gray center. For 
heavy painting, roof coating, 
and tar paints. The one 
knot brush used for cement- 
ing seams and laps on felt 
or composition roofing. 

Cat. No. 1 Each Knot ! Wt. 







8 oz. 
12 oz. 
20 oz. 
24 oz. 

Wall Stippler 

iu n>s 
3B802— Each 

Used to pro- 
duce rough effect 
in painting In- 
terior walls. 
Made of superior 
quality Russian 
bristles. Wire 
drawn. Set in 
hardwood block. 
Block copper 
es, ZM in. Wt., 


Oval Brush 

Best Chinese Bristles. Nickel ferrule. 
Bristles full and springy. A good brush 
for varnishing or painting woodwork, 
wagons, etc. 

Cat.No. | Each | Width I Bristles I Wt. 



1 % in. 

3 in. 

4 oz. 



2 in. 


5 oz. 



2% in. 

3% in. 

6 oz. 



Hi ill. 

3?i in. 

6 oz. 

Rubberset Oval 
Varnish Brush 

Selected Black Chinese Bristles. Extra 
long and full. A practical painter's brush. 
Fine for large jobs. 

Cat.No. | Each 1 Width I Bristles I Wt. 


Sash Brush, Rubberset. Black Chinese 
bristles. Metal ferrule. Nothing better 

Cat. No. | Each I Width I Rristles I Wt. 



1 oz. 



I i ' in'. 

1 % in. 

1 oz. 



1 '.4 In. 

2 Is in. 

2 oz. 



1 U In. 

2H in. 

2 oz. 

Oval Sash Brush 

ck Chinese Bristles. Polished handle. 
\"o. 1 Eacli | Widtli I Bristles I Weight 



% in. 

i % in. 1 

1 oz. 



1 in. 

1 % in. 

1 oz. 



2 la in. 

2 oz. 



1 « in. 

2% in. I 

2 oz. 

Jersey Improved 
Kalsomine Brush 

3B579— S3-78 

Weight, 15 oz. 

A lighter brush than 
the German Kalsomine, 
and far more prac' 
tlcal. Fine quality 
pray Bussian bristles. 
Bubberset. An extra 
full brush. Size of 
block, 2x7 in. Length of bristles, 5 in. 

Rubberset Stucco Brush 

Rubberset Leather 
Bound Stucco 

Selected black Chinese bristles, set in 
hard vulcanized rubber. Long, full, stiff, 
springy stock. Holds lots of paint. 
Spreads smoothly and evenly. The best 
brush it is possible to make. Fine for 
house painting, interior walls, or other 
large surfaces. 

Cat. No. I Each 1 Width | BriBtles | Weight 



3hb ill. 

414 in. 



4 in. 

4% in. 



iVi in. 

4% in. 

7 oz. 
. A oz. 
10 oz. 

Leather Bound Stucco Paint Brush 

Rubberset Stuoco Paint Brush. Best se- 
lected white Russian bristles. Set in hard 
vulcanized rubber, which insures perma- 
nency. Long bristles. Full, springy stock. 
Holds lots of paint. A good substantial 
brush for outside painting. 

Cat. No. I Each I Width I Bristles I Weight 




3 % in. 

I i in. 

7 oz 

4 in. 

4% in. 

8 oz 

4% in. 

I 414 in. 


Leather Bound Stucco Paint Brush 

Rubberset, Leather Bound, Made of se- 
lected black Chinese bristles, set in hard 
vulcanized rubber. Full stock. Will hold 
a lot of paint. This brush spreads smoothly 
and evenly. Also used for house painting. 
A good brush at a reasonable price. 

Cat. No. I Each 1 Width 1 Bristles | Weight 



3tt in. 

3% in. 


4 in. 

3% in. 


4% in. 

4 in. 

7 oz. 

8 oz. 

Ruhberset Kalso 
mine Brushes 

Gray Russian 
Bristles. White Out- 
side. Galvanized iron 
band. A thoroughly 
high grade brush. Strong and substantial. 

Oat. No, I Each I Wth. I Bristles I Weiglit 

3B573 I S3.28 I 7 in. | 4% in. I 
3B574 I 3.98 I 8 in. I 5 in. I 

18 oz. 
20 oz. 



Selected White Russian Bristles 
bound. * 


Cat. No. | Each I Wth. 1 Bristles I 


3B570 1 S1.98 I 7 in. I 4% in. I 
3B571 I 2.50 I 8 in. I 4% ta. I 

16 oz. 

18 oz. 


White Russian Bristles. Metal bound. A 
splendid kalsomine brush for general use. 

Oat. No. I Each 1 Wth. 1 Bristles I Weight 



6 in. 

3H in- 


7 in. 

3<A in. 


8 in- 

3% iu. 

12 oz. 
14 oz. 
16 oz. 





The "Daisy" Varnish Brush 

An Inexpensive brush for odd jobs. 

flood value, 

(lnt. No. I En. I Width I Bristles I Weight 

1 %, in. I 1 oz. 
1 3/16 in. I 2 oz. 

2 in. I 3 oz. 
2 in. 4 oz. 
2Vt in. | 4 oz. 

Our Badger Hair and 
Fitch Flowing Brushes 

are vulcanized In rub- 
ber. Badger Hair 
Flowing Varnish Brush. l'*or fine varnish- 
ing. Adapted for cabinet work, vehicles, 

and pianos. 

Cat.No. | En. I Width 1 Bristles 1 Weight 



\% in. 

1 Vz In. 

1 oz. 



2 in. 

1 ?4 in. 

2 oz. 



8% to. 

1 % in. 

3 oz. 



3 in. 

■i in. 

4 oz. 

Fitch Flowing Brush 

Chiseled, Fitch Hair, 
double thick. For fine 
varnishing, enameling, and gold and silver 

Oat. No. | En. | Width j 

Bristles I Weight 



1 iu. 



31 c 

1 M in. 



2 in. 

\% in. 

2 oz. 



2 M in. 

1 Ts in. 

3 oz. 



3 in. 

2 in. 

4 oz. 

"Z\ Fial Varnish Brush 


"Black Chinese Bristles, Flowing Brush. 
Metal ferrule. A high grade brush for 
fine varnishing. Extra fine, extra thick, 
soft and elastic. 

Cnt. No. | Ea. 

Widtli | Bristles I Weight 

3B651 I 25c 
3B652 ! 33C 
3B653I 41c 
3B654 I 49c 
3B655 I 64c I 

IHto. ISHln. I 3 z. 

2 in. i 2 ft in. | 3 oz. 
2M in. j 2* in. 1 4 oz. 

3 in. |f% In. 1 4oz. 
8m i". 1 3 Is in. | 5 oz. 

Flat Varnish Brush, Rubberset 

*T Extra Chiseled Black 
Chinese Bristles, set In 
rubber. Metal bound. A good, practical, 
med i um priced br ush . 
Cat.No. 1 Ea. I Width | Bristles I Weight 
3B66lil8cnifinTi T%lnTj 2ozT. 

3B662I28CI2 in. I 9 in 3 oz 

gigSS!^ !-'^ in -|2 5/10 In. 3 oz'. 
3B664l46cl3 in. 2 w in. 4 oz 

Rubberset Flat 

Varnish Brush 

Best White Bristles, Chiseled. Set in 
hard rubber. Nickel ferrule A fine 
brush for var nish, enamels, or stains 

Oval Varnish Brush 

Black Chinese Bristles, Xickel ferrule 

A popular brush for small jolis. 

Cnt. No. I En. I Width I Bristles I Weight 

SJig 7 . 7 . I 28 ° I I °'» in- ! 2H in. I 4~o¥. 
3B678 I 35o I 1 % in. I 2fa in. I 4 oz. 

Flat Sash Trim or Radiator Brush 

Select Chinese Bristles, chiseled. Nickel 

ferrule, ly,n g handle. 

Oat. No, I Each I Width | Weight 
3|610 ~~1p 1 in. | Fez". 

3BR13 2Bc 2 in. < 2 oz. 

Solt Hair Radiator Brush 

Made of fine soft Goat 
Hair. Used for bronzing 
small articles, nud for ennmeling radia- 
tors, steam pipes, etc. Length, including 

handle, fj 3 ^ in. 

Cat. No. | Each I Width I 'Weight 

Rubberset Varnish 

bru^ ffj^S&^SStJS S&THPBffitK 

Chinese bristles, long and heavy. Chiseled edge 
practical brush for high grade work. ' 

. Made of selected black 
"Rubberset." Nickel bound. A 

Cat. No. 







2 in. 
2'i in. 
3 in. 
3% in. 


2% in. 
3 !s in. 
3% in. 
3Vz in. 


4 oz. 

5 oz. 
7 oz. 

Painters' Round Duster 

3B745— 66c 

Weight, 1 2 oz. 
Gray bristle center. Black outside. No 
better made. Length of bristle, 4 in. 
Width. 214 in. 

Painters' Oval Duster 

3B744— 28c 

Weight, S oz. 
Mixed hair and fibre stock. Length, 
314 in. Width, 2}4 in. 

Painters' Flat Dusters 

Full springy stock. Var- 
^. nished hnn- 
" "die. Width, 
4 M in. 
Length of stock, 4 in. 

3B746— Weight, 8 oz. 
Each 50c 

Wire Dusters 

3B766— Each, 22c 

Shipping weight, 6 oz. 
Wire Duster. For uso on moldings, 
crevices, cracks. The length and stiffness 
of the wires permit access to the bottom 
of cracks. 


Stencil Brush. Black bristles set in hard 
vulcanized rubber. Zinc ferrule. Weiglit, 

Cat. No. Each I Diameter 



1 in. 

1 'A in. 
1 H in. 

Fine White 
than 3B731. 

Bristles. Softer and longer 
Weiglit, 5 oz. 

Cat. No. 





% in. 
1 in. 
1 M in. 

Glue Brush, Rubberset 

3B754— 1 8c 

Weight, 3 oz. 
All gray bristlea Brass bound. Length 
of bristles, 2*4 in. 

Plasterers' Finishing 

3B778— Each. S2-21 

Weight, 18 oz. 
Width. S in. Length of 
Bristles, 4 H in. 
A full standard 3 row 
brush. All good quality, gray, stiff Russia 
bristles, white outside. Full stock. Leather 
bound. Will hold lots of water, A strong 
and practical brush. 


Weight, 2 oz. 
Camel's Hair Mottling 
Brush or Spatters. Short cedar handles. 
Brass ferrules. Exceptionally fine quality 

Sizes, inches . . ,\V» 9 9^ 3 

Each 23c 31c 37c 45c 

Brick Liner 


Shipping weight, 1 
White bristles. 

Size, inches 

Price, each 

Wire Brushes 

Hand Scratch Brush 

Tempered Steel Wire. To remove hard 
surfaces from sides of buildings, doors, 
windows, floors and hard wood. 
3B760— Each 28c 

Weight, 16 oz. 

Curved Back Steel Wire Brush 

This concentrates 

the energy into one 

place and produces 

very rapid results. It 

does away with the use of sandpaper. 

Size, 2 a ix7 Inches, Weight, 10 oz. 

3B762— Each 30c 

3B7G3— Each, 19c 
Shipping weight, 7 oz. 
Long Handled Scratch Brush, Made of 
round tempered black steel wire. Will be 
found yery effective for getting at crevices, 
grooves, corners and out of the way places. 
For removing rust, paint or any discolor- 
ations of iron on stone or brick surfaces. 

Shoe Handle Wire Brush. 

3B764— Each, 25c 

Weight, 5 oz. 

Painters' Handy Outfit 

OUTFIT No. 1- 

Every thing You Need for $4 35 
Painting House or Barn JL 


Here you will find a good assortment 
of brushes and accessories for house 
painting. These are all extra good 

Shipping weight, 6 lbs. 
Outfit, complete 

cr barn 

I Flat chiseled sash brush. Black china 

bristles. Width, %, in. 
I Flat chiseled sash brush. Black china 

bristles. Width, 1 in. 
I Rubberset paint brush. Black china bristles. 
Width. 3'^ in. 
Black China bristle paint brush. Width, 3 

Paint pot hook. 
Paint paddle. 

Extra quality steel blade putty knife, 
pounds pure putty. 


Lettering Pencils 

3B401— Camel's hair Square Sliaders or 
Lettering Pencils. Made in France Fin- 
est quality hair in quilLs. Brass wire 
binding. Length of hair, ? 8 , 1, lw and 
1% inches. Weight, 1 oz. 

Sizes 4 6 8 ^0 

Each . 8c 10c 12c 18c 

3B402— Striping Pencil. Weight. 1 oz. 
Camel's Hair Square Liners and Strip- 
ing pencils. In quills. Finest French 
quality. Length of hair, 2 inches. 

Sizes 2 4 6 8 

1-nc'i 5c 7c 10c 13c 

Camel's Hair Water Color Brashes 

Tin ferrules, polished handles, round. 
Weight, 2 oz. 

3B430— Size 1. Each 5o 

3B431— Size 2. Each 5 

3B432— Size 3. Each 5 C 

3B433— Size 4. Each §C 

3B434— Size S. Each Re 

3B435— Size 6. Eacli .6c 

Ox Hair Riggers 

3B406— Weight, 2 oz. 
Ox hair Riggers for Sign Writers. 
Square points. Xickel ferrules. English 
sizes. Long handles. Maroon polished. 

Sizes 2 4 6 

,5c 7c 9c 


Camel's Hair Dagger Striper 

3B408— Weiglit, 1 oz. 

Length of hair, all sizes, about 21/i in. 

For carriage work. Finest quality hair 

Brass wire bound on cedar handles Tho 

liest striping tool made. 

Sizes o \ 2 3 

Each 9c 10c 11c 12c 

Marking Brushes 

3B41 8— Camel's Hair Marking 
Long handles. Maroon polished. 

Sizes . , 
Each . 
Sizes . 
Each . . 

I 2 

3c 4c 

■White Bristle Marking 


Wt., 1 

3 4 
5c 7c 


3c 4o 

Sign Writers' Flat Brushes 

3B412— Ox hair. Exceptionally fine 
quality Russian ox hair. Chiseled edge. 
Nickel ferrules. Maroon polished handles 
Weiglit, 2 oz, 

Widtli y, a- 1 

Each 21c 28c 340 

3B413^Black Sable 
Brushes. Weight. 2 oz. 
Width ....".... 14 
Eacli 30c 

Sign Writers' 

35 c 


3B41 6— Weight, 2 oz. 
Fine quality ox hair. Square points. 
Xickel ferrule. Blue polished handle. Can 
be used in water or oil colors. An excel- 
lent brush for the sign writer. 

Width 14 14 ", l 

Each 1Qc 14c 22n 

Card Writers' Brushes 


3B422— Weight, 2 oz. 
Exceptional value. Fine quality genuine 
camel's hair. Plain cedar handles. Nickel 
ferrule. Full sizes. Camel's hair. 

Sizes 2 4 6 8 10 

Each ....8c 8c 10c 13c 15c 

Special Bronzing Brush 

3B604— Each, 10c 

Width, 1 in. Length of hair. 1% ill. 
Full stock. Weight, 1 oz. 

Soft Hair Bronzing Brush. For house- 
hold use. For bronzing or lacquering pic- 
ture frames, chandeliers, bric-a-brac, and 
small articles. 

Camel's Hair Color Brush 


Weight, 2 oz. 
Extra quality. Double thick. Brass 
hound. Short cedar handles. Length of 
hair, li /3 to l!/4 inches. 

Sizes 1% 2 2% 3 

Each 30c 44c 58c 80c 







Paste Brush 


For t li e professional 
Paperhanger, or for any 
one desiring a practical 
and durable paste brush. 
Good quality gray Rufl- 
sian bristles. Galvanized 

iron band. Varnished handle. Width, 7% 

inches. Length of bristles, 4^. inches. 

Weight. 8 ounces. 

3B776— Each $1-48 

AH hair Paste Brush. 
Width. 7% inches. 
Length of bristles, 3V4 
inches. Weight, 17 
3B780— Each . .53c 

Best quality flexible Spatula, a handy 
article around the kitchen and for other 
purposes. Finely tempered flexible blade. 
Cocoa handle, heavily riveted. 

Oat. No. | Each I Blado 1 Wcloht 



6 In. 

8 in. 

10 in. 

4 oz. 

7 oz. 

10 oz. 

Patty Knife 


Made of the 
Best White Tam- 
pico. Metal 
bound. Length of 
stock, 3 in. Ex- 
ceptional value. 

Cat. No. | Each | Wliltli 1 Weight 



7 oz. 

8 oz. 

Black Chinese 

Metal bound. An J 
extra good brush fori 
the price. I 

3B840— Each, 18c 

Length of slecl blade, 3^. inches 

Weight, 6 ounces 

Finest quality Putty and Glaziers' Knife 

Walnut handle. Elastic, bevel edge blade 

3B841 — Each. 15c 
Same as 3BS40, but with straight edge 
stiff blade. 

Cat. No. | Each I Width I thistles ! Wt. 




7 in. 

8 in. 

: iu. I 1 oz. 
in. I 1 9 oz. 

White Russian 

Leather bound. 
A good medium 
priced brush. 

Cat.Ho, | Each I Width I Bristles I Weight 

3B470i$0.96l 1\ 
3B471I 1.20 S 

l 2 oz. 
13 oz. 

White Russian 


Extra long and 
full. Leather 

Cat.No. | Each I Width I Bristles I Weight 

3B473IS1 .76) 8 in. 
3B474! 2. 26! »\i in. 

3?4 in. 
A to. 

1 .1 oz. 
1 5 oz. 


Gray Russian 
bristles. White 
outside. Long 
and full. Leather 
bound. No better 
whitewash brush 

Cot.No. | Ea ch I Width I liristles I Wt. 

3B47GIS1.95I »M 
3B477I 2.75 1 9« 

S'a ill. 

-1 111. 

4 \i in. 

15 oz. 

1 a <«■ 

Smoothing Brush 

white fiber, 
of its kind. 

wire drawn. 

A good 
i n expensive 
Brush. Made 
with two 
rows of 
An excellent brush 

Cut-No, | Each I Width I liristles I Wt. 

3B770! 10c I IP in. I 2 In. I 

8 oz. 


A Smoothing Brush. 'Necessary to do a 
good smooth Job of paperhaiising. Made of 
two rows of black China bristles. Equal to 

the average SI. 00 brush. 

Cnt.No. | Each | Width I Bristles I Wt. 

3B774I 77c I I o in. 


i in. 

6 oz. 
S oz. 

Paint Pot Hook 

_, 3B741— Each. 3c 
»t., t oz. Postage, 2c 

ladders?' " When Dalnll "8 (r ° m 

3B842— Each. 10c 

Weight, 6 ounces 
Good grade Putty Knife. 3',!. inch stiff 
steel blade. Square end. Riveted handle. 

Scraping Knile 

3B845— Each, 34c 

Weight, 6 ounces 
Finest quality tempered steel blade. 
Length of blade, 3 niches. Strongly rein- 
forced bolster. Cocoa handle, shaped to fit 
hand. The bes t scrap i n g kn i to we know of . 
3B846— Each, 20c 
A good, practical, low-priced scraper. 
Length of steel blade, 3 inches. Plain han- 
dlc. Weight. G ounces. 

3B847— Wall Scraping Knife. Stiff blado. 
3-inch square point, beechwcod handle 
Weight, 8 ounces. Each 80 

Built-Up Paste Board 

Width, open, 2 2 inches; folded, 11 inches. 
Average weight, 15 pounds. 

Tongued and grooved and glued, to pre- 
vent dishing. Four battens, to prevent waro- 

" Three binge s. 


Cat. No. 






6 feet 

7 feet 

8 feet 

Folding Paste Table 

P*Jf Light weight, but strong. Has 
■ place at sido for straight edge 
and tools, which are not included. 
Width, open, 22 inches; folded, 11 inches. 
3B81 8— Length, 7 feet. Weight, 20 lbs. 

Each S2-98 

3BS1 9— Length, S feet. Weight. 23 lbs. 
Each S3.20 

Painters' Time Saver 

Prevents Daubing 

the Wall When 


3B852 — This Is a 
very handy article. 
.... - For the painter, 

finisher, or for household use. Also used 
when washing woodwork, to prevent tho 
wall decorations from being soiled. It is 
invaluable to the experienced painter as 
well as the amateur. Is made of light metal, 
highly polished. Shipping weight, 5 ounces. 


— gg^ JPaint Paddle fo r Mixing Paints 

m?o^ -— - — ^= ? 3B742 — Each, 7c 

„ , . Height, . in ounces. 

Paint Paddle. For Mixing Paint. Made 

of malleable iron. Length, 15 inches. 

The Standard little 
Wall Paper Trimmer 
and 6-Foot Steel Bound 

Straight Edge 
3B827 — Simple, compact, practical 
and self-adjusting. Has a perpendicular 
up and down movement, duplex in its 
action, giving the trimmer greater cut- 
ting capacity than other trimmers on 
tho market. Complete outfit, consisting 
of trimmer. 6-foot steel bound straight 
edge, and zinc strip length of straight 
edge. Weight, about 6 pounds. 
Outfit, complete $2.75 

3B80G— Wheel 
Knife, with a 
patent device for 
keeping the paste 
off the knife, leaving it clean and sharp at 
lies. 2 in. blade, wt., packed, 4 oz. 



3B809 — Best 
Trimmer and 
Paper Knife 
comb ined. A 
good corner 
knife. Weight, packed, 4 ounces. Each 36c 

3B779— Paper, 
hangers' Hard- 
wood Seam 
Roller. IVi inch 
face. Weight, packed. 4 ounces. 

. .110 

Wall Paper Trimmers and Knives 

3B794— Wheel 
Knife, for trim- 
ming wall paper. 
Has straight edge 
shoulder on each 
Weight, packed, 3 

side. 2 inch blade, 
ounces. Each . . . 20c 

Weight, packed, 3 

3B812 — Best 
steel square point 
butting knife. 
Cocobola handle. 
Shi in. blade. 
Each 15c 

Paperhangers' Shears for paper cutting. 
Best steel. No better made. Laid steel 
blades. Weight, about 15 ounces. 

3B815— 10 inch. Each 5fi 

3B816— I 2 inch. Each ....... 70c 

3B817— I 4 Inch. Each 98c 

ounces. Each . 

3B782— Paper- 
hangers' Maolo 
Seam Roller. 
1 ?4 inch oval 
face, t w o piece 



Smoothing Roller 

A very satisfactory 
Roller. Covered with 
six-ply felt. Width. 
8 inches. Weight, 1 
pound 1 ounce. 
3B835— Each, 40c 


Weicbt, 6 
-Per pair . . 

Folding Trestle 

The simplest 
and best trestle 
on t h e market. 
Made of best 
material. Light 
weight, but 



Ruled Knife Straight Edge 


Made of tho best lumber and is as true 
as a straight edgo can be made. Made of 
five pieces, hard maple on outer edges. This 
is not the cheap straight edgo usually found 
on the market. Weight, about 5 pounds. 

3B830— Length, 6 feet. Each 58c 

3B831— Length, 7 feet. Each 68c 

3B832— Length, 8 feet. Each 85c 

Extension Ladder 

Strictly high grade. Se- 
lected Norway pino. Se- 
lected hickory rungs. 
BCP24G— Size, 28 feet. 
Hcclions, 16 and 12 feet. 
Weight. 84 pounds. 

Each S4.30 

5CP247— Size. 34 feet. 
Sections, IS and 10 feet. 
Weight, 10 2 pounds. 

Each S5.00 

5CP248— Size. 42 feet. 
Sections. 16. 14, and 12 
feet. Weight, 126 pounds. 
Each S7.50 

Rope Extension 

Strictly High Grade. 
Double roller top irons. 
Hope and windlass. Self 
locking hook. 

5CP232— Size, 3 2 feet. 
Sections, 10 feet. Weight. 
80 pounds. Each.. S6. 10 
BCP233— Size, 36 feet. 
Sections, 18 feet. Weight 
90 pounds. Each.. S7, 04 
5CP234— Size. 40 feet. 
Sections, 20 feet. Weight. 
100 pounds. Each S7.65 

Sturdy Stepladder 

built ladders on the market. 

Each step Is 
strongly rein- 
forced with a 
steel rod un- 
derneath. Ex- 
tra quality. 
Made of b e s t 
seasoned pine. 
Malleable Iron 
top bracket. 
Should not be 
compared with 
the light 
weight, poorly 

Cat. No. I Bach I Length I Weight 




6 ft. 

8 ft, 

10 ft. 

1 5 lbs. 
1 S lbs. 
24 lbs. 
30 lbs. 

Trestle Ladder 

Strongest Trestle 
Ladder on the mar- 
ket. Made of se- 
lected pine. Steps 
have a double steel 
brace ct both ends, 
so spaced that a 
1 2 inch plank 
can pass freely en 
every step. Weight, 

5CP211— Length, 
5CP21 3— Length, 
5CP214— Length, 
5CP21 5— Length, 

per foot, 

5 feet. Each 

6 feet. Each 
8 feet. Each 

1 feet. Each . 

about 3 

. $1 .20 
. 1.35 
. 1.78 
. 2.25 

Ladder Bracket Shell 

For carpenters, 
painters. metal 
workers, e t 0. 
When used singly 
you have a step 
to stand on and 
a shelf for tools 
and materials. 
Made with steel 
frame and steel 
supports with 
wood step and 
shelf. Wt. 1 G oz. 
5CP251— Per pair . . S2.55 

Paperhangers' Extension Table 

Adjustable to different lengths. Very convenient. Made light and strong. Width, 

11% inches. Thickness, 1^4 inches. 

5CP268— Size. 6 to 11 feet. Weight, 30 pounds. 

5CP269— Size, 8 to 15 feet. Weight. 35 pounds. 

Each . 
Each . 





Very Pleasing Effects May be Accomplished 

with Stencils and It's Very Interesting. 

Yoti can do it Yourself 


Popular and artistic Stencil Designs, for 
. ' painting and decorating. Walls and ceilings 
finished with our Flat Wall Finish, or Pur-E- 
Tone Hot Water Kalsoraine and Fresco Colors, 
are particularly well adapted for stenciling. 
To get the most artistic effect in stenciling, 
the colors must blend perfectly. This you 
can accomplish easily. Simply take some of 
the same paint or kalsomine used on the 
walls, and add a few drops of brown at a 
time, being careful not to get it too dark. If 
too dark there will be too much contrast to 
be artistic. If your wall color is a gray use 
for stenciling the same material, adding a 
little black for a darker shade, or a little 
white for a lighter shade. 

These stencils are made from heavy oiled 
paper, and are easily used for making borders, 
binders, and panel work, on painted, kal- 
somined or frescoed walls and ceilings. Also 
are used on plain or ingrain wall papers, por- 
tieres, curtains, table covers, etc. Weight, 
3 to 10 ounces. 

When ordering Stencils, mention Catalogue 
Number as shown below. 

3B8810— Price, each, 10c 
Width, l'i in. Length, 20 in. 

3B8814— Price, each, 13c 
Width, 3V4 in. Length., 15 in. 

3B8817— Price, each, 15c 
Width, 4 in. Length, 19% in. 

3B8825— Price, each, 23c 
Width, tj in. Length, 17 in 



3B8820— Price, each, 19c 
Width, 4% in. Length, 16 



3B8822— Price, each, 19c 
Width, 6 in. Length. 13% i 


3B8813— Price, each, 15c 
"Width, 2y 2 in. Length, 16 in. 

3B881 5— Price, each, 18c 
Width, 3 in. Length, IS in. 

3B8816— Price, each, 19c 
Width, 314 in. Length, ISM m 

3B8812— Price, each, 13c 
Width, 2 in. Length. 13 in 

^V >MT >*< >V 

3B8818— Price, each, 18c 
Width, 4% in. Length, 1(3 in. 

3B8833— Price, each, 25c 
Width, 4% in. Length, 21H in. 

3B8829— Price, each, 12c 
Width, 4 in. Length, 4 in. 

3B8830— Price, each, 30c 
Width, 7 in. Length, 16 in 

3B8823— Price, each, 19c 
Width, 2 in. Length, 16 in. 

3B8827— Price, each, 29c 
Width, 6% in. Length, 18 in. 

5B8828— Price, each, 24c 
Width, 3 in. Length. 20 in. 


• • » • * 

3B8831— Price, each, 24c 
Width, 7V 2 in. Length, 13 in. 

3B8835— Price, each, 30c 
Width, 8 in. Length, 19 in. 


3P.8846 — Price, each, 36c 
Width, 11 in. Length. 16 in. 


Width, 9 in 

Price, each, 40c 
Length, 16 in. 


A Complete Assortment o! Wood Graining Tools 

It Is not necessary that you have any experience in order to obtain 
the beautiful effects that you have so often desired. At a very small 
expense you can grain the doors and the woodwork artistically in any 
room. If you have grown tired of the plain painted or varnished effect, 
try graining the woodwerk and change the entire effect of the apartment. 

English Blued Steel 
Graining Combs 

3B748— In 1 2 assorted s^zes. Packed in tin compartment case. Weight, 

12 oz. Per set 70o 

3B749 — English Steel Graining Comb. Width, 3 in. For producing 
fine grains of woods. Shipping weight, 2 oz. Each 11c 



You may become a 

first-class grainer by 
using our patent rubber grain- 
ing rolls. The illustration 
shows the manner in which the 
rolls are manipulated. There 
are three rolls, 5% in. long 
and 1% in. In diameter. The 
one which is corrugated can be 
used to imitate any known 
grain of wood — the other is 
used to reproduce growth of 
quarter sawed oak; the third 
takes the place of the graining 
combs. This will be found very advantageous in graining. The color, 
instead of being pushed forward and accumulated in the running points 
as is frequently the case in other grainers, is allowed to pass between 
the teeth. With the three rolls one will be prepared to do any kind of 
oak, ash, chestnut, etc.. graining without having to use any other tools. 
All that is required is to lay your color on the surface you wish to 
grain, brushing it out well, then slide the graining roll down the surface 
you are graining, turning it slowly. Shipping weight, 15 oz. 
Per Set ggg 


3B752— The Magic Handle Grainer. For 
graining floors, wainscoting, etc. No 
experience necessary. You rock the roller 
at the same lime yon slide it along. Every 
change or movement of the hand makes 
a different grain, giving a great variety 
of work and grains of wood. You can 
change the effect by turning the roller 
over. Shipping weight, 6 oz. 
Each 28c 

The New Home Grainer,68c 

3R7£ft 0ne steel Graining Comb and two Rub- 
OUiOV ber Graining Rolls will produce any imi- 
tation of woods. Something that will help beautify 
the home without much trouble. A great deal can be 
done easily if the proper tools are handy, and we 
think that this set is the thing wanted. Two rubber 
corrugated graining rollers, and a steel graining comb. 
With these, almost any grain of wood can be pro- 
duced. The rollers are 5 in. long. One produces 
heart -shape wood grains, the other is a blender; and the steel comb 
produces the fine grains of woods; a splendid combination. Shipping 
weight, 8 oz. The entire set, with instructions, for 68c 


You Can Do Your Own Graining, Refinish Your Old Floor* and 
Woodwork at Little Cost 

Experience unnecessary. 
Easy to use and inexpensive. 
Anyone who can wield a 
brush can convert old. dark. 
dirt-stained floors or wood- 
work of any kind into new. 
light, up-to-date hardwood 
effect at a cost of 2c per foot. 
It completely covers the old 
surface, hides all blemishes, 
and produces a beautifully 
rich gloss and durable finish, 
similar to hardwood. 

Outfit consists of sufficient 
material, tools and brushes, 
together with full and com- 
plete directions, to finish one ordinary floor, or the door and window 
casings and baseboards of an ordinary room, as follows: 

I Quart Co-Var- Finish Ground Color SO-57 

I Pint Graining Compound * ,26 

I Quart Co-Var-Finish Natural. Gloss finish. . * 57 

I Three-Inch Grainer and Steel Comb .38 

I One and a half inch Brush. For graining compound 21 

I Two and a half Inch Brush. For ground color and finishing coat -31 

3B8438— Graining Outfit. Total cost ~2^30 

Our Price for this Outfit 1-95 

Shipping weight, 16 pounds. 

Graining Colors 
in Oil 

These colors come In paste 
form, and are prepared for 
use by mixing to the consist- 
ency of paint, or a little 
heavier, with one part boiled 
linseed oil, and two parts 
turpentine. Put up in 1 and 
5 lb. cans. Colors are ma- 
hogany, cherry*, walnut, light 
oak. and dark oak. 

3B8015— lib. cans. 

Per can 13c 

3B8016— 5-lb. cans. 
Per can G3o 

Gra ining Compound 

A liquid preparation In 
which graining is. done. 
Put up in glass jars, se- 
curely packed and ready 
for use. Stir thoroughly 
before using. Apply very 
thinly and evenly over the 
surface, then use the 
grainer immediately, or 
while the coating is still 
fresh. Apply with brush 
not previously used in var- 
nish, paint or any prepara- 
tion containing turpentine 
or oil. One pint, under fair conditions, 
covers about 100 square feet of surface. 
Shipping weight, 3 lbs. 
3B8440 — I Pint Jar Graining Com- 
pound 27c 




Finishers' Specials — Floor Preparations 

Guides for Painters 
and Decorators 

The Modern Painters 9 

2M4303— By F. Marie, in- 
structor at the Chicago School 
of Painting, Decorating, and 
Paperhanglng. One of the 
most instructive and reliable 
books published. Covers 
every branch of the subject. 
Cloth bound. 460 pages. 
Size. 5 34x7%. Itetail price, 
S1.50. Weight, 2 pounds. 
Our price 97c 

Practical House and Auto- 
mobile Painter 

2M4306 — Full directions 
for mixing and applying 
paints, varnish, kalsomine, 
and directions for paper- 
hanging, including sign and 
carriage painting. 153 

pages. Size, 6%xf%. Ite- 
tail price, 7 5c. Weight, C 
ounces. Our price, paper 
covers 37c 

2M4307 — Cloth binding. 
Retail price, 81.00. Weight, 
12 ounces. Our price 59c 

Gasoline Blow Torch 


ble for 

One of the finest 
and most popular 
Torches on the mar- 
ket. Made of polished 
brass with special 
bronze metal burner, 
and Improved air 
pump. Produces a 
solid blue flame, gen- 
erating about 1,5 00 
degrees ( Fahrenheit) . 
It is easily regulated 
and indispensable for 
paint burning, solder- 
ing, thawing out pipes, 
and for plumbers, tin- 
ners, electricians, etc. Has an adjustable 
solder iron holder, which can be easily re- 
moved if desired. livery torch is tested and 
warranted perfect. 

2C802— Capacity, I Pint. 

Weight, IVi lbs. Each 

2C803— Capacity, 1 Quart. 
Weight. 2% lbs. Each. .... 

i Usual value $3.00 
and up 


Superior Liquid Glue 

An unusually strong and tenacious glue 
In liquid form, ready to use. Has no dis- 
agreeable odor. Will not sour or mould. It 
stands heat and cold, wet and dry. The 
small bottle size is intended more for family 
size. Shipping weight, per quart, about 4 

3B8580— One ounce glass bottle, with 

brush. Per bottle 6c 

3B8581— Half pint can. Per can... 21c 
3B8682— One pint can. Per can.., 32c 

3B8583 — One quart can. Per can... 50c 

Crack and Crevice Filler 

Thte is a spe- 
cially prepared, 

hard- drying, 

non- shrinkable, 
elastic c o m - 
pound for fill- 
ing cracks and 
crevices In 
floors, woodwork 
a n d furniture 
before applying 
paint or var- 
n i s h . Also 
adapted for 

rough places. It 

is easily applied, and gives permanent satis 
faction. Does not shrink or crumble and 
dries hard in 2 4 hours. Clean out cracks 
or crevices thoroughly before using filler. 

3B8228— lib. cans. Per can 12c 

3B8229— 5-U). cans. Per can. . .... 55c 

Emery Cloth 

4C2405 — Extra quality Emery 
Cloth. Durable and rapid cutting. 
24 sheets to a quire. No. 00 is 
the finest. Weights range iy 4 to 
2 lbs. per quire. Size of sheets, 
9x11 in. (Give number.) 


,Quire (2-il Per 
| .Sheets) | Sheet 

















Sand Paper 

4C2400 — Extra 
Quality Flint or 
Sand Paper. Tough 
and satisfactory. 
The No. 00 is the 
finest. Size of 
sheets, 9x11 in 

Weights, % to 2 lbs. per quire 

(Give number.) 


Half Ream 

(240 Sheets) 









(24 Sheets) 

SO. 15 

5C3159 — Cast Iron 
Double Glue Pots. The 
inside pot for glue is 
heavily tinned. Water 
is placed in the outside 
vessel. Weight, 3 to 6 
lbs. State size wanted. 

Inside pot 

% pint 

1 'A Pint 

2>4 pint 

Fill-Tite (A Water Putty Filler) 

Fills up cracks and dries hard 
as rock. A mineral combination 
in powder form to be mixed with 
water. Dries in 15 minutes. The 
ideal filler for filling holes and 
imperfections on concrete work, 
plastered walls, basements, iron 
or metal work, cracks in furni- 
ture, vehicles, statuary, orna- 
ments, etc. 

When dry, water will not dis- 
solve it. It can be sandpapered, 
carved or sawed without crum- 

3B8223— 1 lb, package. For 9c 

3B8224 — 2 II). package. For 16c 

3B8225— 5 lb. package. For 36c 

Floor Oil 

A Special Pre- 
pared Oil. For use 
on floors of stores, 
offices, kitchens, 
etc. It is easily 
applied with . a 
cloth, dries quick 
ly and does not 
leave the surface sticky or greasy. 
Floors on which this oil is used 
are dustless, easily kept clean 
with a cloth or broom, and do not 
require frequent scrubbing. Ship- 
ping weight, per gallon, 8 lbs. 

3B8230— 1 (|t. cans. Per can.... $0-18 
3B8231— ',4 gal. cans. Per can... .28 
3B8232— l-gal. cans. Per can... .45 
3BP8233— 'i-gal. cans. Per can . . ■ 2-03 

Floor Reviver 

A superior article,; 
for reviving andf 
brightening v a r-j- 
nished or waxedp | 
surfaces. Especially 
adapted for floors, 
wainscoting and all 
woodwork. SimplyL 
apply with cloth. ~ 
Dries quickly and leaves surface 
in condition easy to keep clean. 
Weight, per gallon, about 8 lbs. 

3B8255— Pint Cans. Each S0-20 

3B8256— Quart Cans. Each 35 

3B8257— Vi Gallon Cans. Each.. .65 
3B8258— Gallon Cans. Each 1.20 

Assorted Sand Paper and 
Emery Cloth 

4C2402— An assorted package of best flint 
sand paper and emery cloth. Ten sheets in 
all. Weight, 12 ounces. 
Per package J7p 

Finest Dancing Floor Wax 

This wax comes in pow- 
dered form, and is without 
question the finest prepara- 
tion for dancing floors that 
has ever been produced. It 
is easy to apply. Simply 
sprinkle lightly over the 
floor and the feet of the 
dancers will do the rest. It 
will not soil the most deli- 
cate fabric, or the finest 
floor. It gives a finish to 
the floor that is much more 
serviceable than that se- 
cured from the average wax — 
Put up in one-lh. sprinkler top cans 
3B8242— Powdered Dancing Floor Wax 1- 
lb. cans. Per can 28c 


Floor Wax, 1-Ilj. Can, 30c 

An Ideal Finish for Floors, In- 
terior Woodwork andFurniture 
Our Floor Wax Is of the 
rflUti finest grade and color. It pro- 
duces a rich, durable finish, 
not easily marred or scratched. 
Can be used on either open or 
close grained wood. It pre- 
serves and develops to the best 
possible advantage the different kinds of 
wood in their natural beauty. It is applied 
witli a cloth. Dries hard. Can he rubbed 
to a high polished finish, which is easily 
kept clean. There is a great difference in 
floor waxes. Some of them contain very 
little if any wax. Ours is the best grade, 
the kind that retails at 45c and 50c per lb. 
3B8235 — I pound cans. Each . . . . $0>30 
3B8236 — 4 pound cans. Each.... 1.12 
3B8237 — 8 pound cans. Each..,. 2-08 

Floor Finishing Brush 
for Wax Floors 

These Brushes are made on a 
solid block, which prevents the 
stock from working up and down 
as is the case where brushes are 
wire drawn. Our brush has a 
piece of heavy cord around the 

edge to prevent the block from marring the 
woodwork. The castings are finished in 
bright aluminum. Handles are nicely pol- 
ished and swing from center of casting. 
3B8270— 15-lb. family size. Each.. $1 . 30 
3B8271— 25-lb. standard size. Each. 1.75 





Ground Glue Is the same as Amber Flake Glue 


3B8560— Ground Glue. 
3B8561— Ground Glue. 

except that it is ground fine so that it may be 
quickly prepared for use, as it requires only a half 
hour to soak. Ground and Amber are very good 
glues, and do well for most purposes. White Cabi- 
net is a pure white glue. Superior Flake Glue is 
. specially prepared for finest furniture work where 

glue is put to the most severe test. 

Transparent Flake Glue is a pure 

white translucent glue of superior 


Per pound 15 c 

100-lb. keg. Per pound 13c 

3B8562— Ground Glue. 200-lb. barrel. Per pound 12c 

3B8563— Amber Flake Glue. Per pound 15c 

3B8564 — Amber Flake Glue. 100-lb. keg. Per pound 13c 

3B8565— Amber Flake Glue. 200-lb. barrel. Per pound 12c 

3B8566— White Cabinet Flake Glue. Per pound 19c 

3B8567 — White Cabinet Flake Glue. 5-lb. package. Per pound 17c 

3B8568— White Cabinet Flake Glue. 50-lb. keg. Per pound 16'/aC 

3B8569— White Cabinet Flake Glue. 100-lb. keg. Per pound 16c 

3B8570— Superior Flake Glue. Per pound 20c 

3B8571 — Superior Flake Glue. 100-lb. keg. Per pound 19c 

3B8572— Superior Flake Glue. 200-lb. barrel. Per pound 18c 

3B8573— 'Transparent Flake Glue. Per pound 26c 

25ISJZ2 - Transparent Flake Glue - 5 - lb - package. Per pound 25c 

3B8575— -Transparent Flake Glue. 50-lb. keg. Per pound 23c 

Waxelite — A Wax Preparation lor Floors, 

Furniture and Woodwork 

WAXELITE is a Perfect Preserv- 
ative and Dressing for All Floors. 

Splendid preparation for Oilcloths 
and Linoleums. It is a hygienic 
article of proved value. It forms a 
hermetic coating over the surface to 
which it is applied that is absolutely 
germ proof. Keeps floors clean and 
bright and doubles the life of the 
wood. If used on maple it will pre- 
serve its whiteness. 

wax preparation that is especially adapted for 
use on close grained floorings. It is applied 
with a brush, cloth or lag. After it is thoroughly 

dry a brisk cloth ruh- 

bing will produce a 

smooth, glazed surface to 

which the dust will not 

adhere. It is used with 

distinct success over var- 
nished or shellacked 

floors, counter shelvings 

or interior woodwork. 

When used in this man- § 

nor allow WAXELITE to! 

stand about sixty min- 
utes, then rub witli a 

cloth, as above described. 



3B8250— 1 p 
3B8251— 1 quart cans. 

ping weight, 
S lbs. 
Per can . . 
Per can , 

per gallon, 

• 26c]3B825Z- 
. 42cl3B8253- 

% -gallon cans. Per can. . . ,75c 
1 gallon cans. Per can . . . S1 .40 



Any size Window or Door Glass 
may bo covered with this paper 
The above shows Design 
2B723 ill red and black; with 
2B725 Border, in red. blue and 
black: and No. 21)773 Corner. 
in red, blue and black. 

Over 100,000 Residences 

and Business Houses 
Have Our Paper in Use 

Stained Glass Paper 

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever" 

Over 10,000 Churches 

Have Our Paper 

in Use 

,M! nattcrns are the same size sheets, S%x8% inches. 
- each pattern makes a border 4«54 inches 

need. Two 
, Will last 

When cut in two. 
wide by 17 inches long. 

By measuring the glass in the windows you wish to decorate, 
MUL call tell just how many sheets you will 
sheets will cover one square foot of glass. 

Not affected by beat or cold. May be washed, 

"'Thes^patterns have a white background, except 2B7 73 

which has a red background. 

2B783 — White lace, effect. 

2 B785— Border— White lace effect. 

2B787— Corner— While lace effect. 

2B761— R«l squares. Black lines. 

2B767 — Green squares. Black lines. 

2B781— Yellow squares. Black lines. 

■>117C7 and 2B7S1 differ from 2B7C1 only in coloring. 

Far Superior to Anything of This Kind on the Market 

Decorate your dining room, transoms, doors and bathroom windows with our 
Stained Glass Paper. It will make your plain glassi windows look like real Stained 
Glass. When applied to the glass, only an expert can tell the difference between 
this Glass Paper and the genuine Stained or Cathedral Glass. Windows with ordi- 
nary panes of glass can be made to appear like the most beautiful and expensive 
Stained Glass. It is easily applied and durable. The effect is most beautiful 
and artistic and adds one hundred per cent to the surroundings in the room in 
which it is placed. 

This Glass Paper takes the place of curtains. It keeps out the rays of the 
sun and at the same time lets in the light with) the most cheerful effect. It can be 
made to fit any shape or size of glass. Give it a trial and convince yourself as 
to its beauty and durability. 

The border also conies in sheets S 1 ,^ inches square and can be cut to make any 
width border desired. Comers come in same size as borders and can be cut in 
corner pieces to match the border. By following directions given, you will have 
no trouble in applying this paper. , . 

Some of the reasons why our Stained Glass Paper Is preferable to Stained Glass: 

1st It does not cost one-tenth as much, 

2nd. The richness of color is superior to the average stained glass window. 

3rd.* The colors are so blended that they harmonize more perfectly than in 

4th The" brilliant rays of the sun passing through stained glass are at times 
very annoying. Not so with our Stained Glass Paper, yet it admits the light perfectly, 
5th You cut our Stained, Glass Paper to fit any size or shape of window. It is 
splendid for vestibule doors, side lights, and transoms. For bathrooms it is much 
better than curtains. Kxcellent for back windows that have an unpleasant outlook. 
2B765— Red, blue and black. 
2B763— Stipple stone. Red and blue. 
2B7G9 — Yellow, red and blue. 
2B771 — Green, red and blue. 

2B7G3, 2B769, 2B771 differ from 2B7G5 only in coloring. 
2B775— Red. blue and black. 
2B779 — Blue, red and black. 
2B777— Green, red and black. 

2B7 7 9 and 2B7 7 7 differ from 2B77 5 only in coloring. 

Our Stained Glass Paper is in sheets or sections, S^xS^ 

inches. Two sheets will cover one square foot of glass. 

Order by number, stating the border you wish. Any pattern 

furnished with or without border. 

Lace Design 2B783. 
Border Design, 2B7 8 5 . 
Corner Design. 2B787. 
A remarkably close imi- 
tation of lace curtains. 

Design 2B76I, shown 
above, with 2B7 25 Bor- 
der, and 2B7 73 Corners. 
In three colors — red, 
blue, on yellow. 


ji&i*'\^/ J iffl£ 











Per square foot, including a 

plying Stained Glass Paper . . 

Very easy to apply. Weight, 

rubber and isinglass for ap- 

about 1 oz. per sq. ft. 

Design 2B765, shown 
above, with 2B789 Bor- 
der and 2B7 91 Corner. 
In three colors— red, 
blue and black. For 
other dolors, see price 

Design 2B775, shown 
above, with 2B7 9 2 Bor- 
der mitred at corner. In 
three colors — red, blue, 
and black. For other 
colors, see price list. 

Prepared Dyed Burlap 

For Wall Decorations 

Makes elegant and durable walls. This 
quality has a filled backing which gives sup- 
port and strength to the goods. Can be hung 
name as wall paper. The colors are plain 
red, green, dark brown and golden brown. 
Samples furnished on request. 

2B760— Golden Brown. Per yard. . . .24c 

2B762 — Dark Brown. Per yard 24c 

2B7G4 — Green. Per yard 24c 

2B766 — Red. Per yard 24c 

Width, 3G inches. Weight, about 1 lb. 
per yard. 

Wood Fibre Veneer 

For Walls and Floors 

Looks Like Genuine Wood 

bat Costs Much Less 

Fibre Veneer comes in vari- 
ous wood finishes. Recom- 
mended for walls of dining 
room, etc. — is also used for 
floors. The grain is printed in 
permanent oil colors, on all 
wood pulp fibre stock. The 
light shades may be darkened 
by using orange shellac and 
varnish. If you want to retain 
same color, use our Grip-Tite 
Wall Sizing 3BS5S (price per 
lb. 15c), then varnish with our 
Varnish, 3BS64 3 (price per 
gallon, SI. 98). Fibre Veneer 
is also washable with or with- 
out being varnished. 

How to Lay Fibre 


Apply two coats of ordinary 
flour paste to the back of tho 
veneer, allowing the first coat 
to sitak a few minutes beforo 
the second coat is applied. 

men place the veneer on the 4ftS— Plain Oak 

wall or floor, brushing it out * fiB * rwiu 

with a whisk broom, or paperhangers' smoothing! brush. After the veneer is thoroughly 
dry apply a coat of our Orange Shellac, 3BSGS3 (price, per gallon, $1.50), over the 
surface; or a coat of our Glue Size 3B6027 (price, per package. 15c), if you want a 
cheaper finish. Allow enough time for the shellac to become dry, then apply a coat 
or our Floor Varnish, 3BS643 (price, per gallon, SI. 98). 

On a floor where the cracks are open, we recommend the use of unbleached cot- 
Ion cloth. Tack the cloth about an inch from the baseboard, covering the entire floor, 
and stretch it as tightly as possible Prepare the fibre veneer according to above 
directions, and lay it over the cloth. By laying the veneer close tol the baseboard, you 
will cover up the tacks. 

*J or floors, or over woodwork, good results have been obtained by using carpet felt 
or building paper as a lining for the fibre veneer, applying] the carpet felt or building 
paper first, and paste the veneer over it. Fibre veneer on floors makes an ideal border 
around rugs. 

All Fibre Veneer comes in 8-yard rolls, 3 6 inches wide. 

All fibre Veneer Parquet Inlaid Border conies in S-yard rolls, IS inches wide. 

Price, per 8-yard roll. Shipping weight, 2ȣ lbs 60c 


Width Length 
Inches Yds 
2'/ 2 Inches. . . 36 8 
2'/ 2 inches. . . 36 

Inches 36 

~ inches 36 

Plain Grain Mahogany. Size, 9 inches 36 

Circassian Walnut. Size, 9 inches 36 

2B1 — Fibre Veneer, 
2B2— Fibre Veneer. 
2B3— Fibre Veneer. 
2B4— Fibre Veneer. 
2B15 — Fibre Veneer. 
2B17— Fibre Veneer, 

Quartered Oak, Light color. Size, 
Quartered Oak. Dark color. Size, 
Plain Oak. Light color. Size. 9 
Plain Oak. Dark color, Size 9 

2B13 — Fibre Veneer. Parquet Inlaid Border. Light color ". . , 18 

2B14 — Fibre Veneer. Parquet Inlaid Border. Dark color -J8 

No. 17 Circassian Walnut and No. 15 Mahogany have a verv pleasing effect' wit bout 
▼amlsii and are washable with or without being varnished. Samples sent you upon request. 

60 c 


An Imitation of Art 

No Brushes, No Size, No 
Paste Required 

To meet the demand for a cheaper 
transparency for the decoration of 
windows, transoms, and sash doors, 
we also list Vitropliane. Tliis is a 
tough paper, treated by a secret 
process, to render it partially trans- 
parent to admit light, and designed 
Mid colored to imitate stained glass. 

It takes the place of window 
shades — admits the light in a very 
pleasing effect but shuts out any 
distasteful view. For sash doors, 
the glass, when covered with 
2B793 (white), has the appearance 
of a lace curtain. 

Vitropliane will last for many 
years. It is guaranteed not to 
blister, peel or fade; nor is it af- 
fected by heat or cold. May hecuttofit 
any glass surface and without waste. 
Easy to apply— anyone can put it on. 

Put up in rolls. Length, 13 ft. 
Also in half rolls, " 

Above 2B797 
G In.; width, 18 in. 
Length, 6 ft. 9 in., or 10% sq. ft. 

2B793— White lace effect. White lines, 

2B794 — Same, with diagonals In blue. 

2B795 — Diamonds, alternating red and 


2B797 — Red Roses, green leaves. Black 


Price, per full roll , 

Per ^ roll 

Weight, per full roll, 12 oz. Per half roll, 
Samples and further information on request. 

2B796— Same i 
White lines. 
2B798— Purple 
Black lines. 

Above 2B798 
containing 20)4 sq. ft. 

s 2B797 (no colors). 

grapes, green leaves. 

61 c 

31 c 

Varnished Tile Paper 

This Sidewall represents 
enameled tiling. A var- 
nished paper that is very 
popular on account of its 
sanitary qualities, and its 
clean appearance. When 
soiled it may be wiped off 
with a damp cloth with- 
out injury to the paper. 

The scenic border is 6 
inches wide. The border 
and ceiling are varnished, 
same as sidewall. 

The paper may be made 
more durable by applying 
a coat of white Damar 
Varnish. Our 3B8660 is 
very good for this purpose, 
and will not discolor the paper. 

This varnished tile paper is excellent for kitchen, bathroom, hall, 
or vestibule. For other Avail covering write for our Free "Wall 
Paper Samples." 

2B698— Blue-lined Sidewall. Per double roll of 16 yards 23c 

2B3699 — Blue Border for same. Per yard I'/zC 

2B700 — Blue Ceiling for same. Per double roll of 16 yards 23c 

2B701 — Green-lined Sidewall. Per double roll of 10 yards 23c 

2B3701 — Green Border fcr same. Per yard. . tJ&6 

2B711 — Green Ceiling for same. Per double roll of 16 yards 23c 

Weight, about 2 lbs. per double roll. 

Above Sidewall or Ceiling in Double Roll only. 

m WoV»VtY«YooV»V»V««V«V»V«V«V«V» 







^g-i_ _^-_j 

-— ^-/ ^- =i 

E - ~ =- *5^Wr =sS 

^^ "saffiLieJ! 



III 1 1 1 1 




III 1 1 1 1 1 

'III 1 1 1 1 

.1 1 III 1 1 1 


1 1 .1 r i i i 

II 1 1 l l l l 

II 1- i ii i 




Steel Barrels 

Our Steel Barrels conform to the regulations of the Inter- 
state Commerce Commission, and make very desirable storage 

There is no solder used in our sleel barrels. Steel barrels 
are provided with a brass faucet. When shipping, the faucet 
is attached to inside end of the large plug. To use faucets, 
remove the large plug, detach the faucet from inside end, 
replace the plug, then remove small plug and replace with 

Our special heavy 50 gallon Barrels are 1G gauge welded 

Our 3 gallon Steel Barrels are made of ID gauge steel. 

For prices on empty Steel Barrels, see our large Catalogue. 

For Every Purpose 

On these pages we quote Oils and Greases for practically all purposes, 
and we have no hesitancy in recommending them. Our Oil Department is 
under the direct supervision of our chief chemist, and we have spared no 
expense in analytical and experimental work to insure oils that will give 
the best results for which they are intended. 

Yon are safe in sending to us for your oils. We guarantee perfect satisfaction, and 
that our oils are free from ingredients which 'will injure machinery. 

We make no extra charge for packages. 

A postal will bring our Grocery Price List, in which we quote a more extensive line. 
This list is issued every sixty days and contains a complete line of Groceries, as well as 
Oils and Greases, at attractive prices. 

Machine Oil 

Gravity, 2 4.4; flash, 360 
fire, 410; cold, 15; viscosity 
270 at 100. 

A heavy-bodied, his h- 
viscosity oil for farm ma- 
chinery, heavy bearings 
punins, mills, etc., where- 
ever a high gTado machine 
oil is required. 

2A7368— 1 gal. can.$0.41 
2AP7367— 5 gal. can 1.70 

2AF7366— 30 gallons (wood) 7.20 

2AF7370— 30 gallons (steel) 8.10 

2AF7365— 50 gallons (wood) 10-50 

2AF7369— 50 gallons (steel) 13-00 

Machine Oil 

Gravity. 25.7; flash, 350; 
fire, "40 0; cold, 15; viscosity, 
150 at 100. 

A medium bodied oil, 
adapted for use on all lands 
of farm machinery, light 
bearings, door hangars, oil 
stones, etc. A good, serv- 
iceable oil for all general 

2A7378— 1 gal. can.S0.38 

2AP7377— 5 gallon can 1 .55 

2AF7376— 30 gallons (wood) 6.60 

2AF7330— 30 gallons (steel) 7-80 

2AF7375— 50 gallons (wood)..... 9.50 
2AF7379— 50 gallons (steel) 12.00 

Harvester Oil 

The Heavy Oil without a "String" 

Gravity, 24; flash, 410 
fire, 4 00; cold, 25; viscosity 
700 at 100. 

This oil is preferred by the 
agricultural trade to the so 
called castor or castor ma- 
chine oils. Our compounded 
Harvester Oil is made espe- 
cially for the use of farmers 
and threshers. Usually wears 
longer than any castor 
machine oil. Used from 
a squirt can, it cuts off without a "string." 
Thick, but not ropy. One of the best oils for 
the purpose on tho market. Absolutely will 
not gum or corrode from use. 

2A7408— 1 gallon can $ 0.36 

2AP7407— 5 gallon can 1 .55 

2AF7403— 30 gallons (wood) .... 6.60 
2AF7410— 30 gallons (steel).... 7.50 
2AF7405— 50 gallons (wood) .... 9.50 
2AF7409— 50 gallons (steel).... 12.00 

Linseed Oil 

We cannot quote Linseed Oil 
in this book, as the price is 
constantly fluctuating. For 
latest market prices on Linseed 
Oil and Turpentine see our 
Grocery Price List, a copy of 
which will be mailed you free 
upon request. 

Gasoline Engine Cylinder Oil 

Gravity, 25; 
270 at 100. 

flash, 3 00; fire, 420; cold, 15; viscosity, 

We have been able to make a notable reduction in tht 

price of our high grade Gasoline Engine Oil, preserving at 

the same time its admirable qualities. This we have beer 

able to do on account of our increased facilities enabling 

jj|US to get this article direct from our refiners in tank cars. 

. IB JTIiis oil is a free-flowing, rich, wine-colored oil, bat 

^^good cold test and high fire test. You get the maximum 

of power with the minimum of gasoline by using this oil 

Same quality usually sold at 50 cents per gallon. 

2A7578— 1 gallon can S0.41 

2AP7577— 5 gallon can 1-80 

2AF7576— 30 gallons (wood) 7.50 

2AF7580— 30 
2AF7575— 50 
2AF7579— 50 

gallons (steel) . . . . S 8.40 
gallons (wood) .... 11.00 
gallons (steel) .... 13.50 

Steam Cylinder Oil 
(Extra Valve) 

Gravity, 22.1; flash, 485; fire, 535; cold 
25; viscosity, 100 at 210. 

A high grade, dark amber col- 
ored oil adapted for use in either 
high or low pressure cylinder. This 
oil is so compounded that steam at 
high pressure will not wash it off 
the cylinder. A thin coat of oil 
remains between the moving parts, 
preventing friction and consequent 
loss of power. Oil of this char- 
acter usually sells at 60 to 65 
cents per gallon. 

2A7558— 1 gallon can S 0.51 

2AP7557— 5 gallon can 2.30 

2AF7556— 30 gallons (wood)..,, 10.50 
2AF7560— 30 gallons (steel).... 11.40 
2AF7555— 50 gallons (wood).... 16.00 
2AF7559— 50 gallons (steel).... 18.50 

No. 1 Cylinder Oil 

Gravity. 21.5; flash, 4S5; fire, 600; cold, 
35; viscosity, 100 at 210. 

A heavy, dark green oil of very 
good fire test. This brand of oil 
is preferred by many to the light- 
colored cylinder oils. Nothing bet- 
ter, regardless of price, for steam 
pumps or for stationary or port- 
able engines. Will not clog lubri- 
cators. A very good, economical 
oil. A fuel saver. 

2A7568— 1 gallon can S 0.49 

2AP7567— 5 gallon can 2-20 

2AF7566— 30 gallons (wood) .... 9.60 
2AF7570— 30 gallons (steel).... 10.50 
2AF7565— 50 gallons (wood) .... 14.50 
2AF7569— 50 gallons (steel).... 17.00 

Oil Tractor 
Cylinder Oil 

Gravity, 20; flash, 410; fire, 475; cold 
30; viscosity, 750 at 100. 

An Oil Tractor expected to de- 
liver its 'maximum power with the 
minimum of fuel requires efficient 
cylinder lubrication as one of the 
first requisite's. 

Many oil concerns, being under 
the impression that the tractor 
cylinder lubrication requirements 
are similar to the ordinary gas en- 
gine, automobile, or steam 'cylin- 
der needs, experiment at the ex- 
pense of the user. This is costly 
and unsatisfactory to the con- 

Ruby color and of syrup consis- 
tency. The result of careful 
preparation. Absolutely safe. Re- 
duces friction. Saves oil. 

2A7628— 1 gallon can S 0-50 

2AP7629 — 5 gallon can 2-25 

2AF7630— 30 gallons (wood) .... 9.60 
2AF7633— 30 gallons (steel).... 10.50 
2AF7631— 50 gallons (wood).... 14-50 
2AF7632— 50 gallons (steel).... 17.00 

XX Cylinder Oil 

Gravity, 21.3: flash. 4S0; fire, 600; cold 
30; viscosity, 160 at 210. 

A very good medium priced cyl- 
inder oil. Gives satisfaction to 
threshers and those using station- 
ary or portable engines. Dark in 

2A7588— 1 gallon can $0.43 

2AP7587— 5 gallon can 1 .90 

2AF7586— 30 gallons (wood) .... 840 
2AF7590— 30 gallons (steel) .... 9.30 
2AF7585— 50 gallons (wood).... 12.50 
2AF7589— 50 gallons (steel).... 15.00 

Approximate Shipping Weights of Oils 

Steel barrels (50 gallon) 400 pounds 

Steel barrels (30 gallon) 225 pounds 

Wooden barrels (5 gallon) 410 pounds 

Wooden barrels (30 gallon) 270 pounds 

5 gallon jacketed cans 41 pounds 

5 gallon lithographed cans. .... .48 pounds 

1 gallon cans 8H pound: 

(Shipping weights of Greases, see Page 29.) 

Axle Grease 

M a nufactured 
in our Oil House. 
A tareful blend- 
ing of some of 
the best oils ob- 
tainable, com- 
bined with 
graphite or plumbago. Graphite 
a good filler. It has a tendency to 
fill porous wearing surfaces, and it 
lessens friction. We believe Graph- 
ite Axle Grease will last as long 
as any grease on the market. Will 
not gum or run off the spindles in 
the warmest weather. You will 
find it very economical both for 
buggies and for light or heavy 
wagons. Equally good for all kinds 
of bearings, pumps, farm ma- 
chinery, windmills, conveyors, hay 
loaders, saws, etc. In heavy gal- 
vanized iron pails. 

Net weight in every pail. 

2AP7647— 10 pound pail $0.63 

2AP7648— 25 pound pail 1.20 

Cup Greases 

(Hard or Solid Oil) 

This is a solidified com- 
bination of oils for shaft- 
ing and journal boxes, 
crank pins, slides, etc.. in 
fact, anywhere grease cups 
are used. Made in three 
consistencies: No. 2, soft; 
No. 3, medium; No. 4, 
hard. Also with graphite. 
Please mention kind wanted 
when placing your order, 
and use proper Catalogue 

Soft Cup Grease 

For Pillow Blocks, Crossheads, Etc. 

Net weight in every can 

2A759S— 10 pound tin .$0.80 

2AP7596— 25 pound tin 1.85 

2AP7597— 50 pound tin 3-50 

Medium Cup Grease 
The most generally used. Suitable for com- 
pression or screw cup, or for open boxes when 
opening permits. 

Net weight in every can 

2A7602— 10 pound tin $0-80 

2AP7603— 25 pound tin' 1-85 

2AP7604— 50 pound tin 3-50 

Hard Cup Grease 

For Heavy Open Bearings or Screw Cups 

Net weight in every can 

2A7598— 10 pound tin 50-80 

2AP7599— 25 pound tin 1.85 

2AP7600— r '0 pound tin ....... 3.50 

Plumbago or 
Graphite Cup Grease 

A special high grade cup grease, or hard 
oil, of a medium consistency. Represents the 
very best of cup grease in combination with 
powdered graphite. A most efficient lubri- 
cant all the year round. 

Net weight in every can 

2A7642— 5 pound can SO-70 

2A7643— 10 pound can 1.35 

2AP7644 — 25 pound can 2-85 

2AP7645 — 50 pound can 5.25 




Oils — Greases — Soaps — Polishes 

Circle Brand Harness Oil 

A valuable combination of 
oils which preserve and soften 
the leather. Helps to keep 
the harness soft and pliable 
and prevent cracking, and 
lengthens the life of harness. 
Free fiom ingredients that 
oxidize and become rancid. 
Buppy tops that show a dis- 
position to crack should be 
well oiled, then gone over 
with n clean cloth to remove 

tha Himlus oil not absorbed by the fibres ot 

the leather to he lubricated. 

IS^oi5 e Snon ca c n an-::::.-::: s i-IS 
Climax Brand Harness Oil 

Made from the same liigh grade stock as 
>ur Circle Itrand Harness Oil. but contains a 
.iiialhr perccntago of neatsfoot and kid oils. 

2A7358-1 Ballon can S 0.45 

2AP7357— 5 gallon can 2.00 

2AF7356 — 30 gallons (wood) .... 9.60 
2AF7360— 30 gallons (steel).... 10-80 
2AF7355 — 50 gallons (wood) .... 14-50 
2AF7359— 5° gallons (steel).... 17.00 

Harness Dressing 

2F6800— Frank Miller's Har- 
ness Dressing, for harness, sad- 
dles, fly nets. etc. Gives a 
beautiful finish. Does not lose 
its lustre. Directions for use 
on every package. Its ingredi- 
ents are leather food, suited to 
the needs of cracked, parched, 
stiff and hungry leather. Soft- 
ens leather, prevents cracking, 
and lengthens Its service. 

Pint cans, eacli $0<25 

Shipping weight, each, about 1*,£ pounds. 

2F6802— Quart cans. Each SO. 47 

Shipping weight, each, about 3 pounds. 

2F6804— 1 gallon cans with wood jackets. 

Shipping weight, 11% pounds. Each. $1-42 

Reliable Harness Soap 

Our Reliable Harness 
Soap is a strictly first class 
article. Oils, softens, pre- 
serves, and beautifies the 
harness. It is jet black, 
and is the only Harness 
Soap Dressing that will not 
shrink or mold, 
2F6786— 1 pound bos. Shipping weight. 

1% pounds. Each $0-16 

Per dozen 1 -85 

2F6790 — 2M> pound box. Shipping weight, 

3 pounds. Each $0-30 

Per dozen 3-50 

2F6795— 5 pound box. Shipping weight. G 

pounds. Each SO. 62 

Per dozen 7*15 

Harness Soap 

2F6782 — Frank Miller's 
Harness Soap, Most popular 
Harness Soap ever offered to 
the buying public. 

--- - Per cake 15c 

Shipping weight, per cake, 1 pound. 

Oil Blacking 

2FG81 5— Reliable Harness Oil Blacking. A 
combination of neatsfoot and other oils, and 
a superior product for softening and pre- 
serving leather. It is jet black and the black 
will not smut or settle. A high grade product 
which will add to the wearing quality of 
harness. Put ud in 1 quart cans. 

Each $0-26 

Per dozen 2.95 

Shipping weight, per can, about 2^ pounds, 

Reliable Castor 
Axle Oil 

2J6842 — A pure mineral lu- 
bricant that will not gum. Will 
last as long and give as much 
satisfaction as any other oil on 
the market. Put up in 1 quart 

Each $0-22 

Per dozen 2.59 

Shipping weight, per can, 
about 2\<2 pounds. 

Reliable Harness Dressing 

2F6810— Made especially for 
refinishlng harness, fly nets, 
traveling bags. etc. Imparts a 
beautiful, soft; jet black luster 
which will not smut or peel off 
and does not lose Us color. Put 
up in 1 quart cans. 

Each $0.34 

Per dozen 3<90 

Shipping weight, per can, 
about 3 pounds. 

Automobile Lubricants 

Proper lubrication is the life of machinery, Realizing this, our chief chemist and hi? 
assistants have made a thorough study of the requirements of the working parts of various 
kinds of machinery. Special attention has been given to gasoline motors and farm machinery. 
When used on the machines fur which recommended, we guarantee that our oils will give 
the maximum amount of efficiency. 

Our oil business has grown to such huge dimensions that U was necessary to build a 
largo four-story modern fire-proof building to take care of it. In this building we have 
installed sixteen large storage tanks with a capacity of many thousand gallons each. With 
these and our other facilities we were enabled to purchase oils in tank cars direct from the 
refiners at a great saving. We in turn give you the benefit of this saving, as an order from 
these pages or from our Grocery Price List, where we quote a complete line, will prove. 

AutO Oil (Light) 

Gravity Flash Firo Cold Viscosity 

27 390 440 5 225 at 100 

A pale straw-color oil for lubrication by gravity, force-feed 
or splash system of all styles and types of motors operated 
under ordinary compression and mechanical conditions. 

This is a strictly pure mineral oil and has been redis- 
tilled from the crude to obtain the highest possible fire 
test consistent with other needed qualities to insure a perfect 
automobile lubricant. 

The oil is then subjected to low temperatures by refrigeration and the congealed paraffine 
waxes removed by hydraulic presses. The resultant oil is thus given the needed cold test. 

The oil is thoroughly filtered through Fuller's Earth to remove all traces of "Free Carbon." 
You may pay more for extensively advertised proprietary brands, but it would he hard to 
improve on the quality. 

Use freely on all wearing points as well as in the cylinder. Recommended for Motorboats, 
Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, or in fact any high speed machinery 


2A7468 — 1 gallon squat lithographed can 


2AP7467— » gallon square lithographed can 

2AF7466— 30 gallons (wood) $ 8V10 

2AF7480— 30 gallons (steel) .... 9.00 

2AF7465— 50 gallons (wood).... 12-00 

2AF7479— 50 gallons (steel).... 14-50 

AutO Oil (Heavy, Ruby Color) 





270 at 100 

A non-carbonlzlng. heavy-bodied oil for air-cooled motors and motorcycles having force 
feed of the Indian type, and two-cycle motors when lubrication is had by mixing lubricating 
oil with gasoline. Also on all cars where, through long service, the compression is had, and 
wherever mechanical conditions require a heavy oil. 

2A7438— 1 saltan can $0.48 

2AP7437— 5 gallon can ' 1 .90 

2AF743S— 30 gallons (wood) 8.70 

2AF7440— 30 gallons (steel).... S 9.60 
2AF7435— 50 gallons (wood).... 13.00 
2AF7439— 50 gallons (steel).... 15.50 

Transmission Oil 

Gravity Flash Fire Cold 'Viscosity 
21.3 480 600 30 165 at 210 

A heavy, dark green oil. Very suitable for 

use in transmission or differential gear eases. 

Preferred by some to transmission grease. 

2A7458— 1 Ballon can S 0.40 

2AP7457— 5 gallon can 1.75 

2AF7456— 30 gallons (wood) .... 8.40 

2AF7482— 30 gallons (steel) 9.30 

2AF7455— 50 gallons (wood) . . . 12.50 
2AF7481— 50 gallons (steel).... 15.00 

Fibre or Sponge 
Transmission Grease 

Considered by experts to be the coming 
transmission lubricant. Its spongy, fibrous 
nature causes it to cling close to the moving 
parts. Changes of weather temperature, even 
the highest, do not affect it. It does not leak 
or drip from the casing under ordinary condi- 
tions and is therefore a reliable and econom- 
ical grease to use. 

2A7459— 10 pound tin $1 -OO 

2AP7460— 25 pound tin 2-25 

2AP7461— 50 pound tin 4-30 

Silent Transmission Grease 

For use where cars have been long In serv- 
ice and the transmission or differential gears 
are worn. While lubricating thoroughly, it 
also reduces the noise to a minimum. 

2A7470— 10 pound tin S1.50 

2AP7471— 25 pound tin 3.00 

2AP7472— 50 pound tin 5.75 

Castor Transmission 

A special high grade transmission grease. 
Nothing but deacidized materials enter into 
the composition of our transmission and cup 
greases. Special high grade fats are em- 
ployed in the manufacture of our castor 
transmission grease. A uniform consistency 
twelve months in the year. Same quality sold 
under proprietary brands at just double what 
we ash. 

2A7462— 10 pound tin $1.35 

2AP7463— 25 pound tin 2-85 

2AP7464— 5 pound tin 5.25 

Transmission Grease 

A semi-fluid grease. For use in transmis 
sions of either sliding gear or of selective 
types where a grease may bo required, and 
when case will not retain oil. Can also be 
used in differential housings. 

2A7524— 10 pound tin S0.80 

2AP7525— 25 pound tin 1 .85 

2AP7526— 50 pound tin 3.50 

Shipping Weights ol Greases 

5 pound tin 6 pounds 

10 pound tin 13 pounds 

25 pound tin 30 pounds 

50 pound tin 60 pounds 

(Shipping weights of Oils, see Page 28.) 

Separator Oils 

(For Hand Separators) (For Power Separators) 

Gravity, 2S; flash, 340; fire, 390; cold. 
15; viscosity, 112 at 10 0. 

A non -viscous, neutral oil that has been 
scientifically compounded to meet the re- 
quirements of the various hand separators on 
the market. Particularly valuable for spindle 
lubrication. Will under no circumstances 
thicken and gum from use. Has a high fire 
test; flows freely and is practically stain- 

2A7548— 1 gallon can S 0.42 

2AP7457— 5 gallon can 1 .95 

2AP754G— 30 gallons (wood) .... 7.80 
£ A EZ§ 5 °— 30 saltans (steel) .... 8.70 
S4EZ64§^ S0 Billons (wood).... 11.50 
2AF7549— 50 gallons (steel.... 14.00 

Gravity, 27; flash, 350; fire, 400; cold, 
15; viscosity, 135 at 100. 

For use in creameries and large dairies, 
where power is employed. Pale lemon color. 
This is a very good oil for general use about 
the creamery, where power of any kind is 
used. Adapted for high speed engines, dyna 
mos, motors, as well as general lubricating. 

2A7538— 1 gallon can $ 0-41 

2AP7537— 5 gallon can 1.90 

2AF7536— 30 gallons (wood) .... 7.50 
2AF7540— 30 gallons (steel) .... 8.40 
2AF7535— 5 gallons (wood).... 11.00 
2AF7539— 50 gallons (steel).... 13.50 

Graphite Lubricant 

No. 688* For enclosed automobile gears. 
Consists of graphite grease with finely ground 
cedar sawdust. 

4D5692— 1 pound can $0-21 

4D5693— 5 pound can 85 

4D5694— 10 pound can L65 

Metal Polish 


An ideal polish for brass 
or nickel. It is not greasy 
like many metal polishes. 
Does not contain any acid 
or possess any objection- 
able odor. It is not inju- 
rious to the surface, or 
hands. This polish can 
be used on the highest 
class metal surfaces. Will 
produce a lasting brilliant 
lustre rarely if ever equaled 
by other polishes. May be 
used with equal effectiveness for polishing 
either brass or nickel. 

Cat No. 




Half pint 
One pint 
One Quart 

1 lb. 


1 M lbs. 


9 lbs. 


Body Polish 

A liquid preparation for 
polishing the bodies of au- 
tomobiles. May also be 
used on the leather tops 
with great benefit. Ship- 
ping weight, per gallon, 
about S pounds. 
4D8914— 1 quart 

can SO-43 

4D8915— 1 gallon 

-an 1 .40 

!c^ EZ ^ ayCUP 


Packed in 2 pound cans with 
screw plunger. Convenient to 
handle. The quality of the 
grease is the best to he ob- 

4D5549— 2 pound can, com- 
plete with spout plunger, ,42c 

Dixon's Graphite Cup 

Dixon's Graphite Lu- 
bricants are so well 
known that it is not 
necessary to give a 
lengthy description of 

4D568G — Medium 
Cup Grease, I pound 

:an 290 

4D5687 — Medium 
Cud Grease. 5 pound 

can $1*30 

4D5G88 — Medlu 

4UODOO — meuium ~--^ — — ' ■—---" 
Cup Grease, 10 pound can S2.15 

Brilliant Lustre 

For buggy and carriage bodies 
and gears, and for all wood or 
painted parts of vehicles. Makes 
everything shine. Will not injure 
the finish, but will make brilliant j 
and hold the lustre. Good for | 
woodwork of every kind. 
2J2542— Half pint bottle. 
Weight, 6 ounces .... 
2J2543— Pint bottle. 

10 ounces 32c I 

2J2544— Quart bottle. Weight, fe^^^ 
1% pounds 51c 

Carriage Top 

For tops, (lashes and 
fenders, and for a n y- 
thing in enameled or pat- 
ent leather. Gives a soft, 
jet black finLsh which 
will not crack or peel, 
and is very durable. 
2J1 781 —Half Pint can. 
Weight, 8 ounces . . 28C 
2J1 782— P i h t caii. 

Weight, 1 pound 37c 

2J1 784— Quart can. Weight, 2 pounds 63c 






1 $592 go, 


I $795'. 



Save $500.00 on Your Home 

Others have saved that much and more by building one of the homes shown on this page 
r in our new Book of Homes. You can do the same. Read below what some of our customers 
ay, and send today for the Book of Homes. 

Saved $350.00 to $400.00 

32 27 N. Keating Ave., Chicago. 111. 
Montgomery Ward & Co. 

Gentlemen: Referring to material furnished by your Com- 
pany for the erection of my house at Graylaml, I feel that 
I have made a saving of from $350 to §400 over what 

such material would have cost me in the open market. The 
quality of the lumber was excellent, as was all other mate- 
rial furnished. 

I have been perfectly satisfied with the result of my deal- 
ings with you, and should I have any further building to 
do in the future, you may expect to hear from me. 
Very truly yours, 


She Saved 

Alanson, Mich. 
Montgomery Ward & 


Gentlemen: The 
lumber and finishing 
material are much bet- 
ter than I could have 
gotten here. I have 
saved about $400 on 
bill. I am more than 
pleased with my deal- 
ings with Montgomery 
Ward's Lumber Depart- 

Very truly yours, 


Home No. 179, built by Mr.Lindboe. 
See his letter above. 

Contractor Saves 

Lafferty, Ohio. 
Montgomery Ward & 

Gentlemen : With ref- 
erence to prices, you 
were different from lo- 
cal firms, and I find 
the difference greater 
than expected. Your 
prices were $250.00 less 
than local firms, and 1 
expect to be'eome a cus- 
tomer of yours from 
now on. 

Yours truly, 
Bldg. Contractor. 

Saved $500.00 
More Than Satisfied 

Hartley, Iowa, 
Montgomery Ward & Co. 

Gentlemen: In regard to building material I bought of you, 
for House No. 171, I am more than satisfied. The hardware 
and paint were good, also. Enclosed find picture of house. 
I always have a good word for Montgomery Ward & Co. 

In regard to the saving on Home 171, wilt say that I 
have saved S500.00. I had it figured at a number of 
places and the saving on paint is quite an item. 
Yours truly, 

Mi'. Sittler Built Home No. 171 

Surpassed His Expectations 

297 Oak St., Freeport, IU. 
Montgomery Ward & Co. 

Your several favors at hand. I had not expected a refund 
on the shipment of flooring, but am very pleased with the 
treatment received from you, for which kindly accept my 
thanks. The car of lumber is at hand and unloaded, and 
wish to say that it is the best lot of lumber I have ever 
seen, and surpasses my expectations. The shipment of lum- 
ber has been examined by several builders in Freeport, and 
I am doing all ill my power to interest them in your 
material. Yours truly, 

Mr. Semmanu Built our Home No. 101 

An Old Customer Saves $500.00 

Blakeley, Minn. (Scott County). 
Montgomery Ward & Co. 

Dear Sirs: I received your lumber all O. K. and am very 
pleased, for I know I couldn't get that kind of material here 
for the money that I sent you. I saved at least S50O. 00. 

I have also been a fair customer to you for nine years, and 
will stay with you. 

Respectfully yours, 


"You Did Not Buy That Lumber 
in Kalamazoo" 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Montgomery Ward & Co. 

Gentlemen: We bought all the building material for our 
home of you, and can say that the lumber was of good 
quality, better than we could buy in our city. As passers-by 
remarked, "You did not buy that lumber in Kalamazoo." 
Tours truly, „ 

J. O. ZUCH. 
Wo Made Mr. Zuch a Special Plan 

Send Today for This Money-Saving Book 

If yon are going to build a new home you cannot afford to be without our Book of Homes. It illus- 
trates and describes more than GO Homes. Real "homey" homes they are, with all the guesswork, all 
the uncertainty, left out. 

When you build one of these homes you know that you are going according to plans that are com- 
pleto and correct in every' detail; that the bill of material you are using will actually build the house, so 
that there will be no extras of any kind; that the material which goes into your homo is the best that 
can be obtained for each particular purpose; and above all, you have the sense of satisfaction that comes 
with knowing that you have received the fullest value possible for every dollar you have spent. Don't 
take another step until you get tills book. Write for it today. 




I $1045gg [ 




Lowest Prices— WINDOW SHADES— Best Quality 

Our Window Shades are made of the best materials we can obtain. They are all 
mtaiVit^d on dust-proof, guaranteed, self-actuig, spring rollers. We will replace any 
rV.ll.'r tint Is found defectiTe, or not giving satisfaction. We could quote lower prices 
h« iisiinr cheaper cloth and rollers, but consider the best to be the cheapest, and believe 
nur customers will appreciate this fact. Each shade is wrapped separately, with slat, 
brackets and nails included. Length given on all shades is for the cloth before hem- 

ming, or putting on the- rollers (except 3PM5035, "special size shades"). These shades 
are finished the length you wish. Outside brackets will he sent with all shades unless 
otherwise stated. Be sure to state whether you wish inside or outside brackets.' When 
shades are hung on the surface of the window-casinga, specify "outside brackets " 
When shades are to be hung between the jambs, and the window frame, specify "inside 
brackets." Always mention color and size wanted. 

Best Quality Oil Opaque Cloth 

3P5021. Best quality, oil, opaque Cloth 
Shade. Has a 4 inch fringe. Best guaran- 
teed, self-acting Spring Roller. Colors, dark 
green, dark olive or light buff. Mention color 

Length, 6 ft. Width. 3 ft. Shipping might, 2S oz. 



Length, 7 ft. Width, 3 ft. Shipping weight, 3 2 oz. 

Each 46c 

3PM5023 — Length, 6 ft. Cut narrower than 36 inches. 



Length, 7 ft. Cut narrower than 36 inches. Each. . ,50c 
The abovo shades not made wider than 36 inches. 

Art Dado or Paneled Shades 

3P5042. Art Dado or paneled Window 
Shade. Made of the best quality of water- 
colored shade cloth, with an unfading, trans- 
parent panel, in bright and harmonizing col- 
ors. It is made in only one size, and in two 
colors — dark green or dark olive. Mention 
color wanted. 

7 ft. Width, 3 ft. Shipping weight. 

2S oz. 
. .45c 

Each , 

Use our Art Dado Shades to brighten up your home. 
Xew and original with us, aro up-to-date, and used in the 
best of homes. Be a little different from your neighbor — get 
something new and attractive. We will guarantee these 
to hold then' color absolutely, and to please you. 

Machine Made Opaque Shades 

3P5025. Machine made Cloth Window 
Shade Oil, opaque. With 3% inch lace inser- 
tion, and 4 inch fringe.. On dust-proof, guar- 
anteed spring rollers. Colors, dark green, 
dark olive, or light buff. Mention color 
wanted. All our shades are shipped complete, 
wrapped separate, with brackets, slat, and 
nails included. 

Width, 3 ft. Shipping weight. 28 oz. 


Shipping weight, 32 

Length, 6 ft 


Length, 7 ft, 

Width, 3 ft. 
' 6 'ft.' " ' 


3PM5027— Length, 6 ft. Cut narrower than 36 inches. 
Each 5g 

Length, 7 ft. Cut narrower than 36 inches. Each. . ,62c 
Tile above shades not made wider than 36 inches. 

Made to Order Window Shades, for Special Sized Windows 

These Cannot Be Returned if Sent as Ordered 

Theso special shades are made of best hand made op-\que 
cloth, mounted on dust-proof guaranteed rollers. Each 
fthado is finished with eyelet through slat, and a mercer- 
ized silk pull. Bo very particular to give the correct 
width and length of each shade. Also do not neglect to 
stato whether your measurements are width of cloth, or 

length i of roller from t tip to^tip.^ If inside brackets ore J required to make up these shades. Price for lettering shades 

In shaded gilt letters, 35c per running foot. Always men- 
tion color and size wanted. Remember, the lengths giv- 
en are for the finished shade. For example: a six foot 
shade is long enough for a sis foot window. Order your 
shades when you are ordering wall paper, and make one 

wanted, always give the length of the roller, from tip to 
tip. If the exact size of shade is not shown on the fol- 
lowing list, next largest size will bo charged for, but the 
shade will be made tho size wanted. 

Tlio best colors aro dark green, dark olive, light olive, 
terra cotta, and light buff. Three or four days extra 

Price, Each, for Special Size Made to Order Window Shades 













Length 4 feet. . . 












$ 5.72 

Length, 5 feet . . . 













Length, 6 feet . . . 













Length, 7 feet. . . 













Length, 8 feet . . . 













Length, 9 feet . . . 













Length, 10 feet.. . 













Length, 11 feet.. . 













Length, 13 feet . . . 














Width, inches 

Price for lettering window shades with shaded gilt lettering is 35 cents a running foot, extra. 
If fringe is wanted on above shades, add the following prices, extra: 

38 42 45 48 54 63 

14c 15c 16c 17c 18c 20c 



Plain Oil Opaque Shades 

3P5015. Best quality Cloth Window Shade. 
Machine made Oil, opaque, plain. Mounted 
on dust-proof, guaranteed spring rollers. Col- 
ors, dark green, dark olive, or light buff. 
Mention color wanted. 

6 ft. Width, 3 ft. Shipping weight, 30 oz. 

Each , 
Length, 7 ft. Width, 3 ft. Shipping' Wright' 


3PIY1501 7— Length, 6 ft 


33 oz. 

. .46c 

Cut narrower than 3 inches, 

. . . 39c 

Length, 7 ft. Cut narrower than 36 inches. Each. . ,44c 
Above shades not made wider than 3 inches. 

Venetian Striped Holland Shade 

3P5043. These shades are made from a 
very fine quality of Venetian Striped Cloth. 
Are very much used in high-class modern 
homes. The shadow-striped effect is very 
popular. We have the following sizes in 
stock, in white or ecru only. When ordering, 
state color wanted. 

Width, 36 inches. Length, 6 ft. Each 70/: 

3P5044— Width, 36 inches. Length, 7 ft. 
Each 85c 

Plain Imperial Cloth Shades 

3P5001. Plain Imperial Cloth Window 
Shades. Made of the best water colored 
goods, mounted on dust-proof, guaranteed, 
self-acting spring rollers. The colors are light 
olive, dark olive, buff, Nile, or dark green. 
Mention color wanted. 

Length, 6 ft. Width, 3 ft. Shipping weight, 2S oz. 



Length, 7 ft. Width, 3 ft. Shipping weight. 30 

Eaoh 27c 

3PIV15003— Length, 6 ft. Cut less than 30 inches wide. 

Each 28c 

Length, 7 ft. Cut less than 3 inches wide. Each. . ,31c 
The above shades not iuadc wider than 30 inches. 

We are one of the largest handlers of Window 
Shades, and closely affiliated with a fully equipped 
and model Shade factory, complete in all its details. 
We are, therefore, able to fill all orders quickly, and 
at the very lowest possible prices. 

Ask your neighbor where he 
buys his Window Shades. Per- 
haps he's "shade-wise." Per- 
haps he's one of the thousands 
that have saved big money by 
buying all of their shades di- 
rect from Montgomery Ward& Co. 

Price alone means nothing in considering the value 
of your Shade purchase. If the quality is not there, 
your shades are dear at any price. We have been 
the acknowledged leader in home furnishings for 
years. Our name is your guarantee of quality and 
value. We solicit your shade business on the merit 
of our goods and the fairness of our prices.